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Saturday, October 13, 2007

reply from dr. gross.

I sent Dr Gross my last post. check out what he replies with! could there be trouble in the Grob Camp!

Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 16:40:02 -0400From: djgross@syr.eduSubject: Re: rock bottom?To: **************
Don't think I don't see what you see !Thanks

the f@#$ of it all

You know what, this is rock bottom. I don't even think a loss to Buffalo could make this even worse. When you walk out of the Dome and you say "oh well" when you lose to Rutgers, there is definitely a problem. Where did this game go Arie?

1. Taj Smith dropped ball on a key Third down in the second quarter

2. The third and five run, what are you thinking about with that play call.

3. the fumble at the end of the 1st half. Can somebody block before arob gets killed!

4. Nick Chestnut couldn't stop a pee wee receiver Kenny Britt 6 receptions for 176 freaking yards!
5. Missed tackles, missed tackles, missed tackles. Fundamentals, fundamental, fundamental
What is going on here. What did we do so wrong to deserve this. Want to know rock bottom, how about the highlight of the game came during the kiss me song and you see a triple kiss!

Want to know how bad things are, i was talking to a player's father during the game he said his son is not having fun, he has lost all respect for the coach's, and he would give anything for the prior coaches to return! Now this is a monster of a problem. How about this, the day his son committed to Syracuse, they were ranked 14th in the country!

Why are these dbs giving receivers ten yards on third and five, what ever happened to jamming the receivers on the line! Let me do the math here, they need five, we are giving them ten, first down! Some defensive Guru.

I am so over this, every coach on this team needs to go! Please Dr. Gross, take us out of our misery, fire Grob now.

Honestly i could not feel any worse about this team. What can be done to save this program, save the fans, and save the players? A loss to Buffalo and you might as well drop football and save the swim team!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Sports Nirvana

Check out this blog from The Sports Nirvana, this one is about the demise of Syracuse

Syracuse fans are just crying out for help!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Must Read

you need to read the Axeman's third part, it's like a fresh orange julius!

shut the f#$% up

I am not sure how many people have caught this, but I have noticed this stupidity numerous times over the past few years. The stupidity in question is the, “we should bring back Coach P and Jake” line. Let me ask you this, are you F&*%ing nuts. Allow me to shed some light on this.

Coach P- linebacker coach in Dallas. Now this is a great fit, not a head coach, no real pressures, does not have to deal with the media

George Deleone- offensive coordinator at Temple, HELLLLOOOOOOOO at Temple, Temple lost to Buffalo, enough said.

Chris Rippon- Olde Miss’s secondary coach. How does a defensive coordinator for Syracuse not get another top job in d1 by now, I will tell you, he’s not good enough.

Jake Crouthamel after his moronic banter about top 25, big east championships, and so on and so fourth, Jake retired not to be heard from again! Please nobody flip over that rock!

So out of all these guys, there is not one coach with a comparable job. Deleone is with Temple for god’s sake! This alone should shed some light on the subject. How does the top Coach’s for a perennial power house not be able to get comparable jobs anywhere else? Answer, they were has beens and never will be’s! How can you want this back!

Anyways let’s get back to the question. How can anyone in there right mind want those guys back. The only defense I can somewhat except is; at least they won 4 to 6 games a years and went to a bowl every other. Is that really good enough, NOT FOR ME and it should not be for you either. Remember the painful losses to Rutgers, Temple, Blow outs to Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. This program is going to come back, if not with Grob then somebody else. It must and it WILL. Say what you want about Dr. Gross, but he knows football, he will get it done.

Now on the Grob front; remember he only has two years of his own recruits. Rome was not built over night, and either will this program. When the P regime was run out of town, Ray Rice left too, now that was a huge loss, but there were a lot more needs then a RB. Who were the QBS, Perry Patterson, an over weight broken down never would be who ran like he was in quicksand. Then you had Matt Hale who couldn’t pass on 690. So a new coach with no experience comes into a depleted program with no talent. This seems like a recipe for disaster! I bet you called for P’s head once or twice, now you are calling for Grob’s. Are you going to want him back in a few years! Stop being stupid, know the facts, open your eyes, and stop bandwagoning. If you are not supporting this team now in there time of need, then stop bitching and find something else to do. I hear there is a huge sale at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend! See you all at the game. GO SU!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So can you guess who the kicker is here.

wrong the little guy is actually the holder!
Hey Shafer maybe you should think about dropping a few pounds before Grob uses you as an Oliner


Has anybody read the Axeman's blog today. If you haven't, The Axeman has been writing a three part piece on Syracuse, midway threw the season. This is worth a read.

Here is a link to part 2.

Some key things to pay attention to.

1. The lack of punt returns by Syracuse, What the hell is going on back there. Maybe we should try somebody else cause this is not working!

Punt Returns Incomplete
I had to look at this number over and over to let it sink in, but 'tis true.
Syracuse has a TOTAL of 3 punt returns for 26 yards. 22 of 25 punts sent Syracuse's way were not returned.
Opponents have returned 19 of 38 Syracuse punts for 239 yards.

2.Defensive line

check out this one, here is the once thought of strength!

Tony Jenkins has made some plays (2 sacks and 4 tackles for a loss) and Brandon Gilbeaux shows some promise, but the bottom line is this group graded as a unit misses way too many "first tackle" opportunities and has not gotten to the QB enough in big spots. They do have 5 sacks, but rank 112th in the nation in the "team sacks" category when you factor in yards lost and other numbers.

3. the secondary

this actually is a no brainer, but i love the way he puts it. Well done Brent, well done!

The rest of these guys? Uggg.
No offense big guy, but Nick Chestnut, you need to just get off the field. Chestnut gets beat more than an egg getting ready to go in an omelet every single game. The fact that he has 30 tackles is just a sign of how often opposing offensive players make it into the secondary. I'll give A.J.Brown credit for his 2 INT's and Dowayne Davis credit for his 4 broken up passes, but their theme song could also be "Beat it."

coach p

Wow I just watched that interview again. Is it me or does Coach p smirk when asked about the direction of the Syracuse program! it almost seems like he is glad. Good for him.

Coach P interview

Kevin: How's life in the NFL?

Coach P: It's an exciting life and it's very demanding. There is such a small margain for error in this league. So many games are decided by one play, like this one (Monday night against the Bills). So it's very exciting.

Kevin: Are you a better coach now than you than when you left SU:

Coach P: I've been very fortunate. My first year here I coached offense (tight ends). This year and last year I've coached on defense (linebackers). So there is no question that the exposure in the NFL on both sides of the ball has made me a better coach.

Kevin: But there has to be a big difference? At SU you had players with some talent. In the NFL you've got the cream of the crop.

Coach P: Yeah we do. But we coach the same things. You can't win or play well without the proper technique. It all starts with technique. So we're always working on fundamentals. Most people think guys at this level don't want to work on that stuff. But they do. We work on it all the time. It's just the opposite. They're dying to work on these things. They;re willing to work as hard as they can to be good.

Kevin: What's it like coaching "America's Team" and all the craziness that comes with it?

Coach P: It's fun. Obviously the Dallas Cowboys are a class organization. Everything is top notch. The Jones family is first class. There is no one in sports in American who wants to get the players they need to win. No one is more committed to win than the Dallas Cowboys are. So everything is top notch.

Kevin: Do you miss being a head coach?

Coach P: There are things at times that I certainly miss. But then there's things at times that I don't miss. When the big headaches come along I get in my car and go home. I don't miss it then. But certainly the competitiveness me certainly misses a lot of aspects of being a head coach.

Kevin: How tough was it packing up the family and leaving Syracuse?

Coach P: It was tough. I mean I was there for 18 years. My wife is from there. All of our kids were born there. We loved where we lived and we met some many great people there. Fortunately we've landed in a great spot. We live in a great town in Texas, where everything is top notch. So the transition has been top notch.

Kevin: How much do you follow the SU program nowadays:

Coach P: Well, I'm pretty busy on Saturdays so I don't get a chance to watch college football that much now, but I know who wins and loses.

Kevin: So you know that the Orange has lost a lot since you've been gone. How does it make you feel considering you were fired because you were losing? Now the (Greg Robinson) is not winning.

Coach P: All I can say is that when I took over the program the former coaches were all supportive if me. Everyone was so supportive of me over what we were doing. In this business you're supportive of the people running the program and wish them nothing but success and hope the kids are all doing well.

Kevin: So you don't want to call up and say, maybe you should've kept me.

Coach P: No, nah...we're supportive of the coaches that are there.

Kevin: What about the fact that you still have some of your guys on that team?

Coach P: Well I wish them all the best. Again, Syracuse is a great school. They are there to get an education. And as long as they go to class and get a degree they're going to do well.

Kevin: Why have you kept such a low profile? This is the first interview that you've done.

Coach P: As an assistant coach with the Cowboys we don't do a lot of interviews. We still don't do a lot of interviews. This is rare nowadays for me. You're busying helping the team and doing opponent research. There hasn't been a big need for me to talk. So I don't know if I've been low profile or trying to do my job. As an assistant coach you have a different role that you're in and I'm just trying to do my job.

Kevin: So it has nothing to do with you wanting to leave SU behind you?

Coach P: No, not at all.

Kevin: What's you message to the Syracuse fans who are still waiting for the program to get better?

Coach P: Just hang in there. Keep supporting the team and keep supporting the players. Hopefully things will turn around.

check it out

SU's last chance

So here we are, halfway threw the football season, and other than a fluke of a game in mid September, not much to feel good about. Upon us is a game against a former bottom dweller of the Big East. As far as I am concerned this IS THE BIGGEST GAME IN SYRACUSE HISTORY. Here is why. In the past four years Rutgers and Syracuse have pretty much flip flopped in performance, talent, and record. Syracuse has a shot to reverse all of this. Rutgers is having an off year, and there is no better way of stealing a few recruits then by pounding the shit out of them. How do you think they got where they are. By beating Rutgers you tell the world that their season last year is a fluke, and the magic that Syracuse once had is not completely gone. I know what your thinking, i am an out of my mind, but this is how i get by. Rutgers is a winnable game. There is no doubt in my mind, if Syracuse can slow Ray Rice like they did against Steve Slaton then they have a chance. Come on people this still is Rutgers, remember that team from New Jersey that we used to poke fun of. See You at the Dome.

Required reading

Ithaca Journal on the WV game

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dan Conley

So Bud Poliquin are you trying to pour gas on the grob fire by writing this article about Dan Conley. I remember Dan's playing days, even hurt there were few people with more a a drive than Dan Conley. I remember him running all over the field with a refuse to lose attitude. The problem is he just does not have the experience to work at Syracuse yet. In time he will be a great asset off and on the field!
By the way doesn't Dan Conley look like Mr. Incredible.

to see the article


want to know what people are saying check this out. found this at

There’s an outside chance that Syracuse’s Max Suter could become the Orange’s single-season kickoff return yardage leader against WVU. Suter, with 586 yards, trails season champ Qadry Ismail (738) by just 152 markers. Of course, the number of kickoffs Syracuse receives certainly contributes to Suter’s total, but he has taken advantage of those chances, averaging almost 28 yard per return. If West Virginia scores four or five times, and Suter maintains his average, he could break the record with half the season remaining.

The Syracuse passing attack ranks fourth in the Big East at 232.0 yards per game. Given the Orange’s scoreboard deficits this year, that’s no so surprising. What does grab your attention is the fact that Syracuse is on pace to break the school record for team passing yards, which currently stands at 2,710. Even with 11 game seasons, it’s surprising that the long list of outstanding Syracuse QBs in the 1980s and 1990s didn’t put up more yardage than that. Most of those players, such as Don McPherson, Marvin Graves and Donovan McNabb were run/pass guys, and did as much damage on the ground as they did in the air.
That stat is an object lesson for those who continue to complain about West Virginia’s “unbalanced” offensive system. Those of you in that group might want to cheer for Syracuse for a few weeks and enjoy the moment when passing yard number 2,711 goes into the books this year. Along with, say, that 4-8 record.

As might be expected, the Syracuse media guide focuses on the town and the history of the Orange football program, although not much on the past few years. The downturn of the program since the ridiculous firing of Paul Pasqualoni has left few items to trumpet in the guide that proclaims “Sudden Impact” on its cover.
Page two and three show the Syracuse football team running onto the field. Many of the students in the stands in the background are staring stonily with hands at their sides. One fan is talking on a cell phone, while others stare aimlessly in all directions. A bit of photo cropping might have been in order for this shot. Two pages later, head coach Greg Robinson, Otto the Orange and a police officer lead the team into the Carrier Dome. The officer is eyeballing Otto as if he might be ready to leap on Robinson at any moment.
We do learn that Syracuse is the geographic center of the state, and that the school is one of the more diverse universities in the nation. But it’s not until we get to page 24 that a word is printed about this year’s team. Bios and information on the school’s athletics administration run a full 16 pages, including an unintentionally hilarious page on the equipment staff entitled, “Top of the Line Uniforms and Equipment”. The quality may be good, but the Cuse’s football unis are among the Top Five ugliest

tailgate party

I am going to try a new approach this week at the game. you know how certain girls look better after a few beers, well i am going to see if Syracuse looks better after alot of beer. Anybody interested in meeting up on the hill to celebrate being one game closer to the dismissal of grob? I am looking to either throw or crash a tailgate party before the Rutgers game.
if anybody has any ideas or wants to crack a beer with yours truly then reply to

Grobs number two.

check out the odds of getting fired list, you might see somebody you know at number 2! This came to such a huge surprise to me, i almost fell off my chair.
I am taking donations to buy grob a ticket out of here, anybody interested!

Monday, October 8, 2007

required reading

Ray Rice talking about not coming to the cuse

Grob feeling pressure

Hot seat rankings

The weekly GRob Meltdown, he might be cracking!

check out this video

broken record

Is anybody else sick and tired of these pathetic interviews with Greg Robinson. Week in and week out I hear things like; I saw good things, never gave up, not ready, it's on me, and my favorite I think they are beginning to gel. Do you know what I see out there, I see miss tackles, no focus, stupid penalties, poor play calling, dropped passes, and absolutely awful blocking. What is there to look forward to, ummmmmmmm, let’s see now, oh I know, kickoff returns. What in gods name is going on? I am a loyal Cuse fan; I have gone to every home game, except this last one (out of town). I will be at the Rutgers game, but what is going on here? This team has gotten worse from last year, and has shown zero improvement other than kickoffs this year. Is there really any hope, the answer is NO. You have local talent that the Orange needs desperately being wined and dined by the likes of UCF, and Boston College. Where is Greg on this one? Let me tell you one thing, telling recruits "you can be a local hero only gets you so far!” There is not a shot in hell any talent is coming here, to get humiliated weekly. Do you blame them, I don't. What is Daryl Gross doing, consoling Mrs. Robinson, what he should be doing is firing his mistake and repairing this band of misfits! Does anybody have confidence in GRob, I know I don't. Dr. Gross why don't you take a page out of Steinbrenner's book, win or else!

Greg you have a very winnable game against Rutgers, they are not as strong as they have been, I dare you, prove me wrong, get this team game ready and win. If not for you but for all the Syracuse fans and recruits, send a message from here on out, we will not go quietly into the night!

Ps stop saying you see good things the truth is if you do your totally insane

worst recivers ever

Is anybody confused why ARob still passes to Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell. Is anybody confused why GRob still plays Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell. Is it just me or does Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell drop more passes than they catch! Why isn't Da'Mon Merkerson getting more touches, I have seen him all year come down with the ball and make yards after the catch. Lets start bitching about these guys and Grob might figure it out. ie Doug Hogue! Grob if you like these guys so much, try them at another position where catching is not so critical.
Rice Moss: This guy could not hold my jock sweat.

Lavar Lobdell: I could hold it all day long, try me!

Rice Moss : Maybe I will.

Lavar Lobdell: Maybe you should.

Rice Moss : You challenging me, princess?

Lavar Lobdell: I'm not inviting you to the Skating Federation's annual Christmas party.

Rice Moss : Then bring it on!

Lavar Lobdell: It is on!

tommy boy

I think grob is starting to sound like Tommy Boy. What do you think!

"Well then I get all excited. I'm like Jojo the idiot circus boy with a pretty new pet. Now the pet is my possible "Win". Hello there pretty little pet, I love you. And then I stoke it, and I pet it, and I massage it. Hehe I love it, I love my little naughty pet, you're naughty. And then I take my naughty pet and I go [makes ripping noises as he tears apart the roll] "