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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

su basketball

With the Football team going into a bye week i thought i should shift my focus towards the Basketball team. This team is going to be an exciting one. i think this team is going to try out running every other team.I can not wait to feel the joys of a win, after this football season, its going to feel great! I am unsure of were this team is going to end up, but this I know, the hopes and dreams of this team lie squarely on the freshman's shoulders. If the young guys can learn to come together with the returning guys, then the highs could be endless, if they don't look for them to struggle out of the gate and hopefully they will click quickly.

The question mark on this team is going to be leadership. I am not sure about Devo running this team. There are times that he has sparked the Orange with his attitude, and there are times he has killed the team. If he can lead this team in the right direction lookout.

I really think that having a true point guard who is battle tested is going to make a huge difference. Jonny Flynn is going to be a spark plug for this team. I watched him this summer, he can drive, pass, and defend. he is the real deal. I was trying to figure out who was our last true point guard, other than Billy Edelin I have to go way back to Jason Hart, its been a long time.

Look For Arinze to be a monster down low. He is a big guy who should be able to out muscle alot of people. The one concern is who will back him up if and when he gets into foul trouble.

Has anyone seen the preseason predictions.
The coach's have Syracuse at number five with only Devo on the first team all big east. As for the rest of the team, Jonny Flynn and Donte Green have tied for rookie of the year.

2007-08 Preseason Coaches' Poll

T1. Georgetown (8) 217
T1. Louisville (8) 217
3. Marquette 191
4. Pittsburgh 170
5. Syracuse 153
6. Connecticut 149
7. Villanova 143
8. Providence 141
9. Notre Dame 122
10. West Virginia 112
11. DePaul 79
12. Cincinnati 62
13. Seton Hall 56
14. St. John's 52
15. Rutgers 32
16. USF 23

State of the Orange Prediction:
Look for Syracuse to steam roll the early cupcakes. I have a feeling that they will stumble a bit in January, but look for them to finish strong. I see them being a sweet sixteen team and twenty wins! Think about this, 96 and 03 both prior season they missed the NCAA tournament and followed it with a final four run! Good Luck Orange!

Ballhype: hype it up!


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