To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you kiffin for choosing that other orange

wow this could have been us. how many people including me wanted this guy. After Marrone was hired I realized Gross made the right decision, but i did not realize how bad it could have been. Kiffin came into Tennessee insulted one of the best coaches in history, promised all the world that he was going to be singing with them when he beats florida, recruits a bunch of convicts, and leaves for westcoast pastures. What kind of person does something like this. granted we where in a bad place, but were we ever that bad. the light at the end of the tunnel in Syracuse is getting brighter by the day and it seems that the volunteers are in need of a volunteer to undo what Kiffin has done in the past 14 months. I honestly hope that USC gets banged up by the NCAA and Kiffin can get a taste of it feels to get screwed. Oh and by the way Marrone is on the list of possible replacement, the good thing is i know he is going to finish what he started, do you USC.