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Friday, November 23, 2007

what does this sound like

So i was surfing the web when i came across this little article about Duke's head coach and his job status. Does this sound familiar!
Sports Illustrated

I am a good coach, I don't think so!

I came across this interview. JD Griggs, a defensive end committed to Syracuse but has changed his mind and has decided to go to temple. The reason for this, Syracuse coach's were not keeping in contact with him.
check this out;

J.D. Griggs had been committed to Syracuse for quite some time, but recently he chose to change his mind and give a verbal commitment to the Temple Owls. We spoke to Griggs recently about why he had the change of heart and found the answer to our question was not simply a matter of liking one school better then the other.
J.D. Griggs has been having a fine season for Piscataway High School, amassing five sacks from his defensive end position and scoring six touchdowns and three two-point conversions as a tight end. Recently, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound athlete decided it would be best for him to be at Temple instead of Syracuse and he explained why. “Lately Syracuse hadn’t been in contact with me very much, if at all honestly, so my parents and I had been leaving messages for the coaching staff and emailing them, but never got any responses,” Griggs explained. “Then I started hearing rumors that the staff was going to be replaced, so when you mixed those two things together I didn’t think it was a good situation for me to be in.” “Temple offered me on Tuesday after I took a visit to the school and I accepted that on the spot for a number of reasons,” Griggs said. “First, my coaches know some of the staff at Temple and have had great things to say about them and I also have two friends I grew up that play there in Michael Campbell and Derek Dennis who give them high praise as well.
Here is the link

Then I came across this guy from utica who called Brian White and he has yet to get back to him. “I called Coach White on Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. and left him a voicemail that I was committing to Syracuse, but he hasn’t called me back yet,” Preaster said.
Here is that link DeAndre Preaster.

What the hell is going on up there. Is this the direction that Syracuse wants to keep going in. Does this seem like they are competent. I don't think so.This is the problem with these guys. They are not capable of recruiting, they are not capable of getting a team prepared, and they are not capable of teaching the basics. How can anybody walk up to a podium and say that He is a good coach when clearly he is not!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving

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must read

I can only wonder what gows through the head of Gross. Rolland Williams has been announced as the honery captain during the cincy game. Wow Rolland Williams, Let me get my foam finger and get up to the dome on saturday. They have to be going nuts up mthere, if the likes of the '87 team and Larry Csonka did not increase attendance what makes them think Rolland Williams would.

Well it does not look like the Cincy team is going to be Over looking Syracuse, that does not boed well for Grob and the Orange.

Jonny Flynn was named ESPN's player of the week.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I am going to post all comments to my on strike post, good or bad, so say what you feel!

haha, nice man!
It's unbelievable! I am going to the Cincy game saturday and if it's more "stay the course" I AM DONE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep up the great posts!

No way this happens . . Its all rumor, anyone can see the program is on the wrong track!If pigs fly out my ass & this does happen i have to say you would be an IDIOT for boycotting hoops. This team is special & a pure joy to see in person.Would you watch the games on TV or is this a halfassed boycott? I assume your blogging would cease as well?That being said . . . keep up the good work, like the blog and dont DENY yourself Cuse Hoops, you deserve it if you are a CUse football fan

I need to respond to this, I would have to say i would watch it on tv, I know that SU does receive money from the networks, but I have to watch my boys.

You're crazy meatloaf!!! Fuck!

I almost numchucked you, you don't even realize!

I am on Strike!!!!

Am I being too Hasty with my decision that Grob needs to go,I really do not think so, let me rephrase that, I know so! I am disgusted to hear rumors that grob will be coming back next year. I am sickened that this administration would make the same mistake as the last and keep someone that is not fit to do the job. I opened up today and read the Axeman's post about the rumor that grob will be coming back for another season. I then opened up Donnie Webbs post saying the same thing! I am disgusted with the notion of the fairness doctrine. Do you know what is not fair, that we the fans, the very same people that pay these peoples salaries are not heard. Do you know what would change there minds quickly, an empty Dome next year. Let me be the first to say, that after Cincy i will not purchase a single ticket, I will not go to a game, I will not even pay to park my car at SU. Wait a minute, just thought of something, remember that saying, We are the only horse in town, well not anymore. Lets go Bulls!

Anyways, I vow to all my readers, I vow to all my fellow Syracuse fans, If I hear that Grob is coming back, I will not attend a single event on the SU Campus, I will not Subscribe to anything that makes SU money, and I will not purchase anything that will bolster revenue for Syracuse. I am including my beloved Basketball team also. This Veto will be in effect until Syracuse either fires Grob, or Syracuse gos to a bowl game. Considering that this Head Coach could not lead a pee wee football team then I guess I will not be going until he is run out of town.

I know what your thinking, this is not the way to do this, it make Syracuse look worse, it will make recruiting more difficult, and it would be hurting the program even more. Well Guess what, that is insane. Do you know who would be hurting this program even more, it's the brain trust's on the hill, Keeping Robinson and his band of loser's is not only disrespectful to the legacy of the program, but more importantly it will further the the destruction of the football program. This must not be allowed to happen. The only way to teach these people is threw their wallets. How hard would it be to add the new buildings if the Dome is Empty and revenue is not brought in. How hard would it be pay those inflated and bloated salaries of the chancellor, and how hard would it be for the Spiffy Dr Gross to redecorate his box or even better, purchase another hideous suit.

Wait I just thought of something even better, How about this. The Super intelligent DR. Gross and The Amazingly PC Nancy Cantor promises that if Grob Loses next year then everyone will resign. If I hear that then you have my blessing, Hell I will even make the first campaign sign GROB ONE MORE YEAR! Then all of Syracuse's problem would be gone. I will be sitting in my seat in the dome counting the blowouts in '08. Go SU!

Who's with me!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

must read

Well here is an extra heavy dosage of must reads, you have alot of homework, funny how all the sharks come out when they smell blood in the water!

Is time running out on Greg Robinson, Check out this Article from Cuse Chronicles.

Another sad Syracuse Season nears an end, Sporting News

Time For a change part II, From the Axeman

Greg doesn't like talking about his job status,WTVH 5

the who, what, where, and why

In my final segment of the who, what, where and why, i interviewed Ray from Orange Hoops.

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Ray-I've been doing historical research on Syracuse basketball for several year, and have had my site for 3+ years now. During much of my research effort it sparks some commentary in my head, and I saw a lot of comparisons of the past with the present... so I figured I might as well write what I was thinking. It kind of went from there.

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Ray-I'd have to say watching the Bouie & Louie era end with their loss to Iowa in the 1980 NCAA tournament. I still remember the technicals on Boeheim.

What was your most heart breaking syracuse moment?
Ray- Tying Auburn in the 1988 Sugar Bowl would problem be the most heartbreaking. Surprisingly, the 1987 National Championship loss with the Keith Smart daggar through the heart was not nearly as heartbreaking to me as you would expect; I knew even then that the guys on that squad would make a couple more runs at that title. The most heartbreaking moment in Syracuse basketball was probably the 1989 loss to Illinois in the Elite Eight. I thought that was the best team Syracuse ever had, and I thought for sure they would be in the title game.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Ray-The 2003 Championship. Two plus decades of demons being washed away in one magic moment! There have been several other great moments over the years, in fact far too many to list, but that one was the best of them all.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up aour ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Ray- Gross knows all about how to make $$$$, and very little about how to build champions. The basketball program is extremely lucky that Boeheim is untouchable by Gross and Cantor, otherwise Syracuse basketball could be mirroring SU Football and Lacrosse.

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?
Ray- As much as I despise the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame would win hands down. I couldn't even begin to predict the score as two totally inept offenses would play two futile defensive efforts. 3-0 would be very tempting, but that would give the defenses far too much credit, and 52-45, would credit the offense too much. How about a forfeit?

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
Ray-Tough one... for Syracuse sports each has its own strengths / merits that I enjoy. I'd go with Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, if I had to pick one. In terms of blogs on any content on the web, my favorite is TMQ (Gregg Easterbrook) of ESPN. I love his Tuesday NFL blog.

I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers once more for taking the time out of their busy days. Thank you all, and I hope I have shed some insight on our lives.

Go Orange!!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Change Now

I have been a Syracuse fan for a long time. Let me refrain that, I have been a college football fan for a long time. I can not remember another program fall on there face so fast in my entire life. how does a tradition filled program become the laughing stock of college football. I have been a steadfast supporter of Dr. Gross, but the bad has over taken the good. How can he sit idly by and watch a program go down the tubes. I don't care if Grob destroys Cincy next week, and I don't care if Grob signs the top ten high school players. This has gone on long enough! We need to make a change now, not next week, not next year, NOW. Dr. Gross if you are not willing to swallow your pride then you should be let go. Your the captain of this ship and the captain must go down with his ship. Make the change, save this program from Greg Robinson. We need a winner, we need a recruiter who can recruit in the north east, and we need to turn this thing around now.

Greg you think your a good coach, you were standing across the fields from a great coach yesterday. What makes a coach good is his ability to use his players to the best of there ability.The prior coach on the hill did that, you are not. Every person who watches Syracuse last year could have told you that you are deficient on the Offensive line, an intelligent coach would have gone from junior college to junior college to find players. what did you do, you brought in a few freshman who could not block for a pee wee team. You wonder why your not winning, you have an offensive scheme that requires excellent blockers. Arob and Dantley have less than a few seconds to do anything. A great coach would throw in a few option plays to draw the attention off your line. Now Don't get me wrong, I believe Greg is a great coach, he is just not the guy that can build a program, in the right situation Greg is going to be the man, it's just not in Syracuse. Greg you say you love this school, you love your players, and you love the fans, Then do the right thing and walk away. Save your name, save your face, and for god's sake save Syracuse Football, walk away.

Here is what the Syracuse Fan base is saying, and if i was Dr Gross I would be listening!

Posted by manliusguy
I am just so embarrassed for our school, and our community. There has never been, in the history of D-1 athletics a bigger decline in a major sport. This is not bad football, or bad coaching, bad players, bad fans, etc. This is a collapse of leadership at many levels within the University. For a major program to be allowed to descend this far, this fast, is unheard of. The chancellor talks a lot, but is standing by watching this debacle, obviously incapable of overseeing an athletics component of a University. Any other major university would have fired the coach after last year, and by the middle of this season fired the athletic director. I am just sad for our school that expectations are so low as to allow this state of affairs. Please trustees, make changes, the coach and athletic director must go now! The chancellor has done a lot of good in general, so give her more time to prove she can make tough decisions other than fundraising and building physical plant. How about the image and morale of an alumni base?

Posted by Hustonb
Why should we be afraid of firing Greg Robinson? Could things get any worse?
The argument for keeping him is that he knows what he is doing and building for the future. But there is no evidence of that. It's not like he had a proven track record as a head coach. He's never done this before.
As for recruiting better players, I have yet to see a truly impressive underclassman.I expected to see at least one guy on the defense who could blow up the other teams offense.
Greg Robinson is making Daryl Gross look stupid for hiring him. The longer this goes on the worse it looks for Daryl. At the end of the year, let's look for a quality, proven head coach to become available and sign him.
Hoping GRob will figure out how to turn this program around is wishful thinking.Paying off the rest of GRob's salary is money well spent.

Posted by goodboy
How about SU play the high school teams in the area! A lot of them are pretty good and look at the money saved - all games would be local.

Posted by pignose44
One more thing. Daryl Gross once said in December 2004, "Just wait and see what we do with the football team."
Yeah, nice work Daryl. You should be fired too. At least you have that cozy suite you build in the dome. Clown.

Posted by ottawacuse on
I had been looking forward to going to the UC game next week, but after the debacle today, I will stay home....Coach Robinson seems like a nice guy, I agree, but he hasn't won and hasn't recruited.
I would love to see a young recruiter like Mike Locksley or Dan Mullen take over to rejuvenate this team. If people are seriously worried about losing the current commitments, they need to check recruiting sites. I am 100% sure that if they bring in a recruiter, the class will improve immensely. Please just do something!

Posted by ezcuse
I have been fairly supportive of G-Rob for three years. The bottom line is that it is not working. Not working at all.
#1. I am not sure what our offense is... but it is predictable and boring. We look fortunate to move the ball on the rare occasions that we do. We have had one game where we looked competent offensively... Louisville. UConn brought in a Juco transfer and did fine this year. The time issue is simply pointless. And if we don't have the players to run our offense... why not run the offense that works for their skill set???
#2 Our defense is not fun to watch either. We have developed into a fairly good run defense. However, all too often, 3rd and anything can be converted because we allow teams to complete the short pass... and then allow our weak spot--tackling--to lead to a first down. Or, they simply make the play underneath for enough yardage. And, worse yet, when our offense does move the ball and score, our defense usually allows the opposition to return the favor. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
#3 Special teams. We rarely go for any block at all. This is college... play like a college team and try to block the kicks!
#4 Play calling. Timid and predictable. If I see one more punt from the opposition's 45 yard line and in, I am going to vomit. What good is it when the other team is pinned if we are not going to stop them anyway because of our "bend but not break defensive philosophy" and if we are just going to allow the punter to punt without pressure even if they do punt? We continue to waste plays throwing into the flat.
#5 The fan support is flat. G-Rob lost half the community in season one... another 20% last year... and 25% more this year. Miami loss? Horrible play calling against Pitts down the stretch? Blowouts in every other loss? We'll be better this year... but 4-8 again is about all anyone can expect.
The program needs a shot of enthusiasm for the fans and players. The players need a coach who is a proven winner... whose promises that we have turned the corner are less about positive thinking and have much more credibility. The fans need a reason to believe that the next game and next season will be different.
The ills of Coach P are not maximized. We have gone from a few mega-embarrassing losses a year under Coach P to only a few respectable losses a year. The 3 or 4 win difference is enough to make a game like next weak possibly "not worth watching." I watched the NIT games last year... the ND game in 2003... etc. No S.U. game should leave me with apathy.
Finally... now is the time to make a move. To the extent that it is unfair to an unquestionably good man like G-Rob, this should help him land on his feet elsewhere. We need a team that is fun to watch, even if losing. We need a coach with the credibility to land the players that are considering Syracuse... now and in the future. There is a lot of blame to go around for the current state of things... but instead of debating whether G-Rob is 30 or 50 or 70 or 90 percent of the problem... it's time for a solution. The solution is not currently employed by Syracuse.
The end.
P.S. If we are not going to hire someone with experience and credibility, then we have to hire someone that will be able to recruit key areas like NJ, Conn, or Fla. If we are not going to do that... then Gross needs to go. All of his marketing is pointless if we are not going to invest in a coach.

Posted by cusegirl93
When is a decision going to be made about Gross????? WHAT HAS HE DONE for the program besides bring in this horrible coach??? SU used to have a football program and a damn good one. Cantor needs to step up, take charge, stop being so wimpy before the Dome is empty every Saturday next fall. Right now Gross & Robinson need to go. This is a disgrace!

Posted by oldfan35

Coach must go -- no more seasons. How long does Syracuse University think we are going to support a losing team. We need a coach that can turn this program around. Look around at the junior college and High School programs. Get someone new that wants to get into the college world and forget the pros.
When we turn off the money the University will get the message.

My question is how can so many people be wrong, Dr. Gross could it be possible that you are wrong, Make the change, save this proud program!