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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Midnight Madness

So we finally got some enjoyment from those people on the hill. Finally something good to talk about, finally something good to root for, finally something that is worth the price of admission! Lets Go Orange!

check out the donte green dunk

Arinze getting ready to shatter some dreams!

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Young talent and another disgrace from the orange!

So, I spent my night trying to get a grasp on the whole Friday Night Lights hoopla. Allow me to clarify. I spent last night traveling around Syracuse in search of local talent, and in search of hard nose grid iron football. With the down turn of my beloved Syracuse football team, i am grasping at anything I can find. Do you know what i found. I found well coached, disciplined,and hard working kids who displayed a never give up attitude. If you are like me and crave Football, i urge you to check out these kids, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I started my Night at the Onondaga Central Game vs M-E. I watched a local all star in Latavius Murray run for 154 yards on 12 carries with 4 touchdowns in the first half. He also had 2 other tds that were called back due to penalties. The shocking part about this was there were no SU coaches in the Stadium recruiting this guy.

My next stop was Bishop Ludden vs Herkimer. I then watched another impressive player in Daquan Grobsmith's 247 yards and 4 touchdowns.

My last stop on the FNL tour brought me to Westhill vs South Jefferson where i watched Dale Ross run for three touch downs. Here is the interesting part hers, No Su Coach's.

I was in a state of awe that two of the best players in NYS ran for more touchdowns and yards then Syracuse has all year. I was then looking forward to seeing them again in two weeks under the Teflon roof in the dome. To My shock I have heard the Dome Management jacked the rental price for the dome. Rumor has it that section three football told them to shove it and moved the games to CNS, cause the price of ticket would have been to much. Good Job Section Three, Either way the fans will be there, i am glad that somebody has stood up to them. The only thing that stinks is the fact that the players are not going to be able to experience them Dome. Growing up in Syracuse and being active in sports all i ever heard was we need to win so we can make it to the dome. The dome is a reward for a tough season. How can The Dome Management and Syracuse University take this away from the kids, from the possible recruits, from the fans. Unless i am missing something here, The Dome is not rolling in cash from the football team, and it might be good for the turf to feel some passion for a change. Shame on you Syracuse, Shame on You!
By the way if you are checking out the next Onondaga game you might want to check out a very good young qb in Teddy Zabel. I was very impressed with his poise in the pocket, and his accuracy, great game Teddy!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

top twenty

Sorry about not having any articles the past few days, i feel like i have been spinning my wheels the past few weeks. Anyways, I read The #*$@?&% It's how we feel, and it really stinks article from my new role model, Bud Poliquin. Bud, I have to hand it to you, to write this article and then have the balls to submit it. kudos to you. So Bud Thank you for getting me out of my slump. I am now going to comment on all twenty.

1. On the players stinking. Other than a select few, these players are god awful, Taj what happened to you, last year you would catch everything in site, this year Arob has to pull a Paul Blake and fire a ball into your cage for you to come down with it. Your better than that, stop projecting! as for the rest of the team, the oline couldn't block out my ninety year old grandmother(god rest her soul), If i didn't know better, i would think Nick Chestnut was getting paid by the other teams to miss tackles and play that Ole defense we have all learned to love! Hey here is an idea the season is over, screw these seniors (other than Joe fields)and play some freshman!

2.Grob, your resume might be the best thing that Gross saw, i personally think it should be used as a liner for my bird cage. why were you the assistant def. coordinator at Texas, Why were you fired from those NFL Teams, I know cause your balls were removed sometime in,the last few decades, hey your the man here, take some risks for gods sake!

3.On the Coach's, this makes me sick, Gross what the hell, you spent over a million on Grob and then you bring coach's from schools like Northeastern, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, James Madison and Northwest High School in Maryland, what are you kidding me! where did you find Norm Chow, an ally sorting through a dumpster!

4. see two, i can only repeat myself so many times before i want to puke!

5.The Iowa play calls, come on, did a qb sneak come to mind, you did have three hundred pound qb.. That right there represents what is so wrong with this staff, They think one way, and if someone sniffs it out, then there is no change! do you know what, i think if you don't change now, you guys will be changing your area codes!

6. I have a great Idea for the offensive coordinators, lets put arob in the pocket with no full backs or running backs to block and we will call the formation the pistol. i have a better name for it, "the i am a fucking moran who thinks my oline can block"(i'm seeing good things).

7. National championship, as this stage we wouldn't win a round robbin with New York teams. Gross I thought you knew something about football, you have made it worse!

8.Cantor, I have no words other than the buck stops with you, you hire Gross, he in turn hired Grob, see where i am going with this.

9. and 10. i am going to combine cause i think they are one in the same. Image is everything, and when you have "the worst uniforms in d1" then you walk onto the field with the energy of a 400lbs guy on Dr Phil! and think you are re filming remember the titans, ps the titans were good, your not, move on!

11. the carrier dome, key world carrier as in the air condition company. worst place to watch a game, could not imagine playing their. so all you guys bitching about the weather in Syracuse, whats wrong with the game day temps.

12. Hey Daryl if your team wins a few games you would not have to sell your soul to the man. it's disgraceful in there, the subway race, the time warner dice thing, the music, although the kiss me song is a hit. let the band play for god's sake, last time i checked this is college football, it is supposed to be pure.

13. who are you going to role out next for half time, the inventor of the post it note, what a crock of shit. maybe the remaining Beatles will reunite and play at half time, that might sell the dome out tomorrow.

14. the pa guy needs to shut up, he is awful, the only thing worse is the crunch announcer, here are the CRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH. bring back the old guy. who does hoe think he is harry Carrie!

15. recruiting, three good recruits in a year does not win football games. by the way with every three star recruit, you get 5 no star projects. not going to help you win is it.

16. and 17. the demise of the program starts with coach P. staying to long, Crouthamel pissing off the fans and boosters, the lack of reinvesting into a money maker, ie the dome looked like a missile silo with tarp over the top, the weight room was fit for the 56 team, and there were high school teams with better turf! hey blue chipper, come to Syracuse we are heading in the right direction!

18. how did we get here! hey look at it this way, we lose to buffalo and there is only one way to go, up!

19. as for the fans, tell me to shut up or sit down and I will stick my foot up your no talent sons ass!, try to tackle somebody this week Mr. X!

20. Bud Poliquin for head coach and Mayor who's with me!

here is what the dome is going to look like the rest of the season

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So Did anybody read the article in thursdays paper about rutgers and Schiano, if you missed it, here is a link to the story.

I personally think this story is a rag, how can any college coach bitch about a team like Rutgers running up the score. The key here is Rutgers running up the score. I know the doormat of the Big East has grown up, and is kicking the shit out of teams that were blowing them out. Do you think it was on accident that Syracuse would play Rutgers or Temple on Home coming weekend. They did that so the could look good. Now when Rutgers tacks on an extra td late int eh game all of sudden it's not fair. Hey Navy and Syracuse maybe if you turn your programs around like Rutgers did then you would not have to worry about those mean people blowing you out anymore. Grow up this is College Football! Congrats Rutgers, great win. I will say this, Schiano is a piece of SHIT! I hope next year an SU player hits you helmet to skull!

did i really hear that

<span class=Ballhype: hype it up!" src="" width=96>

Wow I am not sure i heard what i thought i heard. Did anybody watch Rutgers vs USF last night. did you hear the announcers say that USF's best shot at a loss could come against Syracuse. Hello how can anybody give Syracuse any respect, have they been out of the country the past three football seasons. Have they not looked at the line for this weeks game of the year vs Buffalo, for anybody who doesn't know it's at 3.5. How can they say we have a shot at beating USF when we are only favored by 3.5 against Buffalo in the Dome.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

this is great

The day the music died
Posted by DWebb October 16, 2007 10:52AM
Categories: Mailbag
Juicey Willis (or is it Juice Williams) sent this email today:
I can still remember how
The Orangemen used to make fans smile.
And I knew if I had my chance,
That I'd go to the Dome just for a glance,
And maybe, I'd be happy for a while.
But the past three years have made me shiver,
Just six wins, GRob can't deliver,
Bad news our AD is inept...
Maybe the last coach we should have kept.
I can't remember if I cried
Inside a paper bag my head will hide
But something will touch me deep inside,
The day, SU Football...died.
So my, my oh my head, oh my
Used to roll Buffalo 'til we hired this guy
His good ol' boys will drink whisky and drive
Singing this will be the day that SU Football dies
this will be the day that SU Football dies
- Donnie

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The Legend of 44

Have you ever had a day when things just did not seem to be going well. Check out this article about Ernie Davis, He might be one of the greatest men ever!

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Crystal ball

"We're getting ready for Buffalo and looking forward to a game in the Dome," Robinson said. "It will be an interesting affair. Buffalo is having a very good season. Obviously, winning the last couple of games here and doing it in a fine fashion. As you watch them both offensively and defensively, they've been productive. I think they will be an excellent challenge for our football team."

Really Greg an excellent challenge, did you really say that. The fact that Buffalo is even mentioned in the same breath as Syracuse is a tribute to your coaching regime. I have been really thinking about this Grob thing today. the way i see it, it can go a few different ways.

1. Syracuse loses to Buffalo on Saturday, Daryl Gross finally admits to his mistake and fires Grob the moment he walks back into the tunnel.

Why this could happen:Syracuse goes on a bye week and there is time to get one of the assistant's up to speed.

Why this a good Move: It sends a message to the world that we are going to come out of this, and we are going to fix this problem now. The buck stops here!

Why this is a bad move: As we found out with Ray Rice, if you fire the current head coach you stand a chance to losing prized recruits.

2. Syracuse finishes out the season with the same or better record then last year, Daryl Gross decides to keep going with his boy. As far as this one goes, if it does happen then that would mean that the Cuse beat either USF or Cincinnati, i would also say then He should be nominated for coach of the year.

Why this could happen: As we found out against Louisville flukes happen, and also I really feel that this team is not as bad as they have been playing. I now what your thinking, but I am an optimist! Hey Stranger things have happened!

Why this is a good move: This would mean that the lumps this team has taken the past few years was not for nothing, and it also shows future recruits that we are dedicated to letting Grob bring back this program to prominence.

Why this is a bad move: Keeping him around could mean that the same deficiencies that this team has shown this year could come back next year. Lets face the facts here, alot of these issues are coaching errors.

3. Syracuse goes on to finish the year with a lesser record than last year.Now this is a grey area, should he stay or should he go. On one hand I believe grob can win, I like the glimpses this team has shown, the problem is the glimpses are quick and have the lasting power of an eighty year old impotent man. on the other, there are too many mistakes that are coaching errors. I believe that the problem lies his coordinators. the problem is if you fire or demote theses guys, you are putting a band aid on the over all problem. remember the Deleone and Coach P nightmare!

Steve Russ has come into Syracuse and has turned a mediocre defense into an abysmal mess that has regressed into one of the worst defenses in the country. they have been plagued with poor play calling,poor tackling, and the inability to put pressure on any offense they have faced.

Brian White and his ridiculous pistol offense needs to be ran out of town as fast as possible. other than the gem(fluke) of a game against Louisville, what has he shown us, absolutely nothing, go back to Wisconsin and be second fiddle to somebody else again!

Now if this happens, then i would have no problem dealing with Grob and allowing him to finish what he started. Let's face it, he really only has two years of his recruits.

Prediction for Saturday:

Buffalo scares the shit out of every Syracuse fan until the half, Syracuse wears down the smaller Bulls and pulls out a W. Syracuse by 14.

Prediction for Grob:

The hot seats is giving grob 2-1 odds on getting fired, i am giving him 1-1 odds.

Grob will be fired at the end of the season due to sagging attendance, poor record,and pressure from alumni and fans!(don't forget Syracuse is a private school and they relie on public donations to stay afloat!)

We need people who bleed Orange, people who have been here and know what great things Syracuse has to offer. Bring back people like Dan Conley, David Walker, Randy Edsel, Tom Coughlin, and Kevin Rogers. Guys who have bled here in the past and are not afraid to do it again. Coaching should not be about the money, it should be about pride! I really don't see alot of pride coming from the current regime!

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New Hero

I have a new hero. Sorry Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, after you read this, you will understand. I am nominating Derek Jeter for President!

October 16, 2007 -- IF Bronx Bomber Derek Jeter wants to keep his sex life a secret, he should learn to tie up any post-tryst loose ends

Our spy in the lobby of the Shore Club in Miami early Sunday morning spotted "two scantily clad women screaming at the front desk because they had spent the night at Jeter's penthouse and were then charged for parking."
"The girls were wearing what looked like the same clothes they wore the night before - a tight cocktail dress and a mini-skirt. They were making a huge scene because they were asked to pay for parking.
"Obviously, they'd spent the night there," giggled the onlooker, who noted that one of the overnight guests was screaming into the phone, "After last night, he'd better [bleep]ing take care of it!"
After a bit of insistence, "they eventually left happy. I assume he paid for their parking after all," said our snitch.
Tongues in Miami are wagging over Jeter's stint in Miami, where he was spotted Friday night dining at Nobu, then partying it up with Timbaland at Skybar. "They took over the table in the back and drank Grey Goose all night," said a fellow reveler. "Five girls were dancing around him, but he didn't seem interested."
Jeter was spotted acting equally detached later that night at Set, where he was "surrounded by throngs of women five rows deep. He was hanging with a guy friend, though, and didn't seem to take much interest in the hordes of ladies."
Evidently, the Yankee captain likes to keep his conquests behind closed doors, because there were no Jeter sightings Saturday night.
"I heard he was staying in the penthouse at the Shore Club," said one Miami source. "He checked in solo Friday, but nobody saw him Saturday night . . . and everyone down here talks when big names come to town. Maybe he was holed up in his suite all night?"
Jeter is notorious for his off-field plays - he's been linked to the likes of Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Minnillo and Gabrielle Union. Shore Club reps had "no comment," and a Yankee rep did not return calls.

carry on

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So Greg hows that pressure doing. I hope you have been to the doctors, got the old ticker checked and hopefully the blood pressure. You think the world is closing in on you know, wait till you lose to Buffalo this week. I can see the light now. As I look into my crystal ball, i see Turner Gill the Buffalo head coach getting a Gatorade bath in the dome on Saturday. See this is where you might want to pay attention. Do you have any idea how bad a loss to Buffalo would be to this program, and your career. The first word that comes to mind is devastating! So Greg this is the game of the year. Lets go make a SUDDEN IMPACT. Lose, go back to Texas, go back to Denver, go back to Kansas City, and go back to Cali.. You better break out that black book and start dialing, cause after this Saturday's game, you will not have a friend on this world, except maybe Buffalo fans! So Carry on my way word son there will be peace when you are gone!

Monday, October 15, 2007

sound familar

Ballhype: hype it up!University of Nebraska fired their AD today for a"lackluster football season" rumor has it the head coach is next on the chopping block. So what construes a "lackluster season"?

allowing the most points at home ever, check

allowing more than forty points three times in a season, check

having an average point deficit of more than 20 points, check

Here is what their chancelor had to say
"We are, of course, disappointed about the progress in our football program," chancellor Harvey Perlman said in a news release. "Steve has done many positive things for Husker athletics during his tenure, but I think only new leadership can objectively assess the state of our program and make the decisions necessary to move us forward."

After reading that take a guess at their record, i bet you think they have a losing one, wrong!
It 4-3,yup they are one game over .500. In four seasons under Callahan, the Huskers are 26-18 overall, 14-14 against the Big 12, 3-8 against teams in the Top 25 and 0-6 against the Top 10. They have given up 40 points or more nine times, including four times this season. So what does this say about there program. It says they will not settle for mediocrity. Now take those stat and compare them to Greg Robinson who was amassed an amazing record of 6-24 all time and 2-15 in the big east. Amazingly enough he still has a job, and so does Daryl Gross

How bout this stat, since Daryl Gross has shown his face in the cuse, the Lacrosse Team failed to make the playoffs for the first time in eons, the basketball team went to the nit last year, then lost in the first round the year before, is there a coincidence, i am beginning to see the light! Gross you better ship up or your fate my be the same as Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson's was. Hope you are sleeping well!

What are you thinking!

Ballhype: hype it up!I am going to sound off here, so if you are not the ones involved then you can skip this one. So about this post, but i was fired up!

So I was at the game on Saturday wishing that i was home sticking bamboo sticks under my finger nails. I lasted till the mid fourth quarter before i had enough of this pathetic team. so i grab my things and headed toward the aisle. As i was heading to the aisle, bitch of a female started bitching at one of my friends, she was saying that we were not good fans and that we should sit back down and support our team. As i got to this female she started blasting me. Obviously she has no idea who i am. Next thing I know she was cursing at me saying don't come back, your not a fan, i have no business being here blah blah blah! Let me tell you something, I have never seen red like that before in my entire life.

Where do I start with this. This bitch of a female was a players parent(not going to mention who's, but one that was burnt on defense alot). She was also knitting a scarf or something, and never cheered once during the game. so i ask myself this question, who is the better fan, me who pays exuberant prices to come to every game and cheers on his team, or some players mom who only comes to cheer her loser son on, who should not be playing d2 let alone d1! Let me tell you something, I have been to every home game except one in the past three years, I think I have put in my time, and if I feel the need to leave before i become suicidal then i should have the right to do that! Lets face the facts, by the time i left there might have been 500 people in the dome, the reason is, these coaches and the vast majority of these players are garbage! I am sorry that i would rather get dragged behind a car then sit in that Dome watching that awful product for one more second. See you at Buffalo, and I warn you, If you see a person wearing a 44 jersey and a su hat in the first 5 rows of 130 then leave me the fuck alone, or feel the wrath of cusefan78!

ps she is also one of those people who tells you to sit down!

what a crock!

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Save Syracuse Swimming

Dr Gross you are seriously kidding me right now. You are going to get rid of the swimming and diving team. i am sorry is their really a shortage of money, how can that be? Oh I know, the football team is awful, attendance is really down, and you are losing your shirt on these games. well how can we fix this problem, hire a coach with an iq of more than 5 who can really fix this program, then attendance will go up and you can save these former national champions. There is no reason why you cannot raise enough money to save the the swimming and diving, and add the hockey program. Stop waisting money on Grob, campaigning in NYC and and bringing in these gimmicks week in and week out. The event should speak for itself, and do you know what its saying, "i am a piece of shit that need to be candy coated!" Get your head out of your ass, and this is coming from one of your supporters!

Here is what people are saying:

Swimming is a sport that teaches life lessons, hard work, discipline, goal setting, and how to deal with both success and failure. Your University should be ASHAMED of your decision to take away a sport that gives its young athletes so much in their lives.

Janet Evans, 4 Time Olympic Champion, SwimmingJuly 15, 2007

Sep 6, 2007, Dan Flannery, Iowa

Your decision to cut Syracuse swimming is concern to all swimming coaches, swimmers, parents and fans throughout the country. Swimming creates some of the best-student athletes in collegiate athletics. If Syracuse is an institution of excellence in education then why would you drop two sports that represent everything the NCAA and quality institutions stand for? Hockey? What are you thinking???? I had family who lived in Camilus for a few years, loved the area and the Syracuse University. I have a boy who will be attending another university in a couple of years. I can't send him to a school that doesn't support a sport like swimming. I figure you will lose $145,000 of MY hard earned money to send him there. Please re-think this decision and reinstate both programs. Take proceeds from one home football game to fund a womens hocky team.

june 4, 2007, Gary W. Hall, M.D., Florida

I am a 3 time Olympian in swimming for the United States and am currently VP of The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida. We are in the business of promoting swimming and organizing swim camps and clinics world wide. At 55 years of age, I have come to appreciate that swimming is one of the few exercises one can enjoy for a lifetime without the serious threat of injury or disability. Obesity and the general lack of fitness in our society may be the single most important issue our country faces today. The health bill to take care of medical problems related to our obese society is bankrupting the country. By discontinuing the swimming program at Syracuse, you are sending the wrong message to your students and to our society. The message is that swimming, perhaps the greatest fitness exercise of all, is not important enough to promote and that it is less important than other sports. Those other sports may produce revenue for the University, but they are not lifelong sports like swimming and they will not contribute to restoring the culture of fitness to our country. I urge you to reconsider. There are always ways to subsidize a swimming program

The Tradition

Syracuse University
A tradition of Excellence – 89 years running
Represented in the NCAA meet in 23 of the last 30 years
Recipient of All-Academic Team Status for 12 years running
19 All-Americans
Men’s Big East Champions: 1979-80, 1981-82, 1995-96
Over 50 Individual Men’s and Women’s Big East Champions and All-Americans

Sunday, October 14, 2007

check out Schiano's face

Hey Grob Great Job, now everyone knows how much of a joke you are!

Schiano's face says it all! Oh and I don't think Schiano is going to have to wait and see, your not going to be around much longer to show him up!

Mookie Jones

So I guess yesterday wasn't a totally awful day for Syracuse. Rumor has it that Syracuse has itself another prized recruit. Small Forward Mookie Jones. Rivals has him rated at #6, scout has him at 13. he is the real deal. lets go Orange, thank god basketball is coming around the corner!
Mookie to 'Cuse? Six-foot-six Mookie Jones of Peekskill attended the Syracuse-Rutgers football game and is believed to have decided to play basketball for the Orange beginning next fall. says a source close to the Syracuse program reported that Jones told people he intends to commit to Syracuse following visits to Rutgers and St. John's.

Rutgers Take on Syracuse

So if you really want to now how bad Syracuse is check out what Rutgers Journalist are saying about us! If you have a weak heart then stop reading.

1. At 14-0, what are you thinking?

Luicci: That I put Rutgers at a competitive disadvantage with my game preview. It was that spot-on. I was sure Greg "Terry Shea" Robinson was using the stuff I wrote to expose the Knights' weakness.Okay, okay. I was thinking that Rutgers better not fall too much more behind or it would be flirting with disaster. A 14-0 deficit to Syracuse midway through the first quarter isn't devastating. Just surprising. But Syracuse is so bad, being down 14-0 doesn't really matter. It's like being tied with a mediocre team.

Delanian: Were Luicci and Politi really arguing about which bowl Rutgers was going to attend? How about no bowl? How about we demote this program to the Football Championship Subdivision and see if they can do something there instead of looking like worthless, pathetic, ab --- what's that? They scored 38 unanswered points? Nevermind.

So Obviously any respect that Syracuse once had is totally gone, they spotted us 14 points and that never even phased them!

2. With 196 yards and 3 TDs, is this the real Ray Rice back again? What was the difference?

Delanian: Rice was back to his physical self, aided by a poor-tackling Syracuse squad. What we saw in the past two games was a swarm of players, intent on not letting Rice get the one step he needed to bulldoze his way to a positive gain. Syracuse was just a step slower than Maryland and Cincinnati, allowing Rice to drop his shoulder, churn his legs and drag a few people with him. I don't think we saw the "fake" Ray Rice in previous games, he just wasn't allowed to be himself. This week they kept the defense honest with some screen passes and check downs and pounded it when necessary.

So at least we are positive now, the talent level is sub par! How did the talent level get this bad. I have been a loyal SU fan for years and other than games against the Florida teams I have never heard Syracuse was slower then other Teams. now we are slower then Maryland. Since when has Maryland been mentioned in the same breath as Syracuse other than Basketball!

6. How much was this Rutgers putting it all together or Syracuse just having nothing?

Luicci: Rutgers played well, but Syracuse is pathetic. The Orange can't run, can't defend and aren't well coached. Even Greg Robinson said yesterday it was time to assess the coaching because Syracuse was making the same mistakes over and over again. Rutgers tried to hand this game to the Orange early. Syracuse fumbled it. Oh, and this offensive line might be one of the worst in college football. They can't protect Andrew Robinson and they can't run block. Greg Robinson called Rutgers a one-hit wonder? At least Rutgers had a hit of its own. This guy is the Milli Vanilli of college coaches.

Why can't Daryl Gross See what the entire world is seeing. He can't be that blind. Our Coach is the Milli Vanilli of coaches, come on what is going on, we need to get this guy out of here NOW!

7. One last thing. We lost count. Were there 500 fans in the stands at the end or 600? Syracuse football sure has fallen.

Luicci: Once they stopped selling beer at halftime, the fans had had enough.
Why stay and watch this Syracuse team if you're sober? It's a sad sight seeing the Carrier Dome filled with far more Rutgers fans in the fourth quarter than Syracuse fans. Some of them may have been left over from the basketball team's Midnight Madness too. It was Homecoming and the place wasn't sold out. This is how low Syracuse has sunk: The school needed legendary country singer Larry Gatlin to belt out a halftime tune to draw people. Buffalo had the Village People when Rutgers played. Temple had the Monkees. Now Syracuse needs a gimmick to draw because the on field product is that bad. So it's official. Syracuse is in the same class as Buffalo and Temple.

Delanian: Be fair. There were 36,226 in attendance, to be exact. It's just that only a dozen or so were still around in the fourth quarter. That should be the official motto of both the team and the fans: "Hey, at least we showed up."

Wait a minute, did we just get burnt by a Rutgers Journalist. The Armpit of America's team is dissing Syracuse. This is so unacceptable. I am just speechless!

Here is the link to the entire article, take a look at the comment left by the Rutgers fan!