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Monday, December 31, 2007

go away

found this picture complents of cuse scoop. i think it shows the feelings of all Syracuse fans.

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su football season

So I was inspired by sean at troy nunes today to make a you tube of the syracsue football season.

not bad for my first attempt.
here it is.

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outlawed in '08

With the New year upon us there are some words and phrases that I do not want to hear again in the new year.

ACL- with two experienced starters going down before a single big east game was played it is no wonder why all the Syracuse fans in the world do not want to hear ACL come up in '08

Pistol- I am not sure what Grob and crew where thinking here but that might be the worst formation known to man.

losing season- with Syracuse coming off another losing season i am pretty sure that everyone who bleeds orange has had enough, lets get some wins for gods sake.

Rutgers- I am not sure who Rutgers thinks they are, but there will be a day and hopefully soon that Rutgers takes back it's rightful position in the basement of the Big East. Everyone deserves a day in the sun, but come on it's Rutgers for gods sake.

I am seeing good things- Hopefully Grobs memorable quote will go to the waste side along with his inept ability to win games.

Quick kick- I know so some people think that a quick kick has its place, personally i think it should be banned from football. Honestly give your offense a little credit, everyone once in a while you might be surprised, but not giving them the chance at all is bad for moral. most importantly i think this offense needed every down they could get.

more attempts than yards- how many games did you look at the stat sheet and almost vomit when you saw that the number of rushing attempts out numbered the gained yards!

dynasty- The basketball team flashing the symbol is one thing, but what is the deal with the football team doing it. do you really want to be remembered for wanting a losing dynasty, cut the shit guys.

worst uninis ever- with the announcement that the football uniforms will be tweaked once again brings some excitement to the fact that they can't get any worse so any improvement will be looked forward to.

down in front- now everyone and there mother has commented on this, i am going to bring it a step further. I honestly feel that if you are telling somebody down in front, or quiet down then you do not belong in the dome. Stay the fuck home and do your knitting. Now this brings me to the fact that we need an outdoor stadium. The fact is that grandma and grandpa will not come to the game and complain about not seeing the game if the temperature is forty degrees and windy. those people that complain will be home where they belong leaving the true fans to stand up and cheer.

the crying baby- sorry orange 44- i want wins so i never have to see the crying baby, don't get me wrong its funny but i would much rather have wins.

international bowl- from here on out i am going with the thought that we are going to win the big east every year, is this really so hard to believe, lets face the facts all these teams are average top fifty teams, winning the big east every year should not be asking for a lot. i want gator bowls, sugar bowls or whatever bcs bowls the big east gets, going to Toronto in December is not something i look forward to. now if you said it was in Montreal then game on, see you on Catherine St.

Doug Gottlieb- seriously how much can a Syracuse fan take, he keeps this shit up and i am going to start!

NIT- i will have to say that going to the NIT games in the dome was by far the most energetic and amazing experience i have ever had in the dome, due to the fact that all the down and fronters were no where to be found. i felt like i was in Cameron or rupp arena where cheering is allowed! but i would rather be watching Syracuse in the ncaa's!

ABA- What a crock of shit this league is, first they allow a team to fold mid season then they allow the same owner to start back up in another city less than one hundred mile away. what a joke. bring on a NBA Development league where we can watch players who might actually play in the NBA, and not ones that are one step away from the California penal league.

Local sports network- why is am620 allowed to call themselves the local sports network when they don't even have a local sports talk show on the air on Friday nor during the drive home. Bring back the axeman or down with 620.

Bud and the Manchild- is it just me or is the manchild the most obnoxious guy on the air. I would rather hear that asshole Jim Rome talk about how good he is! and what is the deal with Poliquin coming late and off on Friday, why don't they hire somebody who wants to be there. Bring back AXE. wow you would almost think i had a man crush on this guy, but i am just sick and tired of these two blow holes. GO LUDDEN CLASS OF '96

Wow i feel great now i just got 365 days of frustration out. up next are top words and phrases i want to hear in '08

State of the Orange OUT

Sunday, December 30, 2007

the ugly side of SU Basketball

So i have been wanting to talk more about the SU basketball teams problems. I wrote a story a few weeks ago that i feel was largely ignored due to the fact that SU basketball is all we have left. so i am going to repost it and add some to it.

This is what i wrote three weeks ago;
Well Here is the last of my Green bay trip posts. I was seated next to a certain NCAA Ref who lives in Syracuse and does alot of SU games. He told me and few of my buddies that the SU basketball Team is in shambles.If you had to guess, who on the SU basketball team would be the one mouthing off. If I had to guess, i would say Devo, Wrong!!! Now let me give you alittle more in site to this, this certain ref is good friends with Hopkins, and is also good friends with one of my buddies. Back to the story, He has told me that he has personally witnessed Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris tell Boeheim to shut the F#$% up and Leave me the F#$% alone. I feel that this could be the biggest problem with the team, if they are not listening, then they are not going to learn. I was also told that the reason that the recruiting classes have been so good, is because coach's like knight and Krzyzewski do not want these players cause they are hot heads and that they fear what they would do to the team chemistry. This ref also went one step further by saying that Hopkins actually went after Paul Harris in the Locker room for not listening and mouthing off. This does not seem like a marriage made in heaven. If this shit keeps up look for them to struggle throughout the season.

Now I am going to post a conversation that i had with Alex over at Cuse Chronicles.

State of the Orange: What do you think about this new class and all the off court rumors swirling around them?

Cuse Chronicles: I been a "part time" analyst for BB and FB for a while now (say 5-6 years off an on). I am going to say this and I hope that you do not take it the wrong way. That class that Boeheim got is because a lot of those players were off the radar of some of the more "narrowed" institutions. I am not sure what is going on with Jim Boeheim, who he has to prove himself to, but why go get all these kids that have played together and have a bond and are not going to listen to the HC as much when you could have easily could have had a decent team with lesser talent but more willingness to learn by going after other players. I feel like he (JB) is trying to win another NT at all cost. As they say, you sell your soul only once, hope that Boeheim didn't do it for this class. I also feel that these things happen because SU has no check and balance. The newspaper does not question anything that the team does (none of the teams). I am sure that if SU was in the South or West coast, where there are tons of other schools, and the media is a lot bigger, some of these things would come to the surface. Here in Syracuse with the paper being affiliated so tightly with the school it seems that for the most part there are the attacking articles but they go away mighty fast.

State Of the Orange: What do you feel is the biggest problem with the way this team is ran?

Cuse Chronicles: The biggest problem I have is the fact that the college hides them. What is the problem with admitting that there could be a problem and you are solving it? You think that by not saying anything people won't go looking into it? Actually the problem is that if you do not talk people will look into it, instead by admitting people will let it go. That is why I think that us "bloggers" need to be prudent, but effective in reporting the SU news.

Thank you Alex for your time.

To go deeper into this I have heard that Practices have been cut short do to team squabbles and not listening to the coaching staff. I just am dumbfounded that Boeheim would take this, if this was my team i would bench all the player until they grew up and learned some respect.

Another Rumor i heard was that the coaching staff went berserk after Paul Harris threw the ball of his own back board just to get another rebound and a double double during the Siena Game. I can not believe that these guys care more about their own stats then about the team and college that they represent.

the 29th of december

The Christmas season is finally over and i am looking forward to getting my life back in order. I have missed the hours on end i spend surfing the Internet for anything Orange, but the time is now to start back up my addiction. So lets get to it. (Just a warning i just watched v for vendetta)

Does anybody remember the 29th of December. Today, however, is a day, sadly, no longer remembered. So, I thought we could mark this December the 29th by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. Of course, there are those who do not want us to speak. I suspect, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns are racing to this station. But regardless of what weapons they try to use to effect silence, words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning, and for some, the annunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country. on this day that nobody on the hill likes to speak about is the day the our wonderful AD announced the dismissal of Coach P. It seems that a 6-6 record and a bowl game was not good enough for our new AD, so Dr. gross Pulled the plug on good old P. Now three years later our AD has yet to pull the plug on our new embarrassment, GRob. Three years later and a record that i will not mention due to the fact that i feel the need to vomit every time i think about it, no bowls games, Grob is still is our coach. Now with the recent firing and hiring of our third count it, 1, 2, 3 Offensive coordinators in three years, and the announcement of a few top recruits, all of a sudden the world is giddy about the 08 season. I myself was excited to hear names like colvin, sales, and preaster, but last time i checked these guys are not Oline man, nor are they Dline man, and they are Definitely not linebackers. So let me ask everyone one this question, how are these great recruits going to get the ball if we cant open up running lanes for colvin, or pass block for what ever qb is throwing the ball to the receivers. I was excited but then i realized they are trying to shine the same shit they were selling us last year. Now with the news that Our new Offensive Coordinator who has been with us for three weeks does not want to get help from juco players, i am now starting to sink further into SU football depression. I ask myself this, how much can one person take. seriously! Sure don't fire Grob, he has not had enough time, sure don't recruit juco players, sure don't allow Colt Brennan to come to Syracuse(cant wait to see him light up Georgia by the way, Cantor shame on you for taking him away from us, you suck),sure don't run a spread offense(it's not like it doesn't work), sure bring back the run, run, run, offense that we got rid of on the 29th of December. What is going on up there, does anybody else wish Gross would take one of these job offers. Does anybody remember what wise old Jake said, Hiring a new coach will set back Syracuse longer than fixing what we have in place, in hind site what a smart man he was. I still hate him though.

VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. OK i think i got it out of me, the only question left is; can Gross and Grob prove me wrong, can they win now and can they return Syracuse to the power house they once where, and can they make me eat my words! I hope so, I really do.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

new blog

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A new Cuse Blog has appeared on the Intranets. It's called CuseAdelphia . They are promising twenty posts a week and detailed game break downs. I can't wait for their next article, good luck guys!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone. Sorry about the lack of new posts the past few weeks, after new years i will be back with a vengeance, until then you will have to settle with my hear and there posts. Keeping with the Christmas spirit i have decided to institute a no Gross or Grob bashing for the next 48 hrs. After that, they are fair game. Merry Christmas and to all a good night. 


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is grob a recruiting master????

Could We all be wrong, Could Grob really be a good coach. The jury is out, but it seems that Grob could be the New York recruiting machine. He said that he wants to win the local recruiting war, and I believe that winning the home front is priority one. If you don't recruit local talent well your not going to be able to recruit outside the area. With today's announcement from Marcus Sales, and hopefully tomorrows commitment from Averin Collier, this could be a great class. Collier is the number ten ranked running back in this class and from all accounts it seems like he will be attending Syracuse in January. I have no idea what has gotten into Grob but i have heard from numerous sources that the players like him and that he comes off exceptionally well to recruits. So if he could finish this class out with a few juco offensive lineman and a few linebackers then we could be looking at a different team next year. Am I really saying this, Syracuse could win a bunch of games and grob could turn out to be the Savior of Syracuse. I still believe that for this team to turn around then Grob need to take over the defense and return to his first year form with a bunch of blitzing formations. Syracuse needs to attack, not stand back and hope for the best.

I have to say that the receiver corp is going to be amazing for a long time. With Preaster and Sales adding to Taj Smith and Mike Williams this could be a very fun team to watch. Hopefully with a healthy Deleone Carter, Doug Hogue and now possibly adding in Collier we are going to have a tallented bunch of running backs to support the air assault. The question still stands, can he bring in enough of a juco presents to turn around the oline. It seems that the offense is sahping up for Mitch Brown, hopefully he can have a quick turn around in Syracsue like he did in Minnesota.

Go Orange

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report

Well the the report that was supposed to drop the bomb on MLB was released yesterday. The over hyped Mitchell Report was released and uncovered 80 names. I am personally trying to figure out what they have been doing for the past twenty months, and how they spent twenty million dollars. Honestly there were no bombshells on the list and they really did not outline any ways to stop the use of steroids. As an MLB fan, i believe that steroids should be banned and i am not sure why i keep hearing a three strike rule for offenders. Just cause it is baseball why should we the fans have to tolerate cheaters. I believe that unless there is definitive proof or federal prosecutions then everyone should be given a pass. With that said from here on out there should be zero tolerance. One positive test and you are banned for life. Cut the bad eggs out and move past this. Bud Selig and MLB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this scandal to get so out of control. Why they have not instituted a tougher drug policy is beyond me, and why are players like Barry Bonds Honored for cheating is beyond me. The fan are too be blamed here. The fact that the Giants sold out every game just because a player injected himself with steroids and has not been caught, the entire world celebrated his very existence and fueled other players to take steroids should be condemned, we the fans should look at ourselves and ask why do we root for the cheater, why do we celebrate this false record? In all honesty if the fans did not go to the park to see Bonds, do you think he would have been on that team. I do not think so. He was a freak show that we all payed to see. i Myself am disgusted for even reading about it, Now i am giving him more publicity by writing about him. Hopefully somebody will get it right and send him to jail. Think about this, if we went into work and did something detrimental to the company you work for, how long do you think it would take before you were unemployed, i bet we would be out on our asses in a few minutes.

Back to this Mitchell Report, How does Bud Selig hire somebody who has clear ties to an MLB team. This is a huge conflict of interest and the fact that he could not dig up one guy that has been on the Red Sox in the past five years is ludicrous. Are you telling me Schilling and Ortiz are Drug Free, No way. The fact that in two years Mitchell could only get two people to talk is insane. This whole thing is insane, it's all hearsay, and is totally inadmissible in court. So What have they been doing for the past two years, with 20 million dollars? How is this going to be Stopped?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

defending home field

Check this out, the police dog bites the hand of the visiting safety. talk about tough places to play in.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shaking it up

Well it's been over two weeks since the infamous shake it up speech that was delivered by our fearless leader Greg Robinson. In two weeks he has made one move, he has fired offensive coordinator Brian White and has replaced him with Mitch Browning. So it seems that the offense has been shaken but what about the defense. Does Grob shake the other side of the ball or does he think his bend but don't break philosophy really works. I watched every game and i have to say that Syracuse broke often. Here is a quote from our new OC, "I really believe that if you want to be good on offense, you have to be able to control the line of scrimmage – there is no question – on both sides of the football. From the offensive standpoint to the defensive standpoint, it is tough enough to convert first-and-10s, let alone second-and-14s, second-and-15s, third-and-longs or whatever the situation may be." On both sides of the ball, do you think allowing an average of 38 points per game is an ingredient for a winning team, i don't think so. With the loss of Joe Fields and Jameel McClain the Defense is going to need alot of work. The Scary thing is who will Grob replace Joe Fields with, considering he was the teams leading tackler. I hope Grob is planning on taking more control of the defense, cause i honestly do not think that Steve Russ has a grasp on the situation. The shake up better continue and it better continue on the other side of the ball, the side of the ball the Grob claims to be a master of. Honestly the only thing he has mastered is how to take a 6-6 team and turn it into a ten loss team. We need more changes, and we need to know how grob is going to fix this problem.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ditka insults Syracuse

Did anybody catch the Mike and Mike show on Monday morning. Well Mike Ditka was sitting in for Golic. Ditka was asked about Anthony Smiths Guarantee. Ditka responded with,"Being from Syracuse Smith has not won too many games in his day, Smith might have gotten excited cause he was on a team that won two games in a row"!

Wow I think the truth has leaked Syracuse Football Sucks!


Well the 4 point shot in Syracuse may not be dead just yet. According to my source there seems to be some rumbling in the ABA . Rumors are swirling that The ABA wants to keep a team in Syracuse due to the fact that Syracuse was not giving a fair shake at a team. Sources also revealed to me that the ABA was disheartened by the fact the former owner of the Bullz pulled out of Syracuse without paying players, reimbursing season ticket holders, and not paying rent. My Source also has told me that a new team is in place with the ABA and they are just waiting to sign a contract with one of the two parties interested. I have been told no matter who the new owner will be expect to see dram tic improvements in the way the team is ran and also look for a new team name that is much more fitting with Syracuse winters. I am not allowed to post the name but it is a dramatic improvement to the misspelled BULLZ. In the coming months i have been warned that there is a good chance of another semi pro sport coming to Syracuse. I will give you all a hint, it involves a ball.

Basketball woes

Well Here is the last of my Green bay trip posts. I was seated to a certain NCAA Ref who lives in Syracuse and does alot of SU games. He told me and few of my buddies that the SU basketball Team is in shambles.

If you had to guess, who on the SU basketball team would be the one mouthing off. If I had to guess, i would say Devo, Wrong!!! Now let me give you alittle more in site to this, this certain ref is good friends with Hopkins, and is also good friends with one of my buddies. Back to the story, He has told me that he has personally witnessed Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris tell Boeheim to shut the F#$% up and Leave me the F#$% alone. I feel that this could be the biggest problem with the team, if they are not listening, then they are not going to learn. I was also told that the reason that the recruiting classes have been so good, is because coach's like knight and Krzyzewski do not want these players cause they are hot heads and that they fear what they would do to the team chemistry. This ref also went one step further by saying that Hopkins actually went after Paul Harris in the Locker room for not listening and mouthing off. This does not seem like a marriage made in heaven. If this shit keeps up look for them to struggle throughout the season.

The new man on campus

I was pleasantly surprised that Syracuse hired a new Offensive coordinator while i was gone. I was trying to read as much as i could on out new offensive leader before i made a decision if I like this guy. My worry is, why has this guy been out of work for a year. After reading bits and pieces i like his attitude and if he can get the oline straightened out, i think it might work. My problem is, why are we not going to a spread, with teams like Kansas, Cincy, and West Virginia doing so well why has Syracuse failed to embrace something that seems like the easy choice?

Now what you are about to read you ,might not like, i was speaking to a guy who was at Minnesota when Mitch was the coach there. he said that Mitch would try to run the ball so much that the opposing teams would just gear up to stop the run, Mitch would refuse to abandon the run, thus halting drives. from what he says, Mitch was run out of Minnesota. I will have an interview with this guy later in the week. I hope he is wrong, i really want to write about good things for a change.

I'm Back

So I have returned from Green bay with a new out look on life. I have realized that SU football games suck. First off i have experienced true tailgaiting and i really do not know if i could ever go to an SU tailgate again. Before I get into this, i want everyone to know that the temperature was 8 degrees in the morning. As i was walking to the Tailgate party I was attending i was amazed at the sights and sounds of the partying. I saw everything from Oakland girls with nothing on except paint, Oakland fans funneling beers like they were water, and food that was to die for. I would have to say that just one section of parking had more tailgaters than Syracuse has all year. let me reiterate that the temperature when i got to the tailgate was 8 degrees., which brings me to my second observation. Football needs to be played outside. Think about it the worst Temperature this year during game time was what, maybe 45. Think about this, people including me bitch about the poor fans in the dome, well if its 40 degrees, do you think aunt Milford would come to the game to knit and tell you to sit down, i don't think so. We have created the shit fan because of that awful dome. I think if Gross had any common sense he would rip off that Teflon roof. Thirdly I have to say that people who live in Green bay are the nicest people in the country, I can attest to this cause i have traveled all over the country, It seems that the people of green bay go out of their way to make you comfortable. My only knock are the females. It seems that Girls in green bay all have huge asses. I believe this is due to the fried cheese curds and all the chili, but i now why they keep their asses, try sitting in those frozen metal bleachers for four hours with out those asses! Now i am not being disrespectful at all, but i did go to about ten bars in green bay and other than a few normal asses the majority of females asses could not fit in one airplane seat. Anyways God bless green bay, Go pack go!

Ps i saw less commericl at an NFL game than during an SU game. also i have to say that i was not offended by the volume, Gross you need to take note!

Friday, December 7, 2007

one last

To all my loyal readers, I will be away from my computer till Tuesday morning. I am Heading to Green Bay to watch Brett Favre bomb away the Raiders. For all who will be watching the game look for me in the end zone wearing an SU 44 jersey.

Before I go let me leave you with one more post.

So obviously SU football players are not the smartest. take Anthony Smith for example. The 06 grad guaranteed a win over the patriots on Sunday. At first light this seems not to be the smartest move on his part. If your tom Brady and some no name guy who just started to start calls your team out what do you do. You go after the that no name guy and humiliate him. The next move is going to be the steelers waiving our very own stupid Anthony Smith. oh did i forget to remind you that the pats are 15-0.

Hey Anthony, I am sure Grob would hire you, He is looking for stupid people to fill out his coaching staff during lame duck years.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the goings on in syracuse

What a day for Syracuse teams! The not so Raging Bullz have left town as quickly as they came in. The Official report is that the lack of attendance was the factor. Oncenter Spies have told me that the lack of marketing was the sole reason for the departure and they felt with proper advertising the team could have thrived here. They went so far to tell me that they even tried to lower the rent for the next few home games and split the cost of advertising. well i guess we will have to move on, no more 4 point plays, no more team names that are spelled wrong, and no more DayShawn Wright . The raging bullz have officially left the building.

Fresh off the heals of Grobs shaking it up speech Brian White has been fired as offensive Coordinator. Not sure why he chose to start there, but any change in my book is welcome. The interesting thing is going to be if they spend some money on a name brand coach or they go and do the Syracuse thing and hire some reject from a school like Hofstra. It's going to be interesting. I hope that they change the offense to the spread and bring somebody in who know how to implement it. The thing that gets me about this who thing is why grob chose to start with the offensive coordinator and not the oline coach or the defensive coordinator. My last thing is, why does Syracuse refuse to announce things like other schools with a press conference. Why do we have to wait for three days and then get a press release. why do they not man up and tell us what in gods name is going on. I for one want to know how things are going to be changed, I want to know what is going on, and for a million dollars a year grob should get behind that podium and tell us what he is doing.

Demetris Nicols was released by the Cleavland Cavaliers. With Lebron James out, and Cleavland on a losing streak the club has decided to go in a different direction.

Lastly the SU basketball Team travels to Virginia to face the Cavaliers. I hate to label this game as a must win, but it is. With the recent 2-2 record facing quality opponents Syracuse needs to pull off this win to add some glitz to there non conference record. We don't want another NIT year do we.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

need to get this off my chest

I have decided that i need to get somethings off my chest.

1. Why in gods name do Syracuse Teams demand on having the worst entering the field tradition. Now I know what your thinking, the football thing has been beaten to death, but I am not talking about that. Check out the Basketball team swaying and hugging like they are attending a Liberachy party. I was told about this weeks ago, but i wanted to see with my own eyes. During the national anthem it happened, the entire basketball team embraced like they were singing sweet Caroline at a karaoke bar. Now these guys should have learned from all the ridicule the football team took.

2. Why in gods name does Nancy Canto Still have a job. Did anybody see the Hawaii game last night. Colt Brennan looked amazing. What makes Cantor the judge juryand executioner. I have no idea how someone who made a mistake and clearly was sorry about it, and was not even charged with anything but breaking an entering is not allowed to attend Syracuse. I am sure that if you go through the student body i am sure you will hind charges that are alot worse then breaking an entering. That is besides the point though, Brennan could have made a huge difference as our QB. Imaging having somebody who is able to scramble and pass on the run with pinpoint accuracy. check out his stats from yesterday.
42/50 for442 yards and 5 touchdowns. let me repeat that 42 for 50 are you kidding me.

3. Why in gods name will Grob not throw out that awful west coast offense and go with a spread offense like Hawaii and so many others. I have to say this again, if you want to watch a great football game check out Hawaii during the sugar bowl. you will not be sorry. I have no idea why grob is being so pig headed about this. imagine mike Williams and taj smith in the spread. How dangerous could Syracuse be.

4. Why in God name does the band not play during the games anymore. Guess how many times the band played during the game? the Answer............ ONCE for ten seconds!!! this is inexcusable!

5. Why in gods name has Syracuse decided to sell out to corporate America. From my seats i saw no less then 20 advertisements on or around the court. whats next putting patches on the players uniforms like NASCAR or even better sell the tiles on the dome roof, come on this is suppose to be a college not the NBA.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Gross's moment of truth

As I was searching through hours of interviews I came accross Steve Infanti interviewing Daryl Gross. Skip to the end and you will hear the not so high vote of confidence. It almost seems like someone else is pulling the strings. Could Gross be a figure head. If he is, he is going to go down as one of the worst ad's in history. Atleast we now that Gross is not to keen Grob coming back.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here are some comments that i have found. Godd luck Gross

So when SU starts out 1 -6 next year, how are we going to recruit? Its obvious that Gross won't make a coaching change during the year, so basically GROB is a lame duck coach next year. We have NO chance of improving and having a good recruiting class next year. Everyone i'm sure is already using this against us. I guess that Gross and the admin at SU doesn't care one bit about what the fans think. I for one will NOT be spending one $$$$ on anything to do with Syracuse University unitl GROB is gone.

The curse of D. Gross goes on...
The Top Ten Reasons Why SU Football Will Not Bring Back Fans.
Let me preface this by saying I support all the young men that bust their rears. Who likes to lose?... again, and again...and again...
10. Burnt Toast..., I mean west coast offence.
9. "Lets leave now(end of 1st half), I can watch/listen to the loss.(actually heard from a ticket holder).
8. Where is the excitemient on entering the game? Nothing is morepowerful than walking out and squatting, and then walking again, then squatting again.
7. Quick kick!
6. Otto(just kidding he's pitiful like our football program). Noseriously Otto's OK.
5. Giving the public an incentive to purchase tickets(free B-ball Tix). However, season ticket holders..."NO SOUP FOR YOU!"
4. Not quoting G-Rob, but something to the effect of: I know youare sick of hearing this, but...
3. And it continues..."We have to work harder/ It's Hard work" (GWB school of leadership).
2 . No end in sight. Meaning to another losing season.
1. It is hard to polish a turd.

We lost the battle. But we have not yet lost the war.
With a decision this absurd... it is not over yet.
if enough people follow through on their threats to cancel our season tickets, we'll get an A.D. in here who cares about the kids like Fairchild and Williams and Suter... and a coach who can make them be in the right place, at the right time, with the skills necessary to make the play, and the confidence to do it.

Absolutely Horrible.All this mid-major garbage talk. Syracuse is 14th all time in total wins. Does that scream mid-major to anyone. This was the worst decision ever, not only will there be another season of losing there will be even less people watching them lose now. GROB is a nice guy but a complete fraud!!!! He was never a head coach for a reason and we are all seeing that come to light now. I REPEAT this is the worst decision of all time. For all of you idiots that want to say that the kids are the ones that suffer your right they will suffer if the come to the SU football program. Gone are the days I can remember knocking off a top 5 Miami team or VA Tech in the Dome or Nebraska. These coaches play not to lose every game when they should be playing to win every game. There decisions are horrible and the team suffers from the trickle-down theory and it all comes from the top. I wanna puke and will never waste my time watching SU football again until there is a new leader at the helm. I'm DONE UGGGGGHHHH. fairchild tell your kid to back out and go somewhere else.

Incredibly, GROB admits most of what I have been saying the past week, conceding that he is open to "EXAMINING HIS PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY." WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After 3 years, the head ball coach is open to examining his "program philosophy." Oh my lord, it's even worse than I thought. A stunning admission by a Division 1 HEAD football coach.
I'm at a loss for words.

I just turned my Syracuse University diploma backwards on my office wall. I have heard enough for one half day about the absolutely foolhardy decision that was announced to keep Robinson as football HC.I knew that Gross was too pompous to admit failure in his original hiring of this clown.Get on with it....oust GROSS N-O-W!!!!! He is HOPING TO SURVIVE on Robinson's coat tails.I would not want to be in that situation for any money in the world.I have one last hope:That Gross and Cantor are lying to Robinson just as they did three years ago when she gave Pasqualoni her "vote of confidence" that he was staying on as HC. Eight days later Coach P was canned.Maybe with some luck they had to run to Staples to get a new "typewriter ribbon" for their "secretary pool" to draft a contract for a new coach, yet to be named. Clearly they have no clue in what to do and they are panicked in how to close this era of horse-poop football out.What a mess.I never thought that SU Football would be in such a dire situation:
1.No productive coaching leadership
2.A court jester as an AD
3.More empty seats in the dome than fannies occupy
4.Worse..............hideous uniforms!
5.Last, but not least................................NO HOPE!!!

If I remember correctly, Gross and Cantor lie to everyone about the coach coming back the next year, and THEN, around Christmas, FIRE HIM, creating the worst possible situation for all coaches and all recruits, and making that "gap" quite a bit worse than it needed to be.
This is step 1--pretend he's coming back. Step 2--They'll probably call him on Christmas Eve to fire him.
I wish Coach R. all the luck in the world--and admire the players for getting through the mess that their careers here have been.
Gross, however, I pray, subjects no other university, high school, middle school, or elementary school to his bumbling egomaniacal athletic directing after he is duly fired from SU. If I pass Pete Carroll in a hallway someday, does that mean I, too, will be seen as the next coming in college athletics??

Unbelievable!! There better be a COMPLETE overhauling of his pathetic coaching staff! NO more hiring ex -HS school assistant coaches or volunteer assistance from no name school's! Time to get some reputable COLLEGE coaches up there so they can help bring in decent recruits. What a joke...

Go ahead and subtract one more from the number of remaining season ticket holders.

"these guys are going in the direction that we think we can compete for championships in the future"
ARE YOU SERIOUS. I didn't know they have championships to last place teams.

dr gross you just decided your own fate with the fans- you are nothing in our eyes,you came 3 years ago and fired a guy with 6 wins and replaced him with your guy who has only 7 in 3 years and getting blown out every game is standard-
you have no problem with super poor football coaching-so do it without the fans because we wont be at the dome in 08-
penn st will have a another home game at the dome -i wonder if dr kevorkian is hoping they buy enough season tickets to make some money because syracuse fans wont


Un-F'n-believable! Let's see here... He took a 6-5 bowl team and turned them into a 1-10 team. The following year he goes 4-8, but looses all, but 1 conference game. This year he goes 2-10 and is statistically the worst football team in division 1A (ranked #115- #119) in every single category.Hell, give Robinson a 3 year extension and maybe we could compete in division 1AA football.
My family and i have spent over $4000. a year on just mid-field level tickets, which we are not going to re-new. I would rather watch a better coached football team(like W.Genesee HS) for almost free than to watch this debacle up on the hill that costs me thousands.........

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the rest of the world respondes

2008 hot seat

The guys over at Three Idiots on Sports look at next year with the glass is half full approach

Three Idiots Again on Gross Negligence

Orange 44 on how to entice an angry mob

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cuse Scoops

I have to admitt i really do enjoy Cuse Scoops. If you have never checked it out, do it now. Funny stuff. Did you hear Gross Fired Boeheim!

Ballhype: hype it up!


Sorry about that last post. I was in a state of shock, Thank god we still have Basketball........ wait a minute, what the fuck is going on here. You are telling me on the same day that Gross drops the bomb that Grob will be here for one more year, the Basketball team loses to Umass. Let me repeat myself, what the fuck. The curse of Daryl Gross continues. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Does anybody else feel what I am feeling right now. Now granted Gross had nothing to do with with loss but holy shit FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Ok i think i got out of my system.

Ok I am calm, no I am not. I feel that i was slapped in face today. As a Syracuse Fan i honestly feel that the program is spiraling out of control and there is no immediate hope to save it. I do not see how Grob can turn this program around in a year. This pass that Gross has given him is insane. I am I watching the same games as Gross. I watched a team go through a season, not tackling, not blocking, getting stupid penalties, and calling the most conservative plays i have ever seen. Fine you want Grob to stay, then fire every coach under him. they all should be held accountable.

Now then back to the Basketball game. What the hell is Boeheim doing leaving his team in zone when you are down at the end of the game and you need the ball. Was he thinking that Umass was going to hand the ball over to him, cause they didn't. What the Fuck is going on, has everyone lost there mind today.

This really is bothering me, I am going to the bar to drink the rest of this day away. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, you take one down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall..............

PS. Dr Gross better get his ass out of his office and call a press conference explaining his decision and what needs to happen for this team to head in the right direction. Somebody needs to be held accountable!
Cause if there is not going to be any changes, Gross is going to have start beer flavored nipples night to get people up to the dome for sudden impact reduex

grob for one more

As orange 44 would say, cue the crying baby!

Greg Robinson will be back for 08-09. Rumors swirled that's Daryl Gross was looking for a replacement but could not find a suitable replacement. So what is scarier, Gross could not find a top name coach to come, or Grob stays for another year and will sink the Orange deeper into obscurity.

I am in shock right now, it seems clear that Gross is sticking with his boy and hopefully will go down with ship. The question is how much damage will Gross and Grob do to the football program? How many empty seats will there be in the dome next year? How many coach's lose there job?

For me to show any kind of support for the football team next year, Changes need to be made.
Steve Russ need to be fired, the defense was awful and Grob needs to step up and take responsibility. He is the "defensive guru" and he needs to start being that.

Brian White and the west coast offense needs to be put to pasture. Cody Catalina needs to at least get a shot to playing time, Cody came in here as a recruit that was known for his scrambling ability. Start a spread offense and get that ball down field. you play half your games on turf in a dome.

Well Grob the pressure is on now, what are you going to do, run and hide or embrace it.

Gross, This is insane, and i truly hope that this works out for you, cause if it doesn't, replacing you and your boy will be the easy part. The hard part will be repairing this machine that is stuck in the mud spinning it's wheels. The next question is, how many people are going to be in the dome during the home opener.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that Gross could not even face the public, he sends out a press release with no clear ways as to how this is going to be fixed. this is very disappointing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hot Seat

Take a look at the Coachs Hot Seat and look at number 14. Then take a look at the thirteen names above his. The entire country is saying as good as fired, why isn't Dr. Gross!

Ballhype: hype it up!

Money Problems

Well if it comes down to money being the reason Grob Stays for his fourth year, here is an interesting stat. This might be a reason why SU is Short on cash, even though "they are close to reaching there goal of raising 1billion dollars"!

The cover of this year's media guide has "SUDDEN IMPACT" printed along the bottom in big letters. What has been sudden and had a great impact financially on the university during Robinson's brief tenure is the increasing number of empty seats in the Carrier Dome each week. In 21 homes games over the past three seasons, more than 260,000 seats have not been sold. In Pasqualoni's final three years, the team went 16-20 and the figure was just under 160,000.

If you figure the average ticket is $26.00 then Syracuse has lost $6,760,000 in three years. Just in non ticket sales. Syracuse could have paid for Bobby Bowden for four years, Steve Spurrier for three and a half years, Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll for two years. I don't care what any body says, Syracuse brings in a coach of this calliber and you have instant recruiting success and at least seven wins the next year. Instead Syracuse tryed to save money and went after a life long assistant. I guess the old saying is true, you get what you pay for! Now Dr Gross you make your decision, and lets see how many millions you will lose next year! Think long and hard!

Ballhype: hype it up!

The West Side Slam

The West Side Slam is complete. Two high schools located less than 5 miles apart won state championships. West Genny and Bishop Ludden Both walked out of the Dome Yesterday with something that nobody will ever be able to take away from them, State Championships. As a Ludden grad in '96 it brings great pride to watch my fellow knights win state's. As i was standing in the Dome yesterday cheering on my School, i was amazed at how much this team has improved in the eleven years I have been gone. When i was attending Ludden, The team usually was blown out weekly. The fact that this small school in Westvale beat a Team like Dobbs Ferry who has not lost in two years, and has been to the State Championship 7 out of the last 8 years, is amazing. Go Ludden

I Believe
I Believe We
I believe We Will
I Believe We Will Win


After a weekend of division 1 football coach's losing there jobs. Syracuse still has yet to make a decision on Greg Robinson. I am very confused why there has not been an announcement as to Grob's future with Syracuse. Either way Dr. Gross should make a decision quickly. If he is to be fired do it now and get somebody in here to save this years recruiting class, if he is to stay make an announcement and let this bum go out and sign some more d2 players. The fact that there is a high probability that Grob will be retained is disgusting. Look at Georgia Tech who just fired a coach with a winning record. they have decided that mediocrity will not be accepted. The fan at Syracuse would go ballistic over a 7-5 record. It would feel like we are floating on cloud 9. Under Gailey, the Yellow Jackets never lost fewer than five games in a year. Gailey has four years left on his contract at $1 million annually. There was some speculation that Georgia Tech's financially strapped athletic program would be reluctant to buy out the coach, but Radakovich clearly decided that it would be more damaging to offend the big-money boosters by keeping Gailey. This should be noted in Syracuse Decision to retain Grob. The fact that the actual attendance for Saturdays game was around 15000 which means that the Dome was 2/3 empty. How Can The Carrier Dome be 2/3 empty on the last home game an on Senior day. Is this what Syracuse wants, what is the Dome going to look like next year when there is no hope for a turn around and a tougher schedule looming. Where is Syracuse going with this. If the goal was to turn Syracuse into a D2 Power house then we are going in the right direction, if you would like to win a few games in d1 then lets make a change now and get somebody in hear who can win now. It can be done, look no further than the team that beat us two days ago.

look at the other schools making changes.

Duke fired Ted Roof on Monday, two days after the Blue Devils ended a 1-11 season with their ninth straight loss.Roof's over all record is 6-45

Nebraska -Bill Callahan's record is 27-22.It will cost the university more than $3.1 million to buy out Callahan’s contract

Southern Miss - Ed Orgeron went 10-25 in his first job as head coach. The school will him 75 percent of his $900,000 salary through 2009.

This is what amazes me, these schools all see problems. Why can't Syracuse. When are they going to realize that a change now would;

A. bring excitement back to the football team. this would carry over to ticket sales.
B. Might be able to sway better recruits who were shying away do to poor records.
C. Fans would be more tolerant of a new coach as long as he has a clear path in repairing this team.

Here are some things that Tom Osbourne has been quoted as saying about a new coach and scheme;

1. The next Nebraska coach doesn't necessarily have to have ties to the school, but Tom Osborne says the Cornhuskers' next leader must have an understanding of the program's unique culture and history.

2."I think it's really hard in college football if you don't have some mobility in your quarterback, to be successful," he said. "You need to have the ability to run the football once in a while and scramble for a first down. The rest of it, I don't know. The new coach will have to decide."

3."You want somebody that knows football and has a good work ethic. You want somebody that can motivate. Some people know football, but they really don't get people to play hard for them. Again, I'm not saying that's the case (with the previous staff). But you've got to get players to play hard."

4.Osborne said he also wants the new coach to embrace the atmosphere, which means showing respect for the program's past, being visible and building the trust of fans and players.

It seems like this guy really get it. Dr. Gross needs to emulate this guy., This is a winner. He know what is takes and know how to achieve it!

Check out this quote I found, sound familiar.

Callahan junked Osborne and Solich's triple-option for the West Coast offense, and the Huskers seemed to lose their hard edge. Under Osborne and Solich, some of the most ferocious hitting occurred on the practice field. Under Callahan, practices in full pads were uncommon.

Syracuse make a change. I implore you to make the right decision go ion another direction and save this program!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's over

It's finally over. I have to admit that this was the hardest season that i have ever had to bear. How can anybody look forward to next year. Imagine a team without Jameel McClain and Joe Fields. With those two guys gone how is this defense that could not stop Miami of Ohio going to stop the likes of Buffalo next year. Where is the defense going to come from? Where is the Offensive line going to come from?

So know it's time, we the Syracuse Fan needs to wait and see. In the next few days we are going to find out if our "Great Guy" Coach will be back, and if he is back how is he going to right his sinking ship. I for one do not see Grob being the right man for the job. I feel that we have gone backwards in every facet of the game, and in all honesty i really do not see him turning the corner. I now that i have touched on this before, but Grob and his band of brothers are not Teachers, they are guys that for some reason can not invoke there views on their players. This is the over all problem. Grob has been an NFL coach for so long I feel that he just does not have the teaching skills necessary at this level, Especially with a team that is so young and needs to be taught. How does a team give up 11 sacks in one game, How are guys are going through the line with out even being touched or looked at? 11 sacks is acceptable at all. Two season with 10 loses is not acceptable, and bringing back a coach that feels we are going in the right direction is not acceptable.

Announced attendance Last night was just over 30000 people, i would have to say 15000 was more like it. How many millions of dollars in revenue lost is it going to take, how many embarrassing blowout on TV is it going to take. how many local recruits lost is going to take, and how many articles bashing Syracuse from the local and national media is it going to take to open your eyes and make a change. Grob must go!

Friday, November 23, 2007

what does this sound like

So i was surfing the web when i came across this little article about Duke's head coach and his job status. Does this sound familiar!
Sports Illustrated

I am a good coach, I don't think so!

I came across this interview. JD Griggs, a defensive end committed to Syracuse but has changed his mind and has decided to go to temple. The reason for this, Syracuse coach's were not keeping in contact with him.
check this out;

J.D. Griggs had been committed to Syracuse for quite some time, but recently he chose to change his mind and give a verbal commitment to the Temple Owls. We spoke to Griggs recently about why he had the change of heart and found the answer to our question was not simply a matter of liking one school better then the other.
J.D. Griggs has been having a fine season for Piscataway High School, amassing five sacks from his defensive end position and scoring six touchdowns and three two-point conversions as a tight end. Recently, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound athlete decided it would be best for him to be at Temple instead of Syracuse and he explained why. “Lately Syracuse hadn’t been in contact with me very much, if at all honestly, so my parents and I had been leaving messages for the coaching staff and emailing them, but never got any responses,” Griggs explained. “Then I started hearing rumors that the staff was going to be replaced, so when you mixed those two things together I didn’t think it was a good situation for me to be in.” “Temple offered me on Tuesday after I took a visit to the school and I accepted that on the spot for a number of reasons,” Griggs said. “First, my coaches know some of the staff at Temple and have had great things to say about them and I also have two friends I grew up that play there in Michael Campbell and Derek Dennis who give them high praise as well.
Here is the link

Then I came across this guy from utica who called Brian White and he has yet to get back to him. “I called Coach White on Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. and left him a voicemail that I was committing to Syracuse, but he hasn’t called me back yet,” Preaster said.
Here is that link DeAndre Preaster.

What the hell is going on up there. Is this the direction that Syracuse wants to keep going in. Does this seem like they are competent. I don't think so.This is the problem with these guys. They are not capable of recruiting, they are not capable of getting a team prepared, and they are not capable of teaching the basics. How can anybody walk up to a podium and say that He is a good coach when clearly he is not!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving

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must read

I can only wonder what gows through the head of Gross. Rolland Williams has been announced as the honery captain during the cincy game. Wow Rolland Williams, Let me get my foam finger and get up to the dome on saturday. They have to be going nuts up mthere, if the likes of the '87 team and Larry Csonka did not increase attendance what makes them think Rolland Williams would.

Well it does not look like the Cincy team is going to be Over looking Syracuse, that does not boed well for Grob and the Orange.

Jonny Flynn was named ESPN's player of the week.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ballhype: hype it up!

I am going to post all comments to my on strike post, good or bad, so say what you feel!

haha, nice man!
It's unbelievable! I am going to the Cincy game saturday and if it's more "stay the course" I AM DONE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep up the great posts!

No way this happens . . Its all rumor, anyone can see the program is on the wrong track!If pigs fly out my ass & this does happen i have to say you would be an IDIOT for boycotting hoops. This team is special & a pure joy to see in person.Would you watch the games on TV or is this a halfassed boycott? I assume your blogging would cease as well?That being said . . . keep up the good work, like the blog and dont DENY yourself Cuse Hoops, you deserve it if you are a CUse football fan

I need to respond to this, I would have to say i would watch it on tv, I know that SU does receive money from the networks, but I have to watch my boys.

You're crazy meatloaf!!! Fuck!

I almost numchucked you, you don't even realize!

I am on Strike!!!!

Am I being too Hasty with my decision that Grob needs to go,I really do not think so, let me rephrase that, I know so! I am disgusted to hear rumors that grob will be coming back next year. I am sickened that this administration would make the same mistake as the last and keep someone that is not fit to do the job. I opened up today and read the Axeman's post about the rumor that grob will be coming back for another season. I then opened up Donnie Webbs post saying the same thing! I am disgusted with the notion of the fairness doctrine. Do you know what is not fair, that we the fans, the very same people that pay these peoples salaries are not heard. Do you know what would change there minds quickly, an empty Dome next year. Let me be the first to say, that after Cincy i will not purchase a single ticket, I will not go to a game, I will not even pay to park my car at SU. Wait a minute, just thought of something, remember that saying, We are the only horse in town, well not anymore. Lets go Bulls!

Anyways, I vow to all my readers, I vow to all my fellow Syracuse fans, If I hear that Grob is coming back, I will not attend a single event on the SU Campus, I will not Subscribe to anything that makes SU money, and I will not purchase anything that will bolster revenue for Syracuse. I am including my beloved Basketball team also. This Veto will be in effect until Syracuse either fires Grob, or Syracuse gos to a bowl game. Considering that this Head Coach could not lead a pee wee football team then I guess I will not be going until he is run out of town.

I know what your thinking, this is not the way to do this, it make Syracuse look worse, it will make recruiting more difficult, and it would be hurting the program even more. Well Guess what, that is insane. Do you know who would be hurting this program even more, it's the brain trust's on the hill, Keeping Robinson and his band of loser's is not only disrespectful to the legacy of the program, but more importantly it will further the the destruction of the football program. This must not be allowed to happen. The only way to teach these people is threw their wallets. How hard would it be to add the new buildings if the Dome is Empty and revenue is not brought in. How hard would it be pay those inflated and bloated salaries of the chancellor, and how hard would it be for the Spiffy Dr Gross to redecorate his box or even better, purchase another hideous suit.

Wait I just thought of something even better, How about this. The Super intelligent DR. Gross and The Amazingly PC Nancy Cantor promises that if Grob Loses next year then everyone will resign. If I hear that then you have my blessing, Hell I will even make the first campaign sign GROB ONE MORE YEAR! Then all of Syracuse's problem would be gone. I will be sitting in my seat in the dome counting the blowouts in '08. Go SU!

Who's with me!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

must read

Well here is an extra heavy dosage of must reads, you have alot of homework, funny how all the sharks come out when they smell blood in the water!

Is time running out on Greg Robinson, Check out this Article from Cuse Chronicles.

Another sad Syracuse Season nears an end, Sporting News

Time For a change part II, From the Axeman

Greg doesn't like talking about his job status,WTVH 5

the who, what, where, and why

In my final segment of the who, what, where and why, i interviewed Ray from Orange Hoops.

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Ray-I've been doing historical research on Syracuse basketball for several year, and have had my site for 3+ years now. During much of my research effort it sparks some commentary in my head, and I saw a lot of comparisons of the past with the present... so I figured I might as well write what I was thinking. It kind of went from there.

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Ray-I'd have to say watching the Bouie & Louie era end with their loss to Iowa in the 1980 NCAA tournament. I still remember the technicals on Boeheim.

What was your most heart breaking syracuse moment?
Ray- Tying Auburn in the 1988 Sugar Bowl would problem be the most heartbreaking. Surprisingly, the 1987 National Championship loss with the Keith Smart daggar through the heart was not nearly as heartbreaking to me as you would expect; I knew even then that the guys on that squad would make a couple more runs at that title. The most heartbreaking moment in Syracuse basketball was probably the 1989 loss to Illinois in the Elite Eight. I thought that was the best team Syracuse ever had, and I thought for sure they would be in the title game.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Ray-The 2003 Championship. Two plus decades of demons being washed away in one magic moment! There have been several other great moments over the years, in fact far too many to list, but that one was the best of them all.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up aour ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Ray- Gross knows all about how to make $$$$, and very little about how to build champions. The basketball program is extremely lucky that Boeheim is untouchable by Gross and Cantor, otherwise Syracuse basketball could be mirroring SU Football and Lacrosse.

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?
Ray- As much as I despise the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame would win hands down. I couldn't even begin to predict the score as two totally inept offenses would play two futile defensive efforts. 3-0 would be very tempting, but that would give the defenses far too much credit, and 52-45, would credit the offense too much. How about a forfeit?

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
Ray-Tough one... for Syracuse sports each has its own strengths / merits that I enjoy. I'd go with Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, if I had to pick one. In terms of blogs on any content on the web, my favorite is TMQ (Gregg Easterbrook) of ESPN. I love his Tuesday NFL blog.

I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers once more for taking the time out of their busy days. Thank you all, and I hope I have shed some insight on our lives.

Go Orange!!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Change Now

I have been a Syracuse fan for a long time. Let me refrain that, I have been a college football fan for a long time. I can not remember another program fall on there face so fast in my entire life. how does a tradition filled program become the laughing stock of college football. I have been a steadfast supporter of Dr. Gross, but the bad has over taken the good. How can he sit idly by and watch a program go down the tubes. I don't care if Grob destroys Cincy next week, and I don't care if Grob signs the top ten high school players. This has gone on long enough! We need to make a change now, not next week, not next year, NOW. Dr. Gross if you are not willing to swallow your pride then you should be let go. Your the captain of this ship and the captain must go down with his ship. Make the change, save this program from Greg Robinson. We need a winner, we need a recruiter who can recruit in the north east, and we need to turn this thing around now.

Greg you think your a good coach, you were standing across the fields from a great coach yesterday. What makes a coach good is his ability to use his players to the best of there ability.The prior coach on the hill did that, you are not. Every person who watches Syracuse last year could have told you that you are deficient on the Offensive line, an intelligent coach would have gone from junior college to junior college to find players. what did you do, you brought in a few freshman who could not block for a pee wee team. You wonder why your not winning, you have an offensive scheme that requires excellent blockers. Arob and Dantley have less than a few seconds to do anything. A great coach would throw in a few option plays to draw the attention off your line. Now Don't get me wrong, I believe Greg is a great coach, he is just not the guy that can build a program, in the right situation Greg is going to be the man, it's just not in Syracuse. Greg you say you love this school, you love your players, and you love the fans, Then do the right thing and walk away. Save your name, save your face, and for god's sake save Syracuse Football, walk away.

Here is what the Syracuse Fan base is saying, and if i was Dr Gross I would be listening!

Posted by manliusguy
I am just so embarrassed for our school, and our community. There has never been, in the history of D-1 athletics a bigger decline in a major sport. This is not bad football, or bad coaching, bad players, bad fans, etc. This is a collapse of leadership at many levels within the University. For a major program to be allowed to descend this far, this fast, is unheard of. The chancellor talks a lot, but is standing by watching this debacle, obviously incapable of overseeing an athletics component of a University. Any other major university would have fired the coach after last year, and by the middle of this season fired the athletic director. I am just sad for our school that expectations are so low as to allow this state of affairs. Please trustees, make changes, the coach and athletic director must go now! The chancellor has done a lot of good in general, so give her more time to prove she can make tough decisions other than fundraising and building physical plant. How about the image and morale of an alumni base?

Posted by Hustonb
Why should we be afraid of firing Greg Robinson? Could things get any worse?
The argument for keeping him is that he knows what he is doing and building for the future. But there is no evidence of that. It's not like he had a proven track record as a head coach. He's never done this before.
As for recruiting better players, I have yet to see a truly impressive underclassman.I expected to see at least one guy on the defense who could blow up the other teams offense.
Greg Robinson is making Daryl Gross look stupid for hiring him. The longer this goes on the worse it looks for Daryl. At the end of the year, let's look for a quality, proven head coach to become available and sign him.
Hoping GRob will figure out how to turn this program around is wishful thinking.Paying off the rest of GRob's salary is money well spent.

Posted by goodboy
How about SU play the high school teams in the area! A lot of them are pretty good and look at the money saved - all games would be local.

Posted by pignose44
One more thing. Daryl Gross once said in December 2004, "Just wait and see what we do with the football team."
Yeah, nice work Daryl. You should be fired too. At least you have that cozy suite you build in the dome. Clown.

Posted by ottawacuse on
I had been looking forward to going to the UC game next week, but after the debacle today, I will stay home....Coach Robinson seems like a nice guy, I agree, but he hasn't won and hasn't recruited.
I would love to see a young recruiter like Mike Locksley or Dan Mullen take over to rejuvenate this team. If people are seriously worried about losing the current commitments, they need to check recruiting sites. I am 100% sure that if they bring in a recruiter, the class will improve immensely. Please just do something!

Posted by ezcuse
I have been fairly supportive of G-Rob for three years. The bottom line is that it is not working. Not working at all.
#1. I am not sure what our offense is... but it is predictable and boring. We look fortunate to move the ball on the rare occasions that we do. We have had one game where we looked competent offensively... Louisville. UConn brought in a Juco transfer and did fine this year. The time issue is simply pointless. And if we don't have the players to run our offense... why not run the offense that works for their skill set???
#2 Our defense is not fun to watch either. We have developed into a fairly good run defense. However, all too often, 3rd and anything can be converted because we allow teams to complete the short pass... and then allow our weak spot--tackling--to lead to a first down. Or, they simply make the play underneath for enough yardage. And, worse yet, when our offense does move the ball and score, our defense usually allows the opposition to return the favor. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
#3 Special teams. We rarely go for any block at all. This is college... play like a college team and try to block the kicks!
#4 Play calling. Timid and predictable. If I see one more punt from the opposition's 45 yard line and in, I am going to vomit. What good is it when the other team is pinned if we are not going to stop them anyway because of our "bend but not break defensive philosophy" and if we are just going to allow the punter to punt without pressure even if they do punt? We continue to waste plays throwing into the flat.
#5 The fan support is flat. G-Rob lost half the community in season one... another 20% last year... and 25% more this year. Miami loss? Horrible play calling against Pitts down the stretch? Blowouts in every other loss? We'll be better this year... but 4-8 again is about all anyone can expect.
The program needs a shot of enthusiasm for the fans and players. The players need a coach who is a proven winner... whose promises that we have turned the corner are less about positive thinking and have much more credibility. The fans need a reason to believe that the next game and next season will be different.
The ills of Coach P are not maximized. We have gone from a few mega-embarrassing losses a year under Coach P to only a few respectable losses a year. The 3 or 4 win difference is enough to make a game like next weak possibly "not worth watching." I watched the NIT games last year... the ND game in 2003... etc. No S.U. game should leave me with apathy.
Finally... now is the time to make a move. To the extent that it is unfair to an unquestionably good man like G-Rob, this should help him land on his feet elsewhere. We need a team that is fun to watch, even if losing. We need a coach with the credibility to land the players that are considering Syracuse... now and in the future. There is a lot of blame to go around for the current state of things... but instead of debating whether G-Rob is 30 or 50 or 70 or 90 percent of the problem... it's time for a solution. The solution is not currently employed by Syracuse.
The end.
P.S. If we are not going to hire someone with experience and credibility, then we have to hire someone that will be able to recruit key areas like NJ, Conn, or Fla. If we are not going to do that... then Gross needs to go. All of his marketing is pointless if we are not going to invest in a coach.

Posted by cusegirl93
When is a decision going to be made about Gross????? WHAT HAS HE DONE for the program besides bring in this horrible coach??? SU used to have a football program and a damn good one. Cantor needs to step up, take charge, stop being so wimpy before the Dome is empty every Saturday next fall. Right now Gross & Robinson need to go. This is a disgrace!

Posted by oldfan35

Coach must go -- no more seasons. How long does Syracuse University think we are going to support a losing team. We need a coach that can turn this program around. Look around at the junior college and High School programs. Get someone new that wants to get into the college world and forget the pros.
When we turn off the money the University will get the message.

My question is how can so many people be wrong, Dr. Gross could it be possible that you are wrong, Make the change, save this proud program!