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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Young talent and another disgrace from the orange!

So, I spent my night trying to get a grasp on the whole Friday Night Lights hoopla. Allow me to clarify. I spent last night traveling around Syracuse in search of local talent, and in search of hard nose grid iron football. With the down turn of my beloved Syracuse football team, i am grasping at anything I can find. Do you know what i found. I found well coached, disciplined,and hard working kids who displayed a never give up attitude. If you are like me and crave Football, i urge you to check out these kids, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I started my Night at the Onondaga Central Game vs M-E. I watched a local all star in Latavius Murray run for 154 yards on 12 carries with 4 touchdowns in the first half. He also had 2 other tds that were called back due to penalties. The shocking part about this was there were no SU coaches in the Stadium recruiting this guy.

My next stop was Bishop Ludden vs Herkimer. I then watched another impressive player in Daquan Grobsmith's 247 yards and 4 touchdowns.

My last stop on the FNL tour brought me to Westhill vs South Jefferson where i watched Dale Ross run for three touch downs. Here is the interesting part hers, No Su Coach's.

I was in a state of awe that two of the best players in NYS ran for more touchdowns and yards then Syracuse has all year. I was then looking forward to seeing them again in two weeks under the Teflon roof in the dome. To My shock I have heard the Dome Management jacked the rental price for the dome. Rumor has it that section three football told them to shove it and moved the games to CNS, cause the price of ticket would have been to much. Good Job Section Three, Either way the fans will be there, i am glad that somebody has stood up to them. The only thing that stinks is the fact that the players are not going to be able to experience them Dome. Growing up in Syracuse and being active in sports all i ever heard was we need to win so we can make it to the dome. The dome is a reward for a tough season. How can The Dome Management and Syracuse University take this away from the kids, from the possible recruits, from the fans. Unless i am missing something here, The Dome is not rolling in cash from the football team, and it might be good for the turf to feel some passion for a change. Shame on you Syracuse, Shame on You!
By the way if you are checking out the next Onondaga game you might want to check out a very good young qb in Teddy Zabel. I was very impressed with his poise in the pocket, and his accuracy, great game Teddy!

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