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Saturday, November 3, 2007

another stinger

The Syracuse Football team gave us another hard loss to swallow. It seems that if there is a way to lose Syracuse is going to find it. Just think about this, there is always a silver lining, SU basketball starts today and with that we should see a win. Back to football, with nine games down, and two wins the good news is there is only three games left. the bad news is they are against cincy,usf, and uconn.(not good) That leads me back to this loss to Pitt.

Did anybody notice the replays of the offensive line blocking for Arob and Dantley. This is what I noticed, on every replay of a sack. I noticed the same constant, number 75 Ryan Durand getting burned,not blocking anybody, or getting knocked down. My question is, after three years how does a guy not understand that his sole job is block and protect his quarterback. Now I do not mean to call out just Ryan cause we all know that the whole line is awful but i noticed him on at least three replays.

My next gripe is with coaching. I think somebody needs to tell Grob about a play called the field goal block or maybe the thing called a punt block. Why not try to block a field goal when it is late in the 4Th, or when you have them pinned in there end zone. I am under the impression that these guys refuse to try to make something happen. for some reason they think things are going to work themselves out. Greg how that working for you. My next problem is why are you calling for a run play on 3rd and long. in all honesty what is three yards extra, especially when your down. somebody needs to grow some balls and start making your own fortune. Make things happen, sure sometimes they are not going to work out, but there is always a chance something good could happen.

My last problem or I guess i should say jealousy is the atmosphere in all the college stadiums. I watch the LSU Alabama game. I forgot what an exciting time an actual college game is. We have it so bad that even the players walking out of the tunnel use less energy then a 500lb man laying on the couch. Did anybody notice the band playing through out the game, the cheerleaders cheering, and the crowd on their feet making noise. The powers that be in the dome should take note, that is how college should be like. I never noticed commercials, and obnoxious announcer, or running sandwiches. another tip, if you have a fun product you would not have to have all those stupid give a ways, people would come cause they want too be there. Syracuse you guys have your head so far up corporate America's ass, you have lost site of whats important, the game!

I will give credit where credit is due, Nick Chestnut,Cameron Dantley, Mike Williams, Defensive line, and Taj Smith, great game.

The shit stain awards go to; the su running game that managed more attempts then yards, the special teams unit who could not manage to stop anybody, Bruce Williams who managed another game without a punt return yard, Brian white who has become so predictable that a blind person could tell you what is coming next, and Grob who managed to once again leave his balls with his wife.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

running on empty

found this article on check this out about local running backs.

Running On Empty As Syracuse languishes near the bottom of the rushing statistics (73.5 yards per game, 113th) for yet another season, and as fans continue to withhold their support for coach Greg Robinson by withholding their presence from the Carrier Dome ( capacity: 50,000; average attendance at last three home games: 34,156), it's worth pointing out the multitude of New York state high school running backs now starting at schools other than Syracuse:

• Mike Hart of Syracuse, the Michigan senior who's third in the nation (154 rushing yards per game).

• One spot behind him nationally is Ray Rice of New Rochelle, who planned to sign with Syracuse until the school fired Paul Pasqualoni and instead went to Rutgers (142.6 yards per game).

• Michigan State senior Jehuu Caulcrick of Findlay Lake, a three-time all-state player who's tied for fourth in the nation in touchdowns with 16.

• Penn State senior fullback Matt Hahn of Dix Hills, a talented blocker who scored the first rushing touchdown of his career against Wisconsin on Oct. 13 before tearing his right ACL against the Hoosiers the following week in the fourth quarter, ending his collegiate career.

• And Boston College senior linebacker Jolonn Dunbar, who played running back at Syracuse Corcoran High before becoming a co-captain and leading tackler of the second-ranked Eagles in 2006 and 2007.

Robinson has run into a rough set of circumstances. The players that Pasqualoni recruited for his freeze option offense have struggled in Robinson's West Coast system. Injuries have waylaid some top players, including sophomore tailback Delone Carter, a talented back who dislocated his hip in practice shortly before the season began.

The question is whether athletic director Daryl Gross, who hired Robinson, will continue to support him despite the fan apathy. The Orange (2-6, 1-2) appear as if they have left square one and begun to move on, and a new hire surely would return them to that square. But no athletic director is immune to an attack of empty seats.

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I"m back

So It's been a week since I last posted. I returned last night from a needed get away.

I have totally been out of the sporting world, I have spent hours this morning reading up, its been a busy week.

Red Sox win the World Series, Arod opts out of his contract, Torre is a Dodger, Crothamel wanted to fire Coach P a year earlier, Grob looking for juco players, Grob gets three commitments,Mike Locksley is a possibility to replace Grob, Arob thinks he is going to a bowl, and we have a game this week.

So lets start this out, The world is officially gone haywire,it seems that the Red Sox have Officially become Yankee killers. How in gods name did this happen? Its seems that the almighty dollar is not the answer anymore, and team work, pitching, and dedication that wins games. Arod you are seriously the biggest piece of shit ever to play a professional sport. How much money do you really need, how long are you going to allow that shit bag agent tell you what is good for your career, and seriously did you need to upstage the hard work of everyone on the Rocky's and red sox. You should be banned from sports. I am glad to hear that the yankees who can afford to give you anything you want, will not! Arod you should look no further than your ex teammate Andy Petite. He signed a contract with an opt out Claus, and still said yesterday that he will stay with the Yankees cause he is a man of his word. Joe Torre tell me it ain't so, A Dodger. good Luck in LA!

So that brings us back to Syracuse, Let me tell you a story, I recently was in Dulles airport watching the Penn State and Ohio State game,when a Ohio Fan noticed my SU Hat. To make a long story short he offered me his condolences! So it turns out that Buzz Shaw was the culprit behind Coach P staying in 03. So who would Jake have hired if he had the chance, Oh what might have been! So that brings us to now. The past week Grob has picked up three recruits who are all going to be projects. Why can't we be blessed with a stud like all those other teams get. As for the Juco players, this seems to be a last ditch effort. Why was this not done a few years ago is my question. Obviously the cupboard was empty, it seems to me that reloading with some experienced talent is a smart idea. It get the program up and running quicker, and you have a few years to get your younger players experience. As for the whole Mike Locksley thing goes. if he is such a great recuiter then let him test the waters over here, all i hear is how tough it is, answer, bring in a recruiting machine.

So I guess i missed alot in the past week, but one thing has not changed, Syracuse is a sinking ship that goes into a game with possibly the other biggest mistake in big east history, Dave Wanstead . These two NFLers have done nothing but tear down to prominent College Teams. If these two guys make it into next season i will be shocked.

Arob what are you nuts, you had a hard time against Buffalo, now you think you can run the table and beat cinncy, Uconn, and USF. You might want to sit a few plays out!

Jake and Coach P

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