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Monday, October 15, 2007

what a crock!

Ballhype: hype it up!
Save Syracuse Swimming

Dr Gross you are seriously kidding me right now. You are going to get rid of the swimming and diving team. i am sorry is their really a shortage of money, how can that be? Oh I know, the football team is awful, attendance is really down, and you are losing your shirt on these games. well how can we fix this problem, hire a coach with an iq of more than 5 who can really fix this program, then attendance will go up and you can save these former national champions. There is no reason why you cannot raise enough money to save the the swimming and diving, and add the hockey program. Stop waisting money on Grob, campaigning in NYC and and bringing in these gimmicks week in and week out. The event should speak for itself, and do you know what its saying, "i am a piece of shit that need to be candy coated!" Get your head out of your ass, and this is coming from one of your supporters!

Here is what people are saying:

Swimming is a sport that teaches life lessons, hard work, discipline, goal setting, and how to deal with both success and failure. Your University should be ASHAMED of your decision to take away a sport that gives its young athletes so much in their lives.

Janet Evans, 4 Time Olympic Champion, SwimmingJuly 15, 2007

Sep 6, 2007, Dan Flannery, Iowa

Your decision to cut Syracuse swimming is concern to all swimming coaches, swimmers, parents and fans throughout the country. Swimming creates some of the best-student athletes in collegiate athletics. If Syracuse is an institution of excellence in education then why would you drop two sports that represent everything the NCAA and quality institutions stand for? Hockey? What are you thinking???? I had family who lived in Camilus for a few years, loved the area and the Syracuse University. I have a boy who will be attending another university in a couple of years. I can't send him to a school that doesn't support a sport like swimming. I figure you will lose $145,000 of MY hard earned money to send him there. Please re-think this decision and reinstate both programs. Take proceeds from one home football game to fund a womens hocky team.

june 4, 2007, Gary W. Hall, M.D., Florida

I am a 3 time Olympian in swimming for the United States and am currently VP of The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida. We are in the business of promoting swimming and organizing swim camps and clinics world wide. At 55 years of age, I have come to appreciate that swimming is one of the few exercises one can enjoy for a lifetime without the serious threat of injury or disability. Obesity and the general lack of fitness in our society may be the single most important issue our country faces today. The health bill to take care of medical problems related to our obese society is bankrupting the country. By discontinuing the swimming program at Syracuse, you are sending the wrong message to your students and to our society. The message is that swimming, perhaps the greatest fitness exercise of all, is not important enough to promote and that it is less important than other sports. Those other sports may produce revenue for the University, but they are not lifelong sports like swimming and they will not contribute to restoring the culture of fitness to our country. I urge you to reconsider. There are always ways to subsidize a swimming program

The Tradition

Syracuse University
A tradition of Excellence – 89 years running
Represented in the NCAA meet in 23 of the last 30 years
Recipient of All-Academic Team Status for 12 years running
19 All-Americans
Men’s Big East Champions: 1979-80, 1981-82, 1995-96
Over 50 Individual Men’s and Women’s Big East Champions and All-Americans

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