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Friday, April 4, 2008


Well not much to write about today so i have found a few videos to post.

Crazy crash

I hate Georgetown, but wow this is sick!

how would you like to see this coming at you

The Gmac farewell

Go Jimmy B!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Client Number 8

In keeping with current events, I believe I now know who client number 8 is. Having read Donnie Webbs post about spring ball I am positive Greg Robinson has an alias and that alias in non other than client number 8. Move over Spitzer there's a new king on the hill.

Donnie Webb asked Greg about the girls over at the emperors club. Greg responded with, "First of all, I like this group," Robinson said tonight. "I just feel when I'm out there, there's a lot of spunk to this group. When you see them bouncing around the field and really going about their business with an intent, it's hard to be upset about anything other than you want the little things done. And that takes time."

Webb then asked Grob if he likes the woman that he chose to take care of all his needs. Greg responded with "All in all, I like how we're working along. We've got a long road to hoe."

Grob was asked by another reporter about his penis being ready for the challenge of all these classy girls and to see if he read up on the art of Karma Sutra. The response "He's trying to get in. His head is swimming a little bit. You start changing up the formations ... it's one thing to know it on paper and it's another thing ... all of sudden there's motions and things you have to adjust to. I have not done that since high school."

The next question shocked even me, "Greg do you like anal sex or is your heart with Vaginas"? Greg responded "those two spots are wide open."

As Greg was walking away from the emperors club I asked one last question "Greg how was she?"Greg responded with" "Let me tell you, that's a hell of a job. Damn good."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let’s hear it for the girls

Over the past few months I have been hearing a lot of negativity about the new SU women's hockey team.  I have been playing hockey since I was three years old. I have played with current Buffalo Saber Tim Connelly and have also played with numerous guys that are playing in the AHL. Now that I am older I can still be seen at the rink playing with various teams and also coaching young teens. As the rink rat that I am I have seen the talent level to come out NY at the men and women's levels. With that being said I am on Daryl Gross's side and I feel that a Women's team could fair extremely well at Syracuse.


Each summer USA Hockey conducts Select Player Development Camps for young athletes from throughout the country. The athletes are chosen from tryouts conducted within USA Hockey Districts, with some slots reserved for at-large selections. The goal is to attract the best players, in their specific age group, to our national program. This year numerous local players have been invited;


Girls U14 Camp  
Katherine Donahue        Forward       Monroe County Youth Hockey
Emily Janiga                   Forward       Rochester Edge
Cassie Opela                Defense        Rochester Edge
Mikaela Thompson        Goalie          Buffalo Bisons

Girls U15 and 16 Camps 
Susan Allen                Goalie                Rochester Edge
Lauren Kirwan                Syracuse Stars

Kaillie Goodnough            Syracuse Stars

Shelby Moteyunas            Syracuse Stars


Girls U17 Camp 
Jill Cardella                Forward         Rochester Edge

Jenni Hamel                Goalie            Rochester Edge 


That is a list of future recruits. Now here is a short list of girls playing in local Colleges.

Morgan Beikirch


Mallory Giambra


Chelsea Walkland


Marissa Dombovy


Liz Zorn 


Brooke Thompson


Andrea Blais


Shannon Hakes


Maggie Welker


Cassie Willis


Kelly Crumb


Amanda Ritzel


Katie Stack


Nicole Scute


Kelly Bills


Krystal Cumming



Meaghan Guckian


Jen Taylor


Amanda Hoy
Lauren Dahm

Ashleigh Moorehead

ill Cater-Cyker

Marissa Dombovy


Now to show the Local Dominance, here are a list of accomplishments for the Stars Program over the past few years;


14U - New York State Champions


14U - New York State Champions
14U - National Semi-finalists
19U - New York State Champions


14U - New York State Champions
16U - New York State Champions 
19U - New York State Finalist


12U - New York State Champions
12U - National Quarterfinalists
14U - New York State Finalists (Triple overtime loss) 
14U - Ottawa District Women's Hockey Association League Champions
16U - New York State Champions 
19U - National Finalists
19U - New York State Champions

Oh did I forget to mention that the magazine
HOCKEY NEWS, in its Future Watch 08 edition, published last week, rated the Syracuse Stars at # 10 for elite youth hockey programs in the United States!

Now combine the local talent with new SU Coach Paul Flanagan who guided St. Lawrence University to five NCAA Frozen Four appearances in the last eight years, and the future looks extremely bright for the Women.

Go Orange




Tuesday, April 1, 2008

put up or shut up

I received this email from one of my good friends and I thought that he might be onto something so i decided to post it. 

Thanks Matt for the article look forward to more of them.

Did you see the story about Davidson's trustees shelling out their own cash to send 250+ students to their tourney game? Includes tix, transportation and hotel stay.
Why can't SU pull off a similar deal? Maybe for the Big East tournament if nothing else. Could work like this: All students who, say, make the Dean's List or perform X-amount of community service hours can put their name into a lottery. A set number, say 50, of them will get transportation, hotel, and tix to the tournament. SU owns it's own travel agency and a Sheraton. I bet they could strike deals to keep costs reasonable. If nothing else, it could get passionate students into the seats of an event they may otherwise not be able to go to.

The cost may be significant but wouldn't it be worth it? Would make a good incentive for students to perform.

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