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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

su basketball

With the Football team going into a bye week i thought i should shift my focus towards the Basketball team. This team is going to be an exciting one. i think this team is going to try out running every other team.I can not wait to feel the joys of a win, after this football season, its going to feel great! I am unsure of were this team is going to end up, but this I know, the hopes and dreams of this team lie squarely on the freshman's shoulders. If the young guys can learn to come together with the returning guys, then the highs could be endless, if they don't look for them to struggle out of the gate and hopefully they will click quickly.

The question mark on this team is going to be leadership. I am not sure about Devo running this team. There are times that he has sparked the Orange with his attitude, and there are times he has killed the team. If he can lead this team in the right direction lookout.

I really think that having a true point guard who is battle tested is going to make a huge difference. Jonny Flynn is going to be a spark plug for this team. I watched him this summer, he can drive, pass, and defend. he is the real deal. I was trying to figure out who was our last true point guard, other than Billy Edelin I have to go way back to Jason Hart, its been a long time.

Look For Arinze to be a monster down low. He is a big guy who should be able to out muscle alot of people. The one concern is who will back him up if and when he gets into foul trouble.

Has anyone seen the preseason predictions.
The coach's have Syracuse at number five with only Devo on the first team all big east. As for the rest of the team, Jonny Flynn and Donte Green have tied for rookie of the year.

2007-08 Preseason Coaches' Poll

T1. Georgetown (8) 217
T1. Louisville (8) 217
3. Marquette 191
4. Pittsburgh 170
5. Syracuse 153
6. Connecticut 149
7. Villanova 143
8. Providence 141
9. Notre Dame 122
10. West Virginia 112
11. DePaul 79
12. Cincinnati 62
13. Seton Hall 56
14. St. John's 52
15. Rutgers 32
16. USF 23

State of the Orange Prediction:
Look for Syracuse to steam roll the early cupcakes. I have a feeling that they will stumble a bit in January, but look for them to finish strong. I see them being a sweet sixteen team and twenty wins! Think about this, 96 and 03 both prior season they missed the NCAA tournament and followed it with a final four run! Good Luck Orange!

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Must Read

you need to check out Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, He is doing a multi part piece on who could be SU's next coach.
Up today is George O'leary.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

must read
check out this article about The dome seeing it's smallest attedance in 20 years. Pay special attention to the last lines. Theme nights, come on, stop the bull shit and put out a good product. If you build it they will come!

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Wow, That says it all. take a look at this article about the fooftball team and the basketball team. It seems that they don't get along. Pay special attention to Grob's and Jimmy B's quotes. Somebody needs to remind Grob that this is basketball town, epecially considering the football team is awful, and that Jimmy B. Is god in Syracuse! This could be that last straw in the grob campaign.

you had me going, it's not real, but pretty funny!
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New York State High school talent

So I have decided to compile a list of local high school players who Syracuse should be actively pursuing. These players should feel the Syracuse orange coaches at every game.

Tim Rommel Henninger
pro style QB who is the leading passer in NYS.
recruited by BC, Michigan,Nebraska,Pitt,Rutgers,Syracuse

Dominick LeGrande Staten Island
As a junior, LeGrande threw for over 1800 yards and 11 touchdowns. He added over 600 yards on the ground and another 11 touchdowns. He was selected as both an All-City and All-State quarterback. He is being recruited by Boston College, Rutgers, UConn, and Syracuse

Nick Lepak Auburn OL but will play DL
OL but will play DL
Lepak is as strong as an ox. When he gets his hands on the opposition it’s over. He is fairly quick out of his stance and to engagement.
Verbal to Syracuse
recruited by BC, UCF, UConn, Maryland, Penn State, and Temple

Khalif Staten Abraham Lincoln
rated the 80th best receiver in rivals, holds the nys record for most receptions in a game.
Recruited by Boise st, BC, Maryland, Miami fl., Purdue, and Syracuse

DeAndre Preaster Utica Proctor
As a junior, Preaster caught 33 passes for 640 yards (19.3) and six touchdowns. He carried the ball 19 times for another 206 yards. Playing a tad on the other side of the ball, Preaster made 18 tackles, picked off three passes and recovered a fumble and ran it back 96 yards.
recruited by Ohio State,Pitt, SU

Latavius Murray Onondaga HS
line backer and Running back
In his Jr. season Murray rushed for 2,017 yards and 32 touchdowns, earning first team All-CNY, All-League and All-State honors.
recruited by BC, UCF, Uconn,Florida,Maryland, Michigan, and SU

Marcus Sales CBA
Has good top-end speed, he tracks the ball well and is an excellent vertical threat. With his combination of leaping ability, size and timing he dominates most jump balls. Very good at locating soft spots in coverage. Has big hands and makes the tough catches in traffic. Adjust well to balls thrown outside his frame. Sales is a solid blocker as well.
recruited by:BC, Louisville,Miami fl.,NC,Pitt, Virginia, Syracuse

Averin Collier Churchville-Chili
Collier is very shifty and has a tremendously strong lower body. He has outstanding vision and balance. He has unmatched ball skills. He has insane leaping ability and uses his body to control defenders which makes him play bigger than he is. Collier is a very intense competitor. He is also very solid on defense. He is a fine open field tackler. Shows tremendous explosiveness and he punishes ball carriers when he tackles them they don’t get away.
top rated nys player
recruited by Pitt, Clemson, BC, Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia, ucf, Georgia tech

LaQuan James CNS

As a junior, James rushed for 929 yards and 17 touchdowns and also added 255 receiving yards and two touchdowns out of the backfield. On special teams, he returned a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball he had 72 tackles and three interceptions, one of which he returned for a score. James was named first-team All-League at running back, second-team All-CNY at defensive back and was a third-team All-State selection at safety
recruited by Maryland, Michigan St., Pitt, Colorado, UConn, Syracuse, temple,

There are few I am missing, But these guys should be a priority for Syracuse. If The Syracsue staff can't recruit at home then there is no hope of recruiting talent elswhere.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are You Ready!!!

Well Here we are, Football going into a bye week(thank god, the ulcers might subside), and all there is left, is too talk Basketball. i am scoured the planet in search of SU Basketball clips.

paul harris

06-07 su dunks

sudden impact

07 SU Basketball

Are You Ready
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on the big top

Was it just me or there more gimmicks at the dome this week.has Syracuse University dropped this far that it needs to bribe fan with couch's, TV, and computers. What ever happened to going to the game to watch a good team work their tails off and listen to the band play the hey song. Other than the jump on it song the band never plays, there are more advertisements then at the super bowl, and now these stupid give aways. Whats next, is Syracuse going to start putting patches on their uniforms like a race car driver. This is really getting out of hand. Oh and by the way subway can't even give away a full sub. What a Joke!

I do like the kiss me song.

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na na na na Hey

Break out the Champagne, We have something to Celebrate, or do we. I know Grob a win is a win, but barly beating Buffalo, should we be proud of that. I am not totally sure how to take the win on Saturday. Part of my wants to jump for joy that we won a game, then i think we only beat Buffalo by how much? Really that can't be right, then i remember the Greg Robinson Regime has been lack luster at best and say o'thats right we are that Syracuse Team. I need to congratulate the Syracuse team and coaches on this one. Yes you heard me right, i did include the coaches. There were some play calls that showed some brilliance, the play action pass in the endzone, wow. The bomb to taj out of our own endzone, not bad, and lets not forget the option calls(Andrew learned to slide for gods sake. Now on the players side, I have to hand it to guys like Joe Fields, Niko Scott, and Nick Chestnut. Niko your like a Timex watch out there, you take a lickin and keep on tickin! After talking to some players parents during the game, i have found a new respect for these guys, especially for Nick Chestnut. This guy at times has been ran all over the place, but this guy bleeds Orange. Nick your a gamer, keep trying your hardest! How about the bad luck that Grob has, Loses Delone Carter for the Season, now he loses Curtis Brinkley. The Brinkley thing is unfortunate cause he was showing signs of getting back to last years form. Know we bring out Doug Hogue and he runs all over Buffalo. I was sitting with alot of the players parents, and they all said before the game that he is going to be a "baller", who new his turn would have come so quickly. How about Mike Williams catching his 5th straight td pass. Congrats on that one.

Here is a shout out to The Man on the hill, Daryl Gross, who new you could see into the future, we are number one in New York, Great job. Now if you can only right another wrong and bring back Section 3 football to the Dome! Oh and don't let me forget about the Diving and Swimming programs

As for Greg Robinson, I saw good things out there. I also saw stupid penalties, alot of 3rd and longs being made by Buffalo, and my biggest problem of not getting on the receivers at the line. If its 3rd and 5 and you are giving the guy ten yards, chances are pretty good that he is going to make the 1st down, but that's just me, there has to be a reason your down there making 1 million and i am in good old 130 helping to pay you salary!
Niko Scott, for the never say your hurt attitude. Great hitting out there

Doug Hogue for your break out game

Jeremy Sellers nice fumble recovery

Mike Williams for continuing your td streak

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Yankee disgrace

"Where was Joe's career in '95 when my dad hired him?" Hank Steinbrenner told The New York Post. "My dad was crucified for hiring him.

"Let's not forget what my dad did in giving him that opportunity -- and the great team he was handed,"

-Hank Steinbrenner

I can't believe how low this organization has sunk. Earlier this week i heard Cashman say that if Arods contract went into a bidding war, the Yankees would not compete in it. Then I heard a rebuttal from Hank Steinbrenner, that mad me sick. Hank do you really think that you should give an incentive based contract to the manager that brought you out of the basement and brought you four championships, and a string of 12 playoff berths. That is disgraceful. Its your prerogative to retain him or bring him back. Torre was right, the contract was insulting. you should be ashamed of yourself.

On the Arod issue, where would you be without the mvp performance from Alex. I would guarantee you this, you would not have made the playoffs. The fact that you would not give this guy anything he wants is amazing. the abuse he takes from Yankee fans and the media it's a Wonder that he gets out of bed let alone hit 54 home runs, and 156 rbi. bring him back, bring back Posada, and do the right thing and let Marino retire a Yankee!

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