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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crystal ball

"We're getting ready for Buffalo and looking forward to a game in the Dome," Robinson said. "It will be an interesting affair. Buffalo is having a very good season. Obviously, winning the last couple of games here and doing it in a fine fashion. As you watch them both offensively and defensively, they've been productive. I think they will be an excellent challenge for our football team."

Really Greg an excellent challenge, did you really say that. The fact that Buffalo is even mentioned in the same breath as Syracuse is a tribute to your coaching regime. I have been really thinking about this Grob thing today. the way i see it, it can go a few different ways.

1. Syracuse loses to Buffalo on Saturday, Daryl Gross finally admits to his mistake and fires Grob the moment he walks back into the tunnel.

Why this could happen:Syracuse goes on a bye week and there is time to get one of the assistant's up to speed.

Why this a good Move: It sends a message to the world that we are going to come out of this, and we are going to fix this problem now. The buck stops here!

Why this is a bad move: As we found out with Ray Rice, if you fire the current head coach you stand a chance to losing prized recruits.

2. Syracuse finishes out the season with the same or better record then last year, Daryl Gross decides to keep going with his boy. As far as this one goes, if it does happen then that would mean that the Cuse beat either USF or Cincinnati, i would also say then He should be nominated for coach of the year.

Why this could happen: As we found out against Louisville flukes happen, and also I really feel that this team is not as bad as they have been playing. I now what your thinking, but I am an optimist! Hey Stranger things have happened!

Why this is a good move: This would mean that the lumps this team has taken the past few years was not for nothing, and it also shows future recruits that we are dedicated to letting Grob bring back this program to prominence.

Why this is a bad move: Keeping him around could mean that the same deficiencies that this team has shown this year could come back next year. Lets face the facts here, alot of these issues are coaching errors.

3. Syracuse goes on to finish the year with a lesser record than last year.Now this is a grey area, should he stay or should he go. On one hand I believe grob can win, I like the glimpses this team has shown, the problem is the glimpses are quick and have the lasting power of an eighty year old impotent man. on the other, there are too many mistakes that are coaching errors. I believe that the problem lies his coordinators. the problem is if you fire or demote theses guys, you are putting a band aid on the over all problem. remember the Deleone and Coach P nightmare!

Steve Russ has come into Syracuse and has turned a mediocre defense into an abysmal mess that has regressed into one of the worst defenses in the country. they have been plagued with poor play calling,poor tackling, and the inability to put pressure on any offense they have faced.

Brian White and his ridiculous pistol offense needs to be ran out of town as fast as possible. other than the gem(fluke) of a game against Louisville, what has he shown us, absolutely nothing, go back to Wisconsin and be second fiddle to somebody else again!

Now if this happens, then i would have no problem dealing with Grob and allowing him to finish what he started. Let's face it, he really only has two years of his recruits.

Prediction for Saturday:

Buffalo scares the shit out of every Syracuse fan until the half, Syracuse wears down the smaller Bulls and pulls out a W. Syracuse by 14.

Prediction for Grob:

The hot seats is giving grob 2-1 odds on getting fired, i am giving him 1-1 odds.

Grob will be fired at the end of the season due to sagging attendance, poor record,and pressure from alumni and fans!(don't forget Syracuse is a private school and they relie on public donations to stay afloat!)

We need people who bleed Orange, people who have been here and know what great things Syracuse has to offer. Bring back people like Dan Conley, David Walker, Randy Edsel, Tom Coughlin, and Kevin Rogers. Guys who have bled here in the past and are not afraid to do it again. Coaching should not be about the money, it should be about pride! I really don't see alot of pride coming from the current regime!

Ballhype: hype it up!

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