To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Friday, December 7, 2007

one last

To all my loyal readers, I will be away from my computer till Tuesday morning. I am Heading to Green Bay to watch Brett Favre bomb away the Raiders. For all who will be watching the game look for me in the end zone wearing an SU 44 jersey.

Before I go let me leave you with one more post.

So obviously SU football players are not the smartest. take Anthony Smith for example. The 06 grad guaranteed a win over the patriots on Sunday. At first light this seems not to be the smartest move on his part. If your tom Brady and some no name guy who just started to start calls your team out what do you do. You go after the that no name guy and humiliate him. The next move is going to be the steelers waiving our very own stupid Anthony Smith. oh did i forget to remind you that the pats are 15-0.

Hey Anthony, I am sure Grob would hire you, He is looking for stupid people to fill out his coaching staff during lame duck years.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the goings on in syracuse

What a day for Syracuse teams! The not so Raging Bullz have left town as quickly as they came in. The Official report is that the lack of attendance was the factor. Oncenter Spies have told me that the lack of marketing was the sole reason for the departure and they felt with proper advertising the team could have thrived here. They went so far to tell me that they even tried to lower the rent for the next few home games and split the cost of advertising. well i guess we will have to move on, no more 4 point plays, no more team names that are spelled wrong, and no more DayShawn Wright . The raging bullz have officially left the building.

Fresh off the heals of Grobs shaking it up speech Brian White has been fired as offensive Coordinator. Not sure why he chose to start there, but any change in my book is welcome. The interesting thing is going to be if they spend some money on a name brand coach or they go and do the Syracuse thing and hire some reject from a school like Hofstra. It's going to be interesting. I hope that they change the offense to the spread and bring somebody in who know how to implement it. The thing that gets me about this who thing is why grob chose to start with the offensive coordinator and not the oline coach or the defensive coordinator. My last thing is, why does Syracuse refuse to announce things like other schools with a press conference. Why do we have to wait for three days and then get a press release. why do they not man up and tell us what in gods name is going on. I for one want to know how things are going to be changed, I want to know what is going on, and for a million dollars a year grob should get behind that podium and tell us what he is doing.

Demetris Nicols was released by the Cleavland Cavaliers. With Lebron James out, and Cleavland on a losing streak the club has decided to go in a different direction.

Lastly the SU basketball Team travels to Virginia to face the Cavaliers. I hate to label this game as a must win, but it is. With the recent 2-2 record facing quality opponents Syracuse needs to pull off this win to add some glitz to there non conference record. We don't want another NIT year do we.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

need to get this off my chest

I have decided that i need to get somethings off my chest.

1. Why in gods name do Syracuse Teams demand on having the worst entering the field tradition. Now I know what your thinking, the football thing has been beaten to death, but I am not talking about that. Check out the Basketball team swaying and hugging like they are attending a Liberachy party. I was told about this weeks ago, but i wanted to see with my own eyes. During the national anthem it happened, the entire basketball team embraced like they were singing sweet Caroline at a karaoke bar. Now these guys should have learned from all the ridicule the football team took.

2. Why in gods name does Nancy Canto Still have a job. Did anybody see the Hawaii game last night. Colt Brennan looked amazing. What makes Cantor the judge juryand executioner. I have no idea how someone who made a mistake and clearly was sorry about it, and was not even charged with anything but breaking an entering is not allowed to attend Syracuse. I am sure that if you go through the student body i am sure you will hind charges that are alot worse then breaking an entering. That is besides the point though, Brennan could have made a huge difference as our QB. Imaging having somebody who is able to scramble and pass on the run with pinpoint accuracy. check out his stats from yesterday.
42/50 for442 yards and 5 touchdowns. let me repeat that 42 for 50 are you kidding me.

3. Why in gods name will Grob not throw out that awful west coast offense and go with a spread offense like Hawaii and so many others. I have to say this again, if you want to watch a great football game check out Hawaii during the sugar bowl. you will not be sorry. I have no idea why grob is being so pig headed about this. imagine mike Williams and taj smith in the spread. How dangerous could Syracuse be.

4. Why in God name does the band not play during the games anymore. Guess how many times the band played during the game? the Answer............ ONCE for ten seconds!!! this is inexcusable!

5. Why in gods name has Syracuse decided to sell out to corporate America. From my seats i saw no less then 20 advertisements on or around the court. whats next putting patches on the players uniforms like NASCAR or even better sell the tiles on the dome roof, come on this is suppose to be a college not the NBA.

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