To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

yesterdays meeting

A scene from yesterdays meeting between mike williams and doug marrone

a vent

I am going to start this out by saying that i am a huge Marrone fan. I believe that the work he and his coaches have put in have strengthened the team, and we are in a better position now then we have been in the past. With that said he needs to address the fans and media about the events of this week. He needs to tell us why 3 players that see a good chunk of playing time will not be playing on Saturday. He also needs to step up to the plate and tell us why the best player and i mean best player is no longer on the team especially after i have heard that he was voted by his team to be allowed back on. Here are the events as i know them, first the players went to the casino Saturday, they then drove home and where hit from behind by a tractor trailer. According to reports the fault of the accident is entirely the fault of the truck driver. with that being said why are these players not on the team or suspended, and it better be more then breaking curfew. If all the Mike Williams events did not transpire yesterday and these players where not suspended would we have known about an accident at 5:30, i doubt it. If this was Florida and Tim Tebow broke curfew would the entire nation be hearing about it , i don't think so. So why in gods name is this happening, i am going to guess that Marrone is trying to show everyone who is boss, we get it, but now you just handed yourself a lose and zero chance of playing in a bowl this year. Fucking great. Oh yeah one last thing, what the fuck, why where you crying during a press conference. grow a sack, wake up and figure out what everyone else already knows, Nassib should be the Starter, especially considering you just gave away a game Saturday, start building for the future and get your head out of Paulus ass! One last thing, These are kids, this is 2008 and not 1981 these kids are different and ned to be treated differently, i am not saying let them run amuck but cut them some slack.

Crazy top ten

Considering the chain of events that has happened yesterday I have decided to count down the craziest SU football moments over the last five years

10. Iowa VS SU 2006

Syracuse ties Iowa late in the fourth quarter teaching me a lesson I will never forget, never get out of your seats early you never know what will happen. Watching the two overtimes from the far end zone I was astonished to watch Grob and company call the same play 8 times in a row and not getting in the end zone once


Considering Syracuse lost to Akron few would have predicted an upset on the forfront. With the win one for the grob campaign in full effect SU upset ND putting Charlie Wiese over the fire of the hot seat. Still in disbelief

8. SU VS Akron 2008 Akron walks into the dome and wins convincingly

Asked if Syracuse plays Akron 1000 times how many should we win, Grob replies with "we should win more than we lose!" Then the good doctor was asked the same question, his answer, "1000" ding ding ding we have a winner.

7. The Search for a new coach.

Doug Marrone is hired but is he choice number one or 10, I would go with the later considering chip Kelly, Randy Edsell and skip holtz all turned down the job. Somebody needs to teach Gross the art of the closed door

6. Grob Brought back for year 4 of his contract

After winning a combined seven games in his first 3 years he is brought back to produce a mind blowing 3-9 record in year four only to be fired ¾ of the way through

5.Greg Paulus

Paulus finishes his last year at duke and picks SU to play for one year. He then is announced the starter during the first week of class confirming to the world how pathetic SU football really is

4. The boos rain down from the heaven I mean the student section

Really, pathetic you should all transfer to another school preferably in the sec where you will be dealt with accordingly. What the fuck where you people thinking. Way to make a great impression on future recruits

3. Nancy Cantor pulling Colt Brennans scholarship

The perfect move from the two foot troll who single handily put Syracuse in a hole for four years and insuring GROB departure. What did Brennan do, only led the nation in passing and td's for two years, great job Nancy maybe you should stick to your own thing like the great corridor which will later be renamed the rapist tunnel!

2. Mike Williams

I can't just have one moment here. Mike cheats on test and leaves su. He then takes a year off get his studies back on track only to come back and make the I let everyone down speech and lead the Orange in every receiving category except dropped balls where Lavar has that record wrapped up. He is then listed on the top ten for the biletnikoff trophy to only quit a few days later. Really I'm still in shock

1 The little engine that could.

During Grobs departure and begging to be considered to be the next coach for SU he pulls out the little engine that could and starts to read insuring the award for craziest thing I have ever seen.