To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I just got a call from one of my sources, apparently Dr. Gross has given up on hiring a new coach and has decided to bring back Grob. He has been on the road the past few weeks trying to reeastblish Syracuse as a hotbed for Cheerleaders. Rumor has it that Gross has been poaching cheerleaders "so that Syracuse would finally have some hot girls here"! My source has told me that Gross has become dishearted by the awful crop of cheerleards and he feels that this is why no coach in his top 100 list would come here and why no straight football recruits will commit. I guess all those facebook pictures of the su team standing around without shirts on really got Gross thinking. Here are the girls that are on there way to turn our homerotic Football team straight!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

me and everyone else

well here are a few tid bits i have found on the syracuse coaching search and my recommendation 

Chip Kelly to be named coach in waiting at Oregon

Edsall says it's over man. but does he mean he is the man?

So what does this all mean, you have got me. I am nominating Brent Axe as new Head coach and Sean Keeley as O.C., as long as Sean does not bring the West Coast offense with him!
 Axe is ready 

Sean is already toasting his nomination
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Monday, November 24, 2008


What a game, I have spent the past 24 hrs talking about this amazing game. going through the week i had a feeling and i was talking to a few of my friends about it. I felt that this was going to be a game. I felt that the players where going to show up for a few reasons.
1. they are playing for their jobs next year
2. they are playing for their coach

During the first half i was amazed by Mitch Brownings play calling. I liked the wildcat formation and I thought that they should use it more. My only question is where has that playbook been all year? 

So whats next for the Orange, Cincy, and i feel that this is going to be a game, these guys are fighters and i have to say that i believe Grob is going to get these guys up for another upset. 

LETS GO Orange!!!!!

Here is a taste, SU is back!

By the way anybody see Grob's interview after the game, wow!

oh one more thing I Hate Notre Dame and they did nothing saturday to change my mind, Weise my be the biggest Dick i have ever seen and the fans are a bunch a douche bags(throwing snowballs at there own players. Stay Classy Notre Dame) As bad as it has been here, we have never stooped that low!  

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is going on!

What is going on up there on the Hill? While other schools are doing what needs to be done by canning there under achievers, Dr. Gross and Company are sitting on there hands and doing nothing. Why has an announcement not been made on his future. The longer they wait the more possible recruits move onto different pastures like UConn and Rutgers. Syracuse can not afford to play the waiting game. This weeks excuse is senior day, what is it going to be next week, Gross is focusing on traveling to Notre Dame. This really is becoming funny. This incompetent little Doctor needs to own up to his mistakes and shit can this bumbling idiot of a coach. Now we are all going to have to deal with the two headed monster quarterback this weekend that does not include Cody or Legree. At this point why not give these two guys a chance. Arob has proven that he can not throw consistently and Dantley has proven why he was a walk-on. How that is these brain trusts ion the hill that are making millions can not get there act together. Please I am begging you Gross, Pull the gun out and pull the trigger on Grob, like a lame horse he needs to be put down!

Bobby on the 2-3 and Blossoming!

During my morning scouring the internet looking for anything Orange I came across this little dig on our very own Jimmy B from non other than Bobby Knight.

Knight: I think Syracuse will get back in the tournament this year, because Jim Boeheim is a great coach, even though he plays that pansy 2-3 zone, which is exactly what I would play if I was a little girl first blossoming into womanhood. But they've got experience in the backcourt, and I think they get back in the NCAA Tournament this year.

Wow what does Bobby have against the 2-3 and Jimmy B. Jimmy has been very kind to Bobby over the years, he gave him a nation Championship in '87 and also did alittle acting beside him in Blue Chips. If anything Jimmy should be the one calling Bobby names and sticking pins into his Bobby doll. Here is the Article if you guys are curious.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiffin’s the man

I have been sitting idle for a long time about the head coaching job, now that lane kiffin is unemployed I would throw my vote into his corner in a second. Being from Syracuse and knowing and feeling the pain of the Orange from birth I believe that I know something about SU football. I am positive that Grob needs to go right now and I have no idea why the announcement has not been made. With that being said, if Lane Kiffin would come to Syracuse then we would be idiots for not hiring him on the spot. This is a guy who was a USC coach, who was one of their best recruiters and who has learned the game of football under two of the best coaches in football in Pete Caroll and Monte Kiffin. Being a 30 year old man I know for a fact that if a guy with the name Kiffin comes calling my name to play for him I am going to say yes, do you know why, cause he was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, and he was a coach at the school out west, who was that team, oh yeah the USC Trojans! Now what are the draw backs, oh he is a west coast guy and he is an NFLer. Well let's put this to rest, are you telling me that because he is a west coast guy he would not be able to recruit here? Well lets name a few guys that kiffin recruited, Dwayne Jarrett to name a few Mike Williams. In 2005, he was named one of the nation's Top 25 recruiters by Now onto the whole we need a northeastern guy, well let me tell you something, that is just dumb. Football is football, and we play half of our games inside on turf. Think about this Ron Zook went from Florida to Illinois, and Jim Grobe went from West Virginia area to wake forest. Lane Kiffin is a proven winner. He is young and that could and should translate into some energy that Syracuse Football needs. Think about possible assistant coaches that kiffin could bring in, Ed Oregon who has been here and is a proven east coast recruiter. Also he could bring in Bob Cassulo, and maybe Todd Mcnair who was a temple guy who could be USC's best recruiter.


All kidding aside, what does a guy need to have on his resume to be considered by the fans to be a Syracuse Football Head Coach. Does he need to have a few NCAA championships, a history of recruiting, and a history of leading a team, well hello Kiffin has all that. If you had a choice right now would you rather have a guy like Turner Gill who has a worse record then Grob, a guy who lost to Grob and a guy who could be a good head coach down the road or Kiffin who is a great coach in college and the NFl! This should be an easy one here Kiffin hand down! People get your head out of your ass and open up your minds!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

just in, Grob doesn't have a clue

During yesterdays Big East Conference call a reporter asked Grob if he had any idea what he was getting himself into? Grob responded with "I think it's pretty obvious I would have liked to have won more football games up to this point. I really didn't have that much knowledge about where the program stood at the time when I took the job," Coach Robinson said.

Seriously he did not really know, I have to tell you that i usually would not jump into a job that i do not know much about, but then again for 1.2 million I guess i would take it too. I am not really sure who i am more pissed at, the guy who hired Grob or Grob.

As a person who owns his own company and fires and hires people, I fully explain what the job entails, where my business stands, and what is expected. It is pretty obvious that Gross did none of that, Now the players and the fans are feeling the wrath of Gross's incompetence! With all that being said SU football is a business and it is clearly not heading in the right direction nor has Grob shown any competence over the past four years. Now Gross clearly did not make the right call here, but when push comes to shove Grob is where the fault lies. Clearly he was not ready nor did he have any inclination on how to repair Syracuse. Grob needs to wake up and smell the roses, he is not capable of leading this team! He needs to cut his loses and ours and resign. Do the right thing!

One final quote from grob on what he did not understand, "That's for me to know, I'll leave it at that, I just think there was a lot of work to be done." What is he twelve with this I know you are but what am I crap!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well Monday has almost gone by without a peep from SU on the fate of its incompetant coach and as the time ticks by it is getting more evident that Grob will be on the sidelines for the Penn State debacle. I was just listening to the Axeman and some idiot just called up a said that SU was going to beat Penn State. I think that the only rational thing I heard was the click of the phone as axe hung-up on the guy in disgust! What rock has this guy been hiding under during the past four years that would give him any inclination that SU under Grob could pull off an upset like that? Like come on stop sniffing the glue, eating paint chips and move away from the power lines because it's not going to happen. The only thing that is yet to be decided is how bad we are going to lose! I have a sick feeling that we are going to lose by fifty and Penn State rolls up close to six hundred yards of offense on our defensive guru! Seriously why in gods name has Gross not fired this candy ass of a coach! What leader tells players that he is going to play somebody because he feels that he owes him at least that much, come on! If Arob did not deserve to start then why was he starting! SU is a sunken ship that needs to be raised by someone who has a grasp of reality. Honestly I am disgusted by Syracuse and its inept ability to admit it was wrong to hire Grob and that he is CLEARLY NOT THE RIGHT PERSON for the job! Something needs to happen and it needs to happen very quickly! I am disgusted and I am not sure how much more I can take! The writing is on the wall, look no further then and you can see the public pleading for something to happen! Please make a change before I have a heart attack watching this sorry excuse for division 1 football!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top ten things Grob should be told

10. You suck!

9. Your defense is awful and any high school team in New York State would have a field day with you!

8. How is it going to feel when your friend (Browning) takes your job!

7. Wake up and smell the roses, its over!

6. Start looking on

5. Don't put Head Coach Syracuse University on your resume!

4. I hear Mac Brown is looking for a water boy, you interested

3. Flash and thunder is something soldiers used during World War II to they would not fire on friendlys, it does not work well for football

2. is a good place to sell your house

1. nananana,nananana hey hey hey goodbye

Enough is Enough

Well folks I have been quite long enough, its time for a change and it needs to happen now! I have been to almost every home game the past six years and I have had enough of this. I will admit that I was an adamant supporter for firing coach P, but I would embrace a 6-6 season with open arms. I can accept a loss to northwestern on the road but I can not accept a loss to the Akron zips. Before yesterday Akron has only beaten 1 bcs team and thanks to Grobs incompetence they now have two. How can Dr. Gross justify keeping Grob any longer, a change needs to be made and it is obvious! Fire Grob and let Mitch Browning take over for the season. At the end of the season evaluate Browning and if he is not the guy then go out and spend whatever you need to and go out and get somebody who has east coast ties. Skip Holtz would be number one on my list but let's face the facts he would never come here. Syracuse needs a solution and that solution needs to be found! It sickens me to think of Syracuse as a doormat, but let's face the facts, I honestly do not feel that they can compete with any division 1 school, and I believe that they would not fair well in division 2! Akron was put on the schedule as a cup cake, well let me put it that into perspective Syracuse choked on the frosting and now we have firmly hit rock bottom! What could be worse, a loss to northeastern, well folks braces yourself because we all have a front seat for that one! Dr. Gross needs to get off his ass and admit that Grob was and is a bad hire and help is on the way. Fire him now and stabilize the football team's future before it is too late!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Say it isn't so Marvin. Early reports are flying around the internets and because my mom woke me up trying to vacuum my room and lay out my clothes (axe, see what I did there with the mothers basement) I have decided to get up and post in my blog. Sources are reporting that our very own Marvin Harrison has been interviewed by the Philadelphia police in relationship to a shooting at Marvin's bar. A gun was later found that is registered to Marvin at his car wash. This is interesting obviously Marvin has not been in contact with Pacman Jones cause if he had Jones would have told him not to leave the gun at his place of work for the cops to find. Pacman would have also told him that water ruins a gun and that is a waste, now he will not be able to shoot up a strip club. I really find this Hard to believe, Marvin seemed like such a straight shooter (forgive the pun)! In all seriousness if there was ever an athlete that I have to give the benefit of the doubt it is Marvin Harrison. This is a guy who I doubt even has a parking ticket. So until he is charged and all the evidence is put fourth I am blaming Bill Belichick. Here is what I think happened, Bill flew to Philly got one of those Mission Impossible masks that looks like Marvin, went to his bar, talked shit to some guy and chased him outside with a gun that he stole from Marvin's house. He then shot the guy, drove to Marvin's car wash and dumped the gun in a bucket of soap removing any finger prints. Damn you Bill, what Spygate was not enough now you have to knock off the top players from every team! First Michael Vick, now Marvin Harrison, Who's next Donavan Mcnabb!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The good and bad of College Football

The Good

Don McPherson was elected to the College football hall of fame. He has become the 13th member from Syracuse to be inducted. Donnie has joined a club that includes names like Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Ernie Davis, Tim Green, Floyd Little and Vic Hanson. Not a bad bunch of people to be following. During his four years on the hill, Don McPherson Built up an incredible Stat sheet which includes a 164.3 passer rating which is number one at Syracuse and also for the NCAA. All together He holds or shares 11 SU football Records. Congrats Donnie And thank you for the memories, oh and by the way, did anybody notice that Tim Brown did not make it in this year, kind of a little payback.

The Bad

Now the Second flash of the day. This one really does not have anything to do with Syracuse football, but I feel eventually it will. These days Syracuse is a perennial bottom dweller and has not seen a bowl game in sometime. But yesterday the powers that be shot down any chance for a playoff in College football. I really believe that this is a huge mistake and for the life of me I can not figure out why. If you add two more bowls and one extra week to the schedule there will not be anymore second guessing the national champion. All they have to do is get a one vs. four and a two vs. three and let them play it out until only one team has two wins. Then and only then do you have a clear number one and two. For the life of me I can not figure out why this gets shot down year after year. Think about it more revenue would come in from ticket sales, TV contracts, and sponsorships. Why play all these meaningless game only to get three or four teams that are undefeated and then have some computer throw out a national champion. Why not let the winner come out on the field. Let them play it out!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good luck Taj

I have to say that I do owe Taj Smith an apology. After he declared for the NFL draft I was mystified by the thought of losing Taj and I kind of came down a little hard on him. Now that the draft is over and taj has signed with an NFL team I would like to commend him on accomplishing his goals. I still believe that he came out early and he should have stayed for another year to hone his skills, nut that is in the past and now it is up to him to use his god given talents. What really sticks out is his dedication to himself and his family. According to Taj must report to his NFL team within three days, but he wants to graduate with his piers and walk across the stage. I really must commend him for this and I hope his future is fool of TD's!

You can’t spell Sucks without SU

Wow, can Syracuse sink any lower into the abyss. After a joke of a Spring Game where secrecy ruled and play was uninspiring we were all wondering if last year was rock bottom. Now, two days after the NFL draft we see another low spot in Syracuse Football. Not since 1975 was Syracuse shut out of the draft. Now we can safely say that another low was hit. That brings up an interesting point, if any whose shoulder does this lie on?

Jake Crouthamel- after Coach P seemingly lost Michael Vick and could not find a replacement for one of the best quarterbacks to ever don an SU Jersey, should he have noticed the downward spiral and try to repair it before it got too bad, or does he ride his horse into the night. As we all know Jake rode his horse proclaiming that we are the only horse in town and deal with it. I have to say that I do hold Jake responsible for this mess; we all know that P should have made more changes or he should have been removed sooner, but hindsight is 20/20!

Coach P- with the evidence in this years draft that the cabinet was bare, a good portion of the blame must ride on the shoulders of dear old P. I know that the verdict is still out on the P dismissal but I for one believed and still believe that his time came and went. P stubbornness not to change led to the downfall of the Orange and P does deserve a lot of the blame. First off, P refused to change his game plan even when he was getting blown out. He did not posses the character to recruit big name high school athletes anymore and seemed to even struggle selling the program to even lower skilled players.

Grob- Now this is a tough one, Grob has been here for three full seasons now, and no favorable change has come to the orange. Now we can look at these two ways. First Grob does not seem able to get the most out of the talent or lack of talent that he has. This is a big problem in my book because P was able to at least mustard a 500 record where Grob is getting blown out of the water week in and week out. Grob took over a bowl eligible team and turned it into a 1 win team. This does fall on his shoulders, but it also reflects on the type of talent pool that was and still is one the hill. I will say that Grob has been turning in some decent recruiting classes the past few years, but are they good enough to turn the corner and get this team back to bowl eligibility and return it too it's past glory days. The addition of Mitch Browning and Dan Conley I believe is a step in the right direction, but is it too late!

Daryl Gross- Now how can I blame the AD. He has been able to turn around a lot of sports including the woman's basketball team, why has he not been able to get the job done with football. I will say this, he has done a great job in certain areas, the dome looks great the woman's teams are making a name for themselves, I like the Girls Hockey team, but his legacy will be attached to the football team and Grob. Where goes football goes Gross.

Now with all that being said, I do have to give the final blame to Jake. Jake was in charge up there and should have recognized the need for a change. I will not blame a person for not stepping down, so I can not blame Coach P. Honestly if you had a great paying job doing what you love where you love doing it would you step down, not a chance in hell. Now Jake being the grand wizard on the hill should have made the changer, should have stuck to his own rules, and should have put is personal feeling aside and made the change! Know the only thing left is to wait and see if we can ever crawl out of this hole that Jake has created!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

day by day

Well I have a few thoughts about the on going week so far.

1. Welcome back Axe, I love the new show. It's like a fine wine that will only get better with age.

2. Sean over at Troy Nunes needs to get a local talk show. After listening to him on the block I was riveted to the radio to find if he is like chaz from wedding crashers screaming to him mom, "mom meatloaf!" anyways i love the fact that the axeman has recognized blogger community. I truly feel that the blogging is important because you get the thoughts and opinions of the fans and the fans are why there are sports!

3. Live blog a live blog, I think we have opened up Pandora's box with this one so next week i will be live blogging my spring football experience! It will kickoff next Saturday morning. it will follow me and a few Friends tailgating and watching the spring game, if i am still sober i will blog later in the day about the after game party bar hopping around Syracuse. It is tough doing gods work!

4. Donte Green, Well i guess the shirts and all the hoopla were for not cause our beloved three point chucker has declared for the NBA draft! First off i would like to thank Donte for all the memories, The drum playing, the dynasty symbol that i am no more confused about then ever, and the magical run threw the greatest tournament on earth, the NIT!

I have to say that i wanted to see Donte come back for one more year and see him develop his game. With that said i am getting really sick of these kids coming in here and telling all of us how much they love the college experience and that they will be here the entire time. I really just want a little honesty, I really want to see a high school kid to come to college and say screw all of you i am here because i have to be and i am going to use all of you for a year and then go pro! Now having said that i honestly feel that this is a smart choice for donte and Syracuse. Allow me elaborate, donte goes pro gets drafted get a few million dollars and a new Bentley. Syracuse will get rid of a power forward who will not play inside and loves to bomb away from beyond the arc. I can not remember a power forward who had more shots from three point range then under the basket. I really feel that if Donte did stay then there might have been to many egos on the team next year and that might kill any chance of Syracuse going dancing in 09.

5. Olympic protests, Last time I checked the Olympics were all about comradery, young male and woman competing for the love of their country, and Steroid abuse. Now all of sudden you can not turn on the tv without seeing people scale the golden gate bridge protesting the china Olympics. Monday i saw some idiot trying to extinguish the torch. It is kind of crazy to think that people are rioting to prove their point. I really am wondering why people feel the need to riot and to cause havoc and injuries cause they want China to free Tibet. Where are all these outspoken people who have nothing better to do in their lives. I have an Idea why don't all these people get a clue and try to do things peacefully. It really is hypocritical for them to try to make some do something, Wow it is almost like China ruling over Tibet!

I have to say that i love the Olympics and i am looking forward to watching them. Go Team USA!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess who's back, back again

Well I am a little biased  cause i went to school with the Axeman, but I have to say that my number one A.M. preset is now 1260. I will say that i still have the other station due to the Yankees games but never again will I turn in to listen to the manchild whine about life. RIP Bud and the Manchild! 

Few program notes from the Axeman's show today.
1. we do make a difference. It's nice to be recognized on the airwaves, I would like to thank Axe for the shout out!

2. Where was I five years ago today. I was home with my satan ex girlfriend and her insane parents, yearning for to be anywhere else but there. The good news is Syracsue did win the national championship and I eventually broke up with the "Crazy Bitch!"  Little did I know that she would continue to haunt me and start going out with one my good friends.  

3. my pick for tonight Memphis 79 Kansas 72


Friday, April 4, 2008


Well not much to write about today so i have found a few videos to post.

Crazy crash

I hate Georgetown, but wow this is sick!

how would you like to see this coming at you

The Gmac farewell

Go Jimmy B!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Client Number 8

In keeping with current events, I believe I now know who client number 8 is. Having read Donnie Webbs post about spring ball I am positive Greg Robinson has an alias and that alias in non other than client number 8. Move over Spitzer there's a new king on the hill.

Donnie Webb asked Greg about the girls over at the emperors club. Greg responded with, "First of all, I like this group," Robinson said tonight. "I just feel when I'm out there, there's a lot of spunk to this group. When you see them bouncing around the field and really going about their business with an intent, it's hard to be upset about anything other than you want the little things done. And that takes time."

Webb then asked Grob if he likes the woman that he chose to take care of all his needs. Greg responded with "All in all, I like how we're working along. We've got a long road to hoe."

Grob was asked by another reporter about his penis being ready for the challenge of all these classy girls and to see if he read up on the art of Karma Sutra. The response "He's trying to get in. His head is swimming a little bit. You start changing up the formations ... it's one thing to know it on paper and it's another thing ... all of sudden there's motions and things you have to adjust to. I have not done that since high school."

The next question shocked even me, "Greg do you like anal sex or is your heart with Vaginas"? Greg responded "those two spots are wide open."

As Greg was walking away from the emperors club I asked one last question "Greg how was she?"Greg responded with" "Let me tell you, that's a hell of a job. Damn good."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let’s hear it for the girls

Over the past few months I have been hearing a lot of negativity about the new SU women's hockey team.  I have been playing hockey since I was three years old. I have played with current Buffalo Saber Tim Connelly and have also played with numerous guys that are playing in the AHL. Now that I am older I can still be seen at the rink playing with various teams and also coaching young teens. As the rink rat that I am I have seen the talent level to come out NY at the men and women's levels. With that being said I am on Daryl Gross's side and I feel that a Women's team could fair extremely well at Syracuse.


Each summer USA Hockey conducts Select Player Development Camps for young athletes from throughout the country. The athletes are chosen from tryouts conducted within USA Hockey Districts, with some slots reserved for at-large selections. The goal is to attract the best players, in their specific age group, to our national program. This year numerous local players have been invited;


Girls U14 Camp  
Katherine Donahue        Forward       Monroe County Youth Hockey
Emily Janiga                   Forward       Rochester Edge
Cassie Opela                Defense        Rochester Edge
Mikaela Thompson        Goalie          Buffalo Bisons

Girls U15 and 16 Camps 
Susan Allen                Goalie                Rochester Edge
Lauren Kirwan                Syracuse Stars

Kaillie Goodnough            Syracuse Stars

Shelby Moteyunas            Syracuse Stars


Girls U17 Camp 
Jill Cardella                Forward         Rochester Edge

Jenni Hamel                Goalie            Rochester Edge 


That is a list of future recruits. Now here is a short list of girls playing in local Colleges.

Morgan Beikirch


Mallory Giambra


Chelsea Walkland


Marissa Dombovy


Liz Zorn 


Brooke Thompson


Andrea Blais


Shannon Hakes


Maggie Welker


Cassie Willis


Kelly Crumb


Amanda Ritzel


Katie Stack


Nicole Scute


Kelly Bills


Krystal Cumming



Meaghan Guckian


Jen Taylor


Amanda Hoy
Lauren Dahm

Ashleigh Moorehead

ill Cater-Cyker

Marissa Dombovy


Now to show the Local Dominance, here are a list of accomplishments for the Stars Program over the past few years;


14U - New York State Champions


14U - New York State Champions
14U - National Semi-finalists
19U - New York State Champions


14U - New York State Champions
16U - New York State Champions 
19U - New York State Finalist


12U - New York State Champions
12U - National Quarterfinalists
14U - New York State Finalists (Triple overtime loss) 
14U - Ottawa District Women's Hockey Association League Champions
16U - New York State Champions 
19U - National Finalists
19U - New York State Champions

Oh did I forget to mention that the magazine
HOCKEY NEWS, in its Future Watch 08 edition, published last week, rated the Syracuse Stars at # 10 for elite youth hockey programs in the United States!

Now combine the local talent with new SU Coach Paul Flanagan who guided St. Lawrence University to five NCAA Frozen Four appearances in the last eight years, and the future looks extremely bright for the Women.

Go Orange




Tuesday, April 1, 2008

put up or shut up

I received this email from one of my good friends and I thought that he might be onto something so i decided to post it. 

Thanks Matt for the article look forward to more of them.

Did you see the story about Davidson's trustees shelling out their own cash to send 250+ students to their tourney game? Includes tix, transportation and hotel stay.
Why can't SU pull off a similar deal? Maybe for the Big East tournament if nothing else. Could work like this: All students who, say, make the Dean's List or perform X-amount of community service hours can put their name into a lottery. A set number, say 50, of them will get transportation, hotel, and tix to the tournament. SU owns it's own travel agency and a Sheraton. I bet they could strike deals to keep costs reasonable. If nothing else, it could get passionate students into the seats of an event they may otherwise not be able to go to.

The cost may be significant but wouldn't it be worth it? Would make a good incentive for students to perform.

Ballhype: hype it up!

Friday, March 28, 2008

cuse in the dance

I was alittle bored watching NCAA tourney. I was surfing the web when I found a web site with all SU's NCAA tourney games.

Some interesting record I found are:

Sherman Douglas is number 5 in most assists catagory with 49 in 1987 he is also third alltime in the ncaa tourney with 106

Stephen Thompson holds second place in the highes field goal percentage catagory at 68.4% (1987-88-89-90)

Lawrence Moten hold fourth place in highest field goal percentage at 94.3%

Syracuse is in 4th place in largest margin of victory against brown (43 points) in 1986

Most Overtime Games by One Team in One Tournament
1st Syracuse 3 in 1975

frehman scoring more than 30 in two or more games
1st Carmelo Anthony
7th Gerry Mcnamara

Overall Record: 48-31 (.608)
Final Four Appearances: 4 (1975, 1987, 1996, 2003)
National Champoinships: 1 (2003, New Orleans)

2006--Fifth seed in Atlanta Regional
Lost Texas A&M in first round, 66-58

2005--Fourth seed in Austin Regional
Lost Vermont in first round, 56-53

2004--Fifth seed in Phoenix Regional
Defeated Brigham Young in first round, 80-75
Defeated Maryland in second round, 72-70
Lost Alabama in regional semifinals, 80-71

2003--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Manhattan in first round, 76-65
Defeated Oklahoma State in second round, 68-56
Defeated Auburn in regional semifinals, 79-78
Defeated Oklahoma in regional Final, 63-47
Defeated Texas in National Semifinal, 95-84
Defeated Kansas in National Final, 81-78

2001--Fifth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 79-69
Lost to Kansas in second round, 87-58

2000--Fourth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Samford in first round, 79-65
Defeated Kentucky in second round, 52-50
Lost to Michigan State in regional semifinals, 75-58

1999--Eighth seed in South Region
Lost to Oklahoma State in first round, 69-61

1998--Fifth seed in South Region
Defeated Iona in first round, 63-61
Defeated New Mexico in second round, 56-46
Lost to Duke in regional semifinal, 80-67

1996--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Montana State in first round, 88-55
Defeated Drexel in second round, 69-58
Defeated Georgia in regional semifinal, 83-81 (OT)
Defeated Kansas in regional semifinal, 60-57
Defeated Mississippi State in National Semifinal, 77-69
Lost to Kentucky in National Championship, 76-67

1995--Seventh seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Southern Illinois in first round, 96-92
Lost to Arkansas in second round, 96-94 (OT)

1994--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 92-78
Defeated Wisconsin-Green Bay in second round, 64-59
Lost to Missouri in regional semifinal, 98-88 (OT)

1992--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Princeton in first round, 51-43
Lost to Massachusetts in second round, 77-71 (OT)

1991--Second seed in East Region
Lost to Richmond in first round, 73-69

1990--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Coppin State in first round, 70-48
Defeated Virginia in second round, 63-61
Lost to Minnesota in regional semifinal, 82-75

1989--Second seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Bucknell in first round, 104-81
Defeated Colorado State in second round, 65-50
Defeated Missouri in regional semifinal, 83-80
Lost to Illinois in regional final, 89-86

1988--Third seed in East Region
Defeated North Carolina A&T in first round, 69-55
Lost to Rhode Island in second round, 97-94

1987--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Georgia Southern in first round, 79-73
Defeated Western Kentucky in second round, 104-86
Defeated Florida in regional semifinal, 87-81
Defeated North Carolina in regional final, 79-75
Defeated Providence in National Semifinal, 77-63
Lost to Indiana in National Final, 74-73

1986--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Brown in first round, 101-52
Lost to Navy in second round, 97-85

1985--Seventh seed in East Region
Defeated DePaul in first round, 70-65
Lost to Georgia Tech in second round, 70-53

1984--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Virginia Commonwealth in second round, 78-63
Lost to Virginia in regional semifinal, 63-55

1983--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Morehead State in first round, 74-59
Lost to Ohio State in second round, 79-74

1980--First seed in East Region
Defeated Villanova in second round, 97-83
Lost to Iowa in regional semifinal, 88-77

1979--Fourth seed in East Region
Defeated Connecticut in second round, 89-81
Lost to Pennsylvania in regional semifinal, 84-76

1978--Mideast Region
Lost to Western Kentucky in first round, 87-86 (OT)

1977--Mideast Region
Defeated Tennessee in first round, 93-88 (OT)
Lost to North Carolina-Charlotte in regional semifinal, 81-59

1976--Midwest Region
Lost to Texas Tech in first round, 69-56

1975--East Region
Defeated LaSalle in first round, 87-83 (OT)
Defeated North Carolina in regional semifinal, 78-76
Defeated Kansas State in regional final, 95-87 (OT)
Lost to Kentucky in National Semifinal, 95-79
Lost to Louisville for National Third Place, 96-88 (OT)

1974--Midwest Region
Lost to Oral Roberts in first round, 86-82 (OT)

1973--East Region
Defeated Furman in first round, 83-82
Lost to Maryland in regional semifinal, 91-75
Defeated Pennsylvania for regional third place, 69-68

1966--East Region
Defeated Davidson in regional semifinal, 94-78
Lost to Duke in regional final, 91-81

1957--East Region
Defeated Connecticut in first round, 82-76
Defeated Lafayette in regional semifinal, 75-7
1Lost to North Carolina in regional final, 67-58

Ballhype: hype it up!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grob sees good things

In keeping with the football team i have found a few article on the Internet.

It seems like the Orange are shaping up! Scroll down and you will find the Mitch Browning influence.

The Coaching rankings are out, Guess who is not last anymore. Good job Grob I think you should call billy Stewart and thank him for coming taking the job.

I just caught the Grob interview on su athletics and it seems that he has not changed. I am glad to see that Grob see's good things, he likes the intensity and they look different than last year. how they look different he did not say, but i am going with they look different cause Grob says so and that is good enough for me. the interesting thing about the interview is the fact that Grob said that Vinny Giruzzi's sick of losing and so is the team. Well at least we know that the players feel the same way the paying fans feel. The question is, is that good enough, I hope so.

Hey listen to grob the want to is there and the players and coaches are working hard. Wow thats good new i really do not want to hear that the players and coaches are not working hard, I could not imagine how bad they would be. The good thing is that Grob is not blind cause yesterday he said that he sees things. I am proud of you greg, I am glad that you do see things, but what in gods name do you see. hope fully your new found vision can help you turn this thing around!

Go orange

they're back

With one roller coaster ride over with and the up coming football season approaching one would have to wonder what the football gods have in store for us. Is it going to be another humiliating season that will could and should be Grobs final or will it be a turn around season that will save Grobs job. I have to admit that i am happy with the off season moves and at first light it looks like Grob might finally be on the right path. I like the new hires in Mitch Browning and Dan Conley. I think they are both going to bring a new and higher level of intensity to the bewildered Orange. So the questions that hopefully will be answered in the coming months are, Can Browning turn around the second worst rated Oline in the country and return the offense to Glory. Can Conley and Grob fire up the motley crew it calls a defense that could not stop a peewee team. Can the sophomores step up there game and contribute more and can any of the freshman make (forgive me) a sudden impact.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what was that

Leaving the Dome last night was one I will never forget. the only thing I was thinking was, that did not happen. My next thought was, did i drink to many beers at the dome, maybe i was too drunk to see the final score, but that was not the answer due to the lack of alcohol in the dome during nit games. Anyways i wanted to hold off writing a post due to the anger that was brewing in my blood. I wanted to settle down before I started this.

I have to say that this was a tough pill to swallow considering how dominating our Syracuse club played for 20 minutes, the problem was it was the wrong twenty minutes. Now i am left wondering how this has happened not one but twice in less than a month. why is it that whenever we need Harris to make a smart play he does something stupid over and over again. Why is it that our beloved Jimmy B refuses to make any kind of change during the course of a game and why in gods name does he continue to make a team slow down when it is pretty obvious that they do not play slowly very well. My last gripe is that play they called for donte during the final time out, is that really the best our hall of fame coach can muster, if it is it is quite evident that the game has passed him by and he needs to step down.

Now I did have gripe with the poor officiating but that was primarily during the first half and you can not blame the officials for a 22 point melt down, the only person i can blame is jimmy. watching the game i noticed the umass coach keeping there players focused and in the game, the only thing i saw jimmy b do was pick his nose and whine to the refs. This loss is inexcusable and i really do have a huge problem with this loss. come on guys rule 22 play like a champion!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the goings on in my life

Wow I just realized how long it has been between posts. Alot has happened since my last post so allow me the minute to run down the happenings.

A. turned 30. not real happy about this but well life goes on.

B. Syracuse gets bounced out of the big east tourney like the red headed step child it has been since gross has taken over the duties up on the hill.

c. Syracuse fails to make NCAA again, boo hoo the NCAA tourney is not the same but yeah i will not have that compulsion to have Syracuse beating NC for the national championship.

d. first round of NCAA's and all is going well in my bracket.

e. round two of ncaa's what the hell just happened. i went from having two losses to getting humiliated.

f. Syracuse takes down Maryland and i lose a date. Let me explain this one. Well I was watching the SU game at a local Tip Hill bar with a few friends and a girl. Anyways I soon found out she was from Baltimore. Guys here is a tip, when your team is winning don't rub that in her face, the only thing that happens is you get a drink poured on you and you go home with blue balls! smooth as sand paper!

g. I received a few phone calls asking about getting a moist blow job on my cell phone. Well remember when I said I turned 30, well I got drunk and my good old friends thought it would be funny to put "for a moist blow job call ..........." on a janga block at Awful Ales. revenge will suck!!!

H. Syracuse gets a chance to revenge it's loss to Umass and I will be back in the house to heckle a few UMass players. If you have any good Umass burns send them my way cause i am sitting right behind the umass bench.

I. Well another holiday came and went along with another "friendly" football game. let me explain this one. Every holiday a bunch of my high school friends come back to town and we get together to play a little pig skin. anyways we are not young anymore so injuries usually amass. This year i was rushing my good friend Chris and i was about to sack him when i see hi s eyes light up and a big smile form on his face. then i see him fire the football. Next thing I know i am laying on the field praying that someday when I meet and marry Miss Cusefan78 i will be able to have kids. needless to say my ex friend Chris rifled a shoe string pass right at my unmentionables. thanks bud revenge will be had!

J. The axeman is back on the air! yeah yeah no more hearing that high pitched voice of the manchild and hear the blathering blow hole Bud. Now I am sure I am coming down a little hard on those two but i have always been a huge fan of the axeman. Lets flash back twelve years ago. every morning in high school we all used to sit down for home room and get ready for the eight long hours of school. well when all seemed lost the PA would come to life with the voice of non other than our local blogger the axeman. he would run down everything from SU sports to the Bills, to Ludden losing another nail biter football game 75-3. anyways From day one we all knew that the force was strong with that one and he would move on to bigger things. anyways there is nobody else i could think of that deserves this more than Brent. Good Luck my friend and i look forward to your show.

AXEMAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!