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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The time has come

Well I guess I can not put it off anymore, it is time to right about Syracuse's next big thing, The Syracuse Raging Bullz. The Bullz are the new ABA basketball team in Syracuse and tonight is their opening game. The question is, will they have lasting power. Other than the Crunch and Chiefs, every other pro team as failed. Look no further to the recent failures of The Salty Dogs, The Express, the Nats, The Vipers, and The Stars.

There is something special about this league though. To see this look no further than the leagues rules;

The ABA continues to be innovative in its approach to bring fast-paced, fan-friendly, exciting basketball to true fans. The game has evolved and so has the rules. The ABA combines FIBA and Pro rules to create the best show for the fans. The ABA was the creators of the 3 point shot (now used by the NBA and other leagues). The ABA now has a rule focusing on defense called the 3D. Learn about our unique rules here and how we plan on making the game more fun and exciting. In the ABA we're "Havin' a ball™".

Now i know what you are thinking, why does Syracuse need another basketball team? That's simple, The Bullz and the ABA are different. There are different rules that should make them more exciting;
  • The 3-D Rule is basically an additional point added to a field goal when the 3-D light is on. This occurs when the offensive team loses possession of the ball in the back court, the ball goes out of bounds after touching the front court, or the offensive team does not establish possession of the ball in the front court.

  • The 6th Foul Rule gives the team the option to leave a player in the game after he commits his 6th foul. The flip side of this is that the opposing team gets an extra free throw and possession of the ball if that player commits another personal foul.

  • The Back-Down Rule is a three-second limit to a player dribbling in the paint with his back to the basket,

  • The Over Time rules state that the first OT period is three minutes and the second OT, if needed, declares the first team to score 10 points as the winner.

  • The 7 Second Back court rule differs from the NBA's 10-Second Violation in that it is three seconds shorter and a time out or a deflection out of bounds does not restart the count.
Now This is not going to be NBA caliber player by any means, but these kids are going to work their tail off on every play. These guys are all hungry and dream about their next big step. The possibilities are endless, come out and support the players, one face you might recognize, Dayshaun Wright. This was his bio on;Picture Anthony Glover. He’s that kind of tough, physical and athletic forward. He’ll battle you for rebounds, jump over guys and get himself to the rim anyway he can. Looks like he could play middle linebacker in the NFL. Named one of the top underclassmen at the Nike Camp by

I am excited so lets see what this is all about, it will be better than sitting on your old barcalounger feeling bad that its Thursday and there is nothing to do, cause there is. So set the DVR to record Gray Anatomy and ER and get your butt down to the War Memorial. Get out of your seat and cheer loud for your New Home Town Basketball Team, they could surprise you with some exciting fast paced basketball.

This is a true professional basketball league that has a very positive history. Let's get ready for the tip off!

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comment left about my Murray post

Anonymous said...
I am going to agree whole heartedly. Central Florida has done some spectacular things to go from an 0-11 season just 4 years ago in 2004 to what could be a 9-3 year with a solid schedule this year as far as non conference games go. In fact if you look all around CUSA you will see the majority of the teams are investing huge amounts of money in their athletics programs to bring them on the map and within the realms of competition with the rest of the "big named" schools. Go Knights!

Sidney Gudino said...
Can you blame the kid? Look what O'Leary did with Kevin Smith. Smith was looked at as a LB as well but O'Leary promised him a shot at RB and look how that turned out. Smith will probably be the best RB FL has seen since Emmith Smith. Based on outsiders looking in, UCF would be considered a mediocre program...but...have you SEEN what UCF has done to it's athletic programs?? Athletic Village, New Stadium, New Basketball Arena, new baseball/softball stadiums, new everything. The fans have a new and improved tailgating atmosphere that can rival some of the top schools in the country. It's in a huge TV market. Need I go on...
This school was quoted by O'Leary as being a "sleeping giant" when he took the position... That giant is starting to wake up!!! GO KNIGHTS!!!

I am not disagreeing with you, I understand that UCF has dumped millions into their football program. UCF, still and probably never will be a BC or a Syracuse. if you look at success at turning players into NFLers I would rather go with the proven winners with a track record. when you buy a TV wouldn't you rather have the Sony model over some no name brand. Don't put much stack into what I am saying cause I am a little biased!

So I guess Image is everything, maybe the powers that be might want to look alittle deeper into the new stadium idea. Hopefully they will get it right and build it downtown. where there can be parking areas so people can tailgate. I am still a firm believer in the open air stadium, I know that this week would be alittle cold, but come on we live in Syracuse we should be used to miserable weather.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Latavius Murray

How far has Syracuse fallen when UCF out recruits Syracuse. Latavius Murray committed to UCF, wow. I am speechless, I pretty much new Syracuse was not going to get this guy but, i never thought that he would go to a school like UCF. Rumors has it,O'Leary promised him a shot at running back and that is why he made the commitment. What is yet to be seen is if he can play RB. I tell you one thing, with the state of the Syracuse's Running game, i would have offered him any position on the field. Latavius Murray is a talented athlete who could play anywhere. I personally thing that he is better suited as a linebacker but that is my own opinion. Well there goes another local prospect, only this time we lost him to a mediocre Florida team. What confuses me is why these guys are all leaving. If it was me, I would love to be the local kid who walked onto a team and turned it around, be the local hero! That just goes to show you how much of a recruiting genius Grob and staff are!

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We could have had more options...

Saturday is quickly approaching and Syracuse's starting qb is in doubt. Is Arob going to play hurt, is Dantley going to come out and wow us again, or will the opposing team figure out Dantley and exploit him. Our last viable option is bring back Joe Fields. Syracuse does have two more qbs on its roster, but playing them now would be crazy, but we are dealing with a coach who is fighting for his job, you just never know what could happen. But remeber this we could of had one more option!

I was going through some Syracuse football articles yesterday and stumbled upon something that is interesting. Syracuse could have had one of the best qbs in college football playing for us. Colt Brennan was almost done packing to come to Syracuse when he received a phone call saying his scholarship has been revoked.

Colt Brennan was dismissed from Colorado University for drunkenly entering a female student's room uninvited and didn't leave. He was charged with several crimes including sexual assault. Brennan was convicted of first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree burglary, but was acquitted of charges of sexual assault and indecent exposure. He was sentenced to seven days in jail and four years probation. Syracuse coach Greg Robinson recruited him and initially offered a scholarship. But on the day the Syracuse paperwork arrived via courier at Brennan's home, Robinson called to tell him the school's president wouldn't allow it. This amazes me, the fact that a private institution would shy away from somebody who had a problem. The especially coming from a school who in recent years has had lax players arrested for resiting arrest and disorderly conduct, football players arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing police, bar room fights(where other su players were stabbed), assault, and drunken driving.Don't let me forget Deshaun Williams who punched his own teammate, beat up a girl, and numerous numerous bar fights.(other example Billy Edelin) The fact that the pure hearted Nancy Cantor would not allow Brennan to be an Orange is ridiculous. "I made a mistake that night, but it's such a complicated situation," Brennan said. "What I learned about myself was I am still a good person. Did I make a mistake? I definitely made a mistake. Before this happened, I was a good kid and never had been suspended from school and never had been in trouble. That's why I think I got into that situation. I took things for granted."I made a mistake that night, but it's such a complicated situation," Brennan said. "What I learned about myself was I am still a good person. Did I make a mistake? I definitely made a mistake. Before this happened, I was a good kid and never had been suspended from school and never had been in trouble. That's why I think I got into that situation. I took things for granted." What ever happened to forgiveness!

So with one phone call Grobs fate was sealed. Here is what was said last year about Brennan.

The junior is on the verge of completing the greatest statistical season of any NCAA quarterback. He needs 10 passing yards against Arizona State in the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl on Christmas Eve (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET) to become the third college player to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in a season. Brennan also needs one touchdown pass to tie the NCAA single-season record of 54 set by Houston's David Klingler in 1990.

"I don't care what you say, there's no quarterback as talented and playing like he's playing right now. I wouldn't trade him for anyone else in the country. I don't care what people say, no quarterback has played like he has."
-- Hawaii coach June Jones

Colt has all the tools the great ones had. His accuracy is like Jim Kelly's. His competitiveness is like Kelly's. His ability to lead is like what Joe Montana and all the great ones do."

Syracuse lost a qb who's perfectly suited for the run-and-shoot, the shotgun-formation offense. His mobility would have been an asset considering how bad our offensive line is. Since Nancy Cantors Judgement call we are stuck in football hell with zero signs of hope. Thanks Nancy for judging somebody on their past and not on who they are now. Shame on you!

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

What might have been.

I am trying to figure out how dumb Greg Robinson is. How is it possible that two people that were one time coaches at Syracuse have moved on to bigger and better things, and never was there a thought to try to retain them.

1.David Walker who was an SU Player and later coach of the running backs. Under Walker, Syracuse had 4 Thousand yard rushers in a row and on his last year he had a tandem threat with Reyes and Rhodes. Now lets think about Saturdays game, how many yards rushing did we have. Smart move Greg, this once again brings me to the question, why not retain Walker, what he was not a good recruiter, wrong. David Walker was the reason for the number eight running back in the country going to Pitt. LeSean McCoy told reports after the game that he owes his improvement to David Walker.

2.Two years away from Syrcause and he is the Offensive Coordinator of Alabama. Yes I said Alabama, you know that team coached by Nick Saban. So how is that Nick Saban saw something but Grob did not have the smarts to offer him anything he wanted to stay at Syracuse. By the way Major went to Rice after Syracuse. I can Tell you this, I watched the bama game yesterday and i saw some great play calls. I saw calls that went right after the other team. I know we do not have the players that bama has, but we do have two really good receivers, and two good quarterbacks. This is what was said about Major after one season as Coordinator at Rice; The youngest coordinator in Division I football, Major Applewhite stepped right into the job and masterminded an offensive genesis at Rice that shattered the perception of the Owls as a one-dimensional attack and replaced it with an attack that showed versatility, creativity and an ability to score from any spot on the field at any time. Let me ask you this, who would you rather have calling plays, Brian White or Applewhite? You Know where I stand!

How do these guys get away from us. With Major Apple White working with our QBs and calling plays that goes for the opposing teams jugular. Then David Walker working with our back, what might have been.
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Jim Reith for next su football coach

Check out this clip. Its jim lurch interviewing for the worst football coachs. jim Reith is a mix of what the coach p and the grob interviews must have sounded like!

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