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Sunday, December 2, 2007

need to get this off my chest

I have decided that i need to get somethings off my chest.

1. Why in gods name do Syracuse Teams demand on having the worst entering the field tradition. Now I know what your thinking, the football thing has been beaten to death, but I am not talking about that. Check out the Basketball team swaying and hugging like they are attending a Liberachy party. I was told about this weeks ago, but i wanted to see with my own eyes. During the national anthem it happened, the entire basketball team embraced like they were singing sweet Caroline at a karaoke bar. Now these guys should have learned from all the ridicule the football team took.

2. Why in gods name does Nancy Canto Still have a job. Did anybody see the Hawaii game last night. Colt Brennan looked amazing. What makes Cantor the judge juryand executioner. I have no idea how someone who made a mistake and clearly was sorry about it, and was not even charged with anything but breaking an entering is not allowed to attend Syracuse. I am sure that if you go through the student body i am sure you will hind charges that are alot worse then breaking an entering. That is besides the point though, Brennan could have made a huge difference as our QB. Imaging having somebody who is able to scramble and pass on the run with pinpoint accuracy. check out his stats from yesterday.
42/50 for442 yards and 5 touchdowns. let me repeat that 42 for 50 are you kidding me.

3. Why in gods name will Grob not throw out that awful west coast offense and go with a spread offense like Hawaii and so many others. I have to say this again, if you want to watch a great football game check out Hawaii during the sugar bowl. you will not be sorry. I have no idea why grob is being so pig headed about this. imagine mike Williams and taj smith in the spread. How dangerous could Syracuse be.

4. Why in God name does the band not play during the games anymore. Guess how many times the band played during the game? the Answer............ ONCE for ten seconds!!! this is inexcusable!

5. Why in gods name has Syracuse decided to sell out to corporate America. From my seats i saw no less then 20 advertisements on or around the court. whats next putting patches on the players uniforms like NASCAR or even better sell the tiles on the dome roof, come on this is suppose to be a college not the NBA.

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Poncho Sinatra said...

Good Post!! I got to go to Rupp Arena last year, and it was all about the basketball, college atmosphere and the pageantry. I HATE when the Dome looks like a Nascar event with all the sponsors! We need painted faces, drum beats, and cheerleaders, that's it!! Pretty soon, Boheim is going to be thanking his sponsors for wins..