To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Monday, October 8, 2007

broken record

Is anybody else sick and tired of these pathetic interviews with Greg Robinson. Week in and week out I hear things like; I saw good things, never gave up, not ready, it's on me, and my favorite I think they are beginning to gel. Do you know what I see out there, I see miss tackles, no focus, stupid penalties, poor play calling, dropped passes, and absolutely awful blocking. What is there to look forward to, ummmmmmmm, let’s see now, oh I know, kickoff returns. What in gods name is going on? I am a loyal Cuse fan; I have gone to every home game, except this last one (out of town). I will be at the Rutgers game, but what is going on here? This team has gotten worse from last year, and has shown zero improvement other than kickoffs this year. Is there really any hope, the answer is NO. You have local talent that the Orange needs desperately being wined and dined by the likes of UCF, and Boston College. Where is Greg on this one? Let me tell you one thing, telling recruits "you can be a local hero only gets you so far!” There is not a shot in hell any talent is coming here, to get humiliated weekly. Do you blame them, I don't. What is Daryl Gross doing, consoling Mrs. Robinson, what he should be doing is firing his mistake and repairing this band of misfits! Does anybody have confidence in GRob, I know I don't. Dr. Gross why don't you take a page out of Steinbrenner's book, win or else!

Greg you have a very winnable game against Rutgers, they are not as strong as they have been, I dare you, prove me wrong, get this team game ready and win. If not for you but for all the Syracuse fans and recruits, send a message from here on out, we will not go quietly into the night!

Ps stop saying you see good things the truth is if you do your totally insane

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