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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Russ is out but now who is in

News broke today that Syracuse's defensive coordinator is leaving to take a job at Wake Forest. Reports are that Russ will be in charge of the tight ends and linebacker. This is a strange move, why would anybody take a demotion from Coordinator. "Steve was dedicated to our program and worked hard to help us build the program to take it in the direction we want to go, Robinson said.”This is an opportunity for me to enhance our program toward our needs at this time." Was the writing on the wall for Russ? After the Press conference back a few months ago when grob told us that everyone was being evaluated, I thought Russ was the first to go, and needed to go.

I have to say that this might be the best decision for both parties. Russ goes elsewhere and saves face by not getting fired or demoted and Grob gets to either get somebody new in there or takes back control. The question is who will take over as linebackers coach? I have to say that when I first heard about this the first name that popped into my mind was former Linebacker Dan Conley. This would be the best hire in the grob era, with hiring Conley you get somebody who was a warrior in orange, somebody who knows the school and can sell a program because he bleeds Orange.

The question is, would Conley take the job?
Well Dah, take a look at what Dan said this past summer. "It may not have been the right reason, but I got into the coaching profession because I was completely lost without football," he said. "And now I love it. But I've set a career goal to go back and coach at Syracuse. "My intention has always been to return to Syracuse. If Notre Dame called and said, 'Hey, we want you to be a coordinator,' I'd tell them, 'No.' Syracuse has become my home. It's a very special place to me. It would be great if I could coach there for the rest of my life." Tell me this guy is not Mr. Orange.

Well how about recruiting, can Dan sell this program?
"When I got into this business," said Conley, "I was told, 'Don't do this to make a lot of money.' And that's true. I know there are million-dollar jobs out there, but there aren't that many. Coaching isn't about money; it's about the passion for the game. It can be a grind and I know the pressure from the alumni to win can make you old real fast. But I love the strategy end of it, and I can be around our kids all day long. "I love teaching them what I learned at Syracuse - and not just how to defeat a block and make a tackle. I love teaching young men about respect and accountability and responsibility. You know, about how to represent yourself. 'Yes, sir.' And, 'No, sir.' Those kinds of things. Coach P always said coaching was about winning games, developing the character of young people and graduating the players. I've adopted that." Who wouldn't want to send there kid to learn from this guy.
A few months back when I read the POLIQUIN article, I was like hire this guy grob, you need to hire him. Well here is Grobs chance to get something right. Hire this guy who bleeds Orange, Give this guy a shot. As POLIQUIN once said "Orange linebacker becomes Orange aide. Orange star becomes Orange mentor. Orange tackler becomes Orange teacher

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dar Dar in the house

I have some inside knowledge on the offensive line. I was attending the
Local Car Show at the OnCenter when I ran into Kirby Dar Dar. I first want to mention how impressed I was with his honesty and candidness. Kirby spoke freely about his thoughts on what the problems are with SU football.

Kirby mentioned that he was around the SU football team off and on last season and that he noticed that the Offensive lineman where not in the weight room nearly enough and that coaches did not push the issue. He told me that in his day the guys from the oline were constantly in the weight room and that all of them could squat at least seven hundred pounds. He was saying that these guys could not even get to five hundred. He added that he was even over 600lbs as a small running back and that helped him get threw the line. Kirby said that these guys are on the softer side and that is a bad attitude to have for an olineman who should be one of the toughest people the team. Kirby was saying that there technique is not far off. The problem is with their strength. It is tough to move somebody who can push harder than you!

With the new recruiting class signed and on their way to the hill I noticed the lack of linemen and I hope that Grob and Browning have a plan. I have said this before and I will say it again, If SU can figure out the line problems then they are not that far off. The question is can the coaches fix this so the players and the fans can finally sit back and joke about the bad years that are finally behind us. I hope so; I am not sure how much more I can take.

One last thing Kirby also said that he believes that Grob will get this turned around and that we are heading in the right direction.

Real men bleed Orange!!!!
Go SU!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SU's newest recruiting tool

With today being the national signing day i have come up with an idea that grob might want to consider before the day is over. I found this video and i think that if there are any people who are unsure about coming to Syracuse then Grob should show them this and say that these are the kind of girls found at SU!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Tyree for President

Well it was only five years ago when a young David Tyree was drafted in the sixth round by the NY Giants. Now after winning his first Super Bowl ring he will forever be remembered for making that desperation catch that sailed from a scrambling Eli Manning. The Catch that changed the out come of the Super Bowl and sent those egotistical Patriots back to Boston with their only blemish, a lose in the Super Bowl. A catch that makes all Giants and Dolphins fans happy. I have to say that Tyree should have at least been mentioned for MVP, catching a TD pass, making a huge tackle on a kickoff, and making that crucial catch, he should have been at least mentioned. This guy was a man among boys on the biggest stage in American sports.

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1 way ticket to Philly please!

Well it seems scoops Cousin is at it again. Robert Washington, 40, of Philadelphia, Pa., was arrested by SU security officials Friday afternoon in the Skytop area of campus. He was charged with trespassing. He was later released without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday. The reason that he claims he was at the university was to borrow money for food and a ticket back to Philly. I guess that $115.00 worth of food is not all that much! This guy seems to be a walking disaster area, and if scoop has any smarts he would stay as far away as possible. I really hope that He does stay away because SU is going to need as many players as possible over the next few weeks. Good Luck Scoop, you are going to need it.