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Monday, October 15, 2007

What are you thinking!

Ballhype: hype it up!I am going to sound off here, so if you are not the ones involved then you can skip this one. So about this post, but i was fired up!

So I was at the game on Saturday wishing that i was home sticking bamboo sticks under my finger nails. I lasted till the mid fourth quarter before i had enough of this pathetic team. so i grab my things and headed toward the aisle. As i was heading to the aisle, bitch of a female started bitching at one of my friends, she was saying that we were not good fans and that we should sit back down and support our team. As i got to this female she started blasting me. Obviously she has no idea who i am. Next thing I know she was cursing at me saying don't come back, your not a fan, i have no business being here blah blah blah! Let me tell you something, I have never seen red like that before in my entire life.

Where do I start with this. This bitch of a female was a players parent(not going to mention who's, but one that was burnt on defense alot). She was also knitting a scarf or something, and never cheered once during the game. so i ask myself this question, who is the better fan, me who pays exuberant prices to come to every game and cheers on his team, or some players mom who only comes to cheer her loser son on, who should not be playing d2 let alone d1! Let me tell you something, I have been to every home game except one in the past three years, I think I have put in my time, and if I feel the need to leave before i become suicidal then i should have the right to do that! Lets face the facts, by the time i left there might have been 500 people in the dome, the reason is, these coaches and the vast majority of these players are garbage! I am sorry that i would rather get dragged behind a car then sit in that Dome watching that awful product for one more second. See you at Buffalo, and I warn you, If you see a person wearing a 44 jersey and a su hat in the first 5 rows of 130 then leave me the fuck alone, or feel the wrath of cusefan78!

ps she is also one of those people who tells you to sit down!

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