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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you kiffin for choosing that other orange

wow this could have been us. how many people including me wanted this guy. After Marrone was hired I realized Gross made the right decision, but i did not realize how bad it could have been. Kiffin came into Tennessee insulted one of the best coaches in history, promised all the world that he was going to be singing with them when he beats florida, recruits a bunch of convicts, and leaves for westcoast pastures. What kind of person does something like this. granted we where in a bad place, but were we ever that bad. the light at the end of the tunnel in Syracuse is getting brighter by the day and it seems that the volunteers are in need of a volunteer to undo what Kiffin has done in the past 14 months. I honestly hope that USC gets banged up by the NCAA and Kiffin can get a taste of it feels to get screwed. Oh and by the way Marrone is on the list of possible replacement, the good thing is i know he is going to finish what he started, do you USC.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New blog

To all my dedicated followers, all three of you. One of my good friends started a blog, its called This Life On Fire. I thought he could use the support so check him out. Good Luck Ted! May the Cusians be with you!

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Whats wrong with discipline

Another College coach is on the unemployment line. Rumor has it Jim Leavitt has been fired from USF. I kind of saw this one coming after the Mike Leach firing. I personally believe that this whole thing is crazy. This is football not chess, coaches need to discipline their players. If this is going to be the new trend then Doug Marrone better watch out, he seem to run his team with a Stalin like iron fist. I am in shock that these two coaches have been let go, I remember growing up and attending catholic schools and if we ever misbehaved, out came the ruler and we would get wacked across the knuckles. I have to say that I am glad that I was raised that way; I learned very quickly right from wrong. This is the problem with the youth today. Coaches like Marrone, Leavitt, and Leach should be honored not persecuted. One day these kids are going to thank these guys, it's too bad it has come to this.

There should be no crying in football either!

Another opening another possible orange

Well it looks like Doug Marrone has another coaching spot to fill. Beginning Wednesday morning our running backs coach Stan Drayton will return to his previous school Florida. That now leaves five positions to fill; offensive coordinator, running backs coach, quarterbacks coach, and wide receivers coach. Here is my dream hires, Kevin Rogers as OC and qbs coach, Rob Moore as wide receivers coach, and David Walker as running backs coach. My dream hire is obviously Mike Leach as OC but that is never going to happen. Rogers is currently with the Viking as their qb coach, David Walker is Pitts Rb coach, and Rob Moore currently retired from the NFL.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd chances could lead to the orange spread

Wondering who will be replacing Rob Spence up in the coach's box I can't help but think Mike Leach. Sure he punishes his players by locking them in storage rooms, but hey Marrone is king of laying the law. If Marrone hires Mike Leach, all he has to say to his players is behave or coach leach is going to bring you to the wood shed. Come on this could work. I know what you're thinking, Mike Leach he is on the Tiger list of do not talk to, but hey we are Syracuse, king of second chances. First off Grob, come on how many chances did that guy have. Dr. Gross, after firing Coach P, he hires Grob and gets to stick around to right the sinking ship and hire Marrone. Boeheim, after certain recruiting violation he comes back and eventually wins the whole damn thing and gets to wear that crazy hat. Edelin, for god's sake he got like twelve chances, and last but not least a certain cheese cake ordering point guard. Enough of the second chances just picture the possibilities; the dome and its field turf is a perfect match for a high energy attacking offense like Texas Tech has had. Now picture some kind of hybrid between the wild cat, the saint's offence and Texas tech's offense. Now that is a super offence, how about The Orange Spread. Two last things, SU has the money, no question about it, and last year during our coaching search Gross said this, "I love watching Texas Tech play. It's my favorite offense to watch." Interesting, could Gross been looking into his crystal ball, finger crossed. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

yesterdays meeting

A scene from yesterdays meeting between mike williams and doug marrone

a vent

I am going to start this out by saying that i am a huge Marrone fan. I believe that the work he and his coaches have put in have strengthened the team, and we are in a better position now then we have been in the past. With that said he needs to address the fans and media about the events of this week. He needs to tell us why 3 players that see a good chunk of playing time will not be playing on Saturday. He also needs to step up to the plate and tell us why the best player and i mean best player is no longer on the team especially after i have heard that he was voted by his team to be allowed back on. Here are the events as i know them, first the players went to the casino Saturday, they then drove home and where hit from behind by a tractor trailer. According to reports the fault of the accident is entirely the fault of the truck driver. with that being said why are these players not on the team or suspended, and it better be more then breaking curfew. If all the Mike Williams events did not transpire yesterday and these players where not suspended would we have known about an accident at 5:30, i doubt it. If this was Florida and Tim Tebow broke curfew would the entire nation be hearing about it , i don't think so. So why in gods name is this happening, i am going to guess that Marrone is trying to show everyone who is boss, we get it, but now you just handed yourself a lose and zero chance of playing in a bowl this year. Fucking great. Oh yeah one last thing, what the fuck, why where you crying during a press conference. grow a sack, wake up and figure out what everyone else already knows, Nassib should be the Starter, especially considering you just gave away a game Saturday, start building for the future and get your head out of Paulus ass! One last thing, These are kids, this is 2008 and not 1981 these kids are different and ned to be treated differently, i am not saying let them run amuck but cut them some slack.

Crazy top ten

Considering the chain of events that has happened yesterday I have decided to count down the craziest SU football moments over the last five years

10. Iowa VS SU 2006

Syracuse ties Iowa late in the fourth quarter teaching me a lesson I will never forget, never get out of your seats early you never know what will happen. Watching the two overtimes from the far end zone I was astonished to watch Grob and company call the same play 8 times in a row and not getting in the end zone once


Considering Syracuse lost to Akron few would have predicted an upset on the forfront. With the win one for the grob campaign in full effect SU upset ND putting Charlie Wiese over the fire of the hot seat. Still in disbelief

8. SU VS Akron 2008 Akron walks into the dome and wins convincingly

Asked if Syracuse plays Akron 1000 times how many should we win, Grob replies with "we should win more than we lose!" Then the good doctor was asked the same question, his answer, "1000" ding ding ding we have a winner.

7. The Search for a new coach.

Doug Marrone is hired but is he choice number one or 10, I would go with the later considering chip Kelly, Randy Edsell and skip holtz all turned down the job. Somebody needs to teach Gross the art of the closed door

6. Grob Brought back for year 4 of his contract

After winning a combined seven games in his first 3 years he is brought back to produce a mind blowing 3-9 record in year four only to be fired ¾ of the way through

5.Greg Paulus

Paulus finishes his last year at duke and picks SU to play for one year. He then is announced the starter during the first week of class confirming to the world how pathetic SU football really is

4. The boos rain down from the heaven I mean the student section

Really, pathetic you should all transfer to another school preferably in the sec where you will be dealt with accordingly. What the fuck where you people thinking. Way to make a great impression on future recruits

3. Nancy Cantor pulling Colt Brennans scholarship

The perfect move from the two foot troll who single handily put Syracuse in a hole for four years and insuring GROB departure. What did Brennan do, only led the nation in passing and td's for two years, great job Nancy maybe you should stick to your own thing like the great corridor which will later be renamed the rapist tunnel!

2. Mike Williams

I can't just have one moment here. Mike cheats on test and leaves su. He then takes a year off get his studies back on track only to come back and make the I let everyone down speech and lead the Orange in every receiving category except dropped balls where Lavar has that record wrapped up. He is then listed on the top ten for the biletnikoff trophy to only quit a few days later. Really I'm still in shock

1 The little engine that could.

During Grobs departure and begging to be considered to be the next coach for SU he pulls out the little engine that could and starts to read insuring the award for craziest thing I have ever seen.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The engine that could, hopefully

Yesterday Doug Marrone talked about what the offense will look like. "Just so you know, I've done a lot of radio in the South and people have asked me this question, just to give everyone a head's up, they say, is it going to be llke the New Orleans offense or a Clemson offense? What kind of signature is it going to be? And I've answered this question. You're going to see things that easily, you can identify with what we did in New Orleans. You're going to see things at Tennessee. You're going to see things at Tampa, also, that we put in. And you'll probably see some things from when I was a player here. I think it's going to be exciting. It's just a matter of when we pick and choose to use them during the year. I'm excited about it." There is no name yet for the offense other than Multiple. I have some up a name, the SUper Spread, cause you cant spell SUper without SU. My guess the Offense s going to be a run and gun with a few option plays thrown in. If it works, its going to be fun and exciting to watch, also it wil be very hard to stop.

"I feel much more comfortable about the personnel. The only thing that will restrict us, some of the packages because of our depth, if someone gets injured, we could be out of a package. You put in practice time and one player gets hurt and now you're out of that package, that's disappointing. But I think we have to have these multiple packages where people can't lock us down with our personnel and what plans we're running.""I think it relates quite a bit (to Paulus)," Marrone said. "It really does. When you have someone that can handle that information, you can expand further. I don't think we're waiting for Greg to grow in the offense. I think we're force-feeding it on him." Wow, I am nervous, because if somebody goes down we are screwed, but I am not at ease with the Paulus decision.

Still not convinced how about this; Friday night, Marrone had some other things worth sharing about the direction of the offense. In the spring, the Orange installed about 20 percent of its playbook. But with the arrival of quarterback Greg Paulus, that playbook has been expanded, Marrone said.

"I'm happy where we're going with the playbook," Marrone said. "I'm extremely happy. Obviously, I'm not going to talk about some of the packages we're going to, but we are expanding the packages to where I think ... packages that will give us a better chance - I'm going to talk offensively for now - packages that will give us a better chance to be more efficient on offense and score.

Grob might have been on to something, could Greg Paulus be our little engine that could! I think he can I think he can!

fast forward to 50 second mark.
Excerpt From Coach Greg Robinson's Last News Conference

Organization, wow, what a concept

Waking up this morning and checking up on I found the latest Donnie Webb post about the scrimmage today. After reading that article I found this baby titled At Syracuse you play the way you practice on Saturday. After Reading this I am just flat out amazed by the differences between Greg Robinson and Doug Marrone. On the field, Marrone said the Orange has an organized sideline and has covered where players will stand and behave. He also offered just a bit of a warning to what takes place on Saturdays. Wait the players are going to be standing and behaving, this is pretty much the opposite of the Grob teams. Over the past few years I have been sitting directly behind the players and have witnessed some things, a Certain wide receiver sprawled out on a table talking to his girlfriend in the stands (this happened every game), players talking back to coaches (this happened every game also, the only reason that this was noticed is due to the lack of fans in the dome and the pretty much could here if a player sneezed).

What really shocked me is the amount of organization that has gone into the pregame routines. "There are a lot of things that go on pre-game," Marrone said. "The dynamics of pregame are awesome."

Since the first Saturday practice when the Orange went through this routine, Marrone said the staff has already tweaked the pregame schedule for today. Kickers go out onto the field at 10:35. The linemen go out at 10:53

"When we go out this Saturday and do it - full speed, let's go - that's really the final check to make sure we're fine. So this way, when we go out on the field against Minnesota, everyone knows where they have to go; everyone knows where they stand; everyone knows how the operation works."

I can't wait to see the Product in two weeks. I am just amazed at the whole process. I know I have not seen the final product yet, but I know that it is going to be a better product then has been on display over the past few years. This is the guy for the job, and there is no talking me out of it. Doug Marrone is Methodical and it will show on Saturdays. Wins and losses only time will tell, but I know we are going to be in games, and you never know me might even turn a few heads. Don't believe me, look no further then this; "It's a point in the game, that's what I thrive on, that we can make adjustments in the game," he said. "That's what I thrive on. That we can make adjustments that will change the course of the game. Our coaches know that. I just always instruct the people that sit right behind the bench, if you have small children, I apologize. It might not be a G-rated scene. What did he say, in game changes, this is something new, Has Doug invented something new, oh hang on this is something that our former coach was not that into, or good at. Look no further then games like Akron, Rutgers, west Virginia, all games that we were leading and the other coach changed his plan but Grob wouldn't or couldn't.

"Again, I'm big on, I don't like a lot of distractions. I like to be able to focus on the game. A lot of people have asked me, 'Hey Coach. How's it going be the first time you come out on the field playing?' It's the same. It's business. I'm going to walk out onto that field. I'm going be ready to win a football game. That's how I've always approached it. Saturday's are fun. They're fun."



Friday, August 21, 2009

Players leaving

Searching the Internet for anything SU, all I see is how many people have left the team. Then I opened my Email and found this from a friend

Hey Guys,

I am pumped for the new season...but you have to admit that a frightening number of players have left under the new coach.

I guess our starting kicker / punter just left today and a walk-on is replacing him - 2 weeks before our first game. That is huge shitty news.

I am excited for the new coach and cannot wait to see the team play (I am going to the home opener), but I think something is messed up if so many players are leaving.


Let's start out talking about the amount of players who have left the team. First off it is normal for some turnover after a new coach is hired. This happens for a lot of reason, does not fit into scheme, going to see less playing time, does not agree with new coach, or maybe does not like switching positions. Of course there is other reason, but this is normal and it happens. Since lane Kiffin has taken over,Tennessee has lost 12 players and Auburn with Chizec lost 11 players. Since Steve Kragthorpe took over Louisville 20 players have left the team.

When asked about the players who have left the team Darrel Smith said, we've got a whole 'nother coaching staff," he said. "And we got rid of a few players. Some were good players, but obviously they weren't, um, appropriate; they weren't the right guys for our team. So we got rid of all those bad seeds and now we can grow as a team. As a good team.

As for the Starting kicker Shane Rauper, if I had to guess Shane could not handle the pressure of being the starting kicker on a d1 football team. I am glad that he realized it now and not during a key moment during a game. Also I have heard since Lichtenstein has taken over as the starter he has been money. As per Donnie Webb, he was consistently banging them through. On the final kick from about the 50 with players huddled around trying to create pressure, Lichtenstein made the kick. From where he was starting camp - in which he looked out of place - to where he is now in terms of being serviceable is worthy. Besides take a look at his name tag on the helmet. He is $!!!!

Charlie I hope this has answered a few of your questions, see you up on the hill! Go Orange

Syracuse football's Ryan Lichtenstein and Rob Long

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NFL to open there very own convict store.

Searching the web i came across this picture of an NFL jersey.

Hurry rush your out and get in line before these babies are sold out. Wait wait i am forgetting something, what is it, Oh yeah that tiny thing, Dog wait for it fighting. If you have picked up a paper in the past few years you might have come across an article or two about Vick hanging dogs electrocuting dogs, and dog fighting. Now i was the first person to be very upset about all of that, but i do believe that he has lost enough, he may not be sorry about it, but he is sorry for everything he has lost, and he has lost alot. Vick does deserve to earn a paycheck but really a pet jersey! I am sure that the NFL has the best Marketing agents, but this just does not seem like a good idea nor big seller! Whats next OJ Simpson Leather Gloves, or how about Marvin Harrison gun holsters.

otto the wedding crasher, are funerals next?

Otto as baba ganoush. The wedding crashers have nothing on him!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

he can do it

SU Quarterback Greg Paulus Talks With The Media

Greg Paulus says he can do it! all we need is the waterboy!
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everyone is doing it

I just went from 6 to 12!

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The acc takes notice

Found This article at the ACC Sports Journal thought i should pass it on.


White smoke emanated from the Carrier Dome last night, signifying Doug Marrone's choice of Greg Paulus as starting quarterback at Syracuse. The former Duke point guard beat out Ryan Nassib and will see real football action for the first time since high school when the Orange open up the season against Minnesota. Who knew Paulus would do a better job avoiding sacks on the field instead of the court?

There is no bigger punching bag on the Internet than Paulus. He's been Photoshopped on every message board in the country. He's associated with teabags as much as the Lipton brand. Bloggers must be delighted over the news — one more year of Paulus getting punked in his athletic endeavors.

Say what you'd like about Paulus - North Carolina and Virginia Tech fans - certainly have, but his story is fascinating. Here is a guy who put a promising football career on the shelf so he could play basketball for Mike Krzyzewski, where his four seasons certainly didn't go as planned. Paulus went from starting point guard to role player off the bench, toiling away on a collection of Duke squads that will be remembered as "down years". Paulus must have played the same "what if" game we've all played with our own career choices, fantasizing about hopping into a time machine so he could give his 18-year-old self a warning.

"Eighteen-year-old Greg…this is Future Greg. Listen to me. In 24 hours, Coach K will be in your living room. Do not — I repeat — DO NOT listen to what this man has to tell you. It's all a Jedi mind trick. You don't realize this now, but you will become the poster child for crotches to the face. You will become familiar with Deron Washington's manhood. You'll never look at salted peanuts the same way again after Danny Green serves them up at Cameron Indoor Stadium. You see this face, 18-year-old Greg? This is a face that has seen many horrors. Oh no, I'm starting to shift away from your time. Whatever you do, don't go to Duke. Sign with Notre Dame. Play footbaaaaahhhhhh…"

And strangely enough, that's probably the reason why Paulus got the gig in Syracuse. The remaining one year of eligibility allowed him to hit the reset button, and the sports media has latched on to his last shot at glory in mind-boggling fashion. Paulus was discussed on Pardon The Interruption, Dan Patrick invited him on to his nationally syndicated radio show, and the college football world was intrigued by his possible destinations. When he landed in Syracuse, Paulus was treated to a grand homecoming of sorts. The considerable buzz made it a relatively easy win-win situation for Marrone. Starting Paulus generates headlines and fan approval. The curiosity factor will likely get Syracuse some run on ESPN College Game Day and you know Dick Vitale won't stop talking about it when Duke plays basketball. If Paulus fails, no big deal. The Orange was not going to be in bowl contention and the coaching staff just gave its future starters more time to understand the offense.

As of Tuesday morning, Marrone looked like a genius. By Tuesday afternoon, Brett Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings and blew it all to hell….

Rutgers Who

Playing in Yankee Stadium is a cool little novelty for Rutgers since Army is giving up the home game to have it there.
Syracuse is just being chumps. They have alumni in the area, but so do countless schools. To the extent that anyone else cares at all this will be about two schools from somewhere else playing a local football game with one of the programs being of interest to college football fans. That one being either USC or Notre Dame.

the syraceuse stories have to stop

The funny thing is that the Star Liar will take negative reactions from Rutgers fans to Syracuse coverage as vindication, as though they're feeding a rivalry or something. And Cuse fans will convince themselves that we fear their resurgence.
But Syracuse's desperation is just pathetic to watch. Sort of like the way Florida schools reacted to Rutgers camps and marketing there. I don't blame anyone down there for having found it annoying. But it would be idiotic to think the likes of Miami actually feared that Rutgers could hurt them in south Florida.

Does it bother you that Rutgers fans think that they are so much better than everyone else. Where do they get off thinking this, cause they have one a few games the past few years, give Syracuse their strength of schedule the past few years and we would have one a few games. Give Syracuse back ray rice and we would have won a few more games. I am so sick of Rutgers football and that ass face Schiano. Can't wait till Syracuse is back taking all the good Jersey recruits and you guys are picking thru our scraps. I hope that all those scarlet knights enjoyed their day in the sun because those days are numbered. New York's Team is all over the media these days, Greg Paulus, and Syracuse being featured in the New Meadowlands which is in Jersey. Interesting, why Syracuse is the school playing in the Meadowlands and Rutgers isn't. Let me answer that, Cause we are Syracuse the very same school who has had players like Jim Brown, Marvin Harrison, Ernie Davis, Larry Czonka, and Donavan Mcnabb to name a few. Who does Rutgers have, oh yeah Ray Rice who was suppose to come to Syracuse. Yeah I know we are down right now, but we are still Syracuse and we will rebound. We play the teams that everyone want to play, the usc's, the Notre Dames, the Penn States, who do you guys play, Florida International, Howard, and Texas Southern , wow I hope you guys make it threw that tough schedule. Want more stats how about this, Syracuse strength of schedule is 22 and 35 the past two years. Rutgers, 78 and 81, wow I am shaking at that tough schedule you guys are playing. One last stat, all time wins, Syracuse is ranked number 14 and Rutgers 39. So when Syracuse gets scheduled at the meadowlands and you don't, now you know why, because you are still Rutgers.

comparing rutgers to any florida school is rediculous......remember SYRACUSE pounded rutgers for yrs and yrs......72-14 ring a bell??? wasnt that long ago, but if winning a couple games in a row makes you feel tough, good for wont be long until order is restored and ru is at the bottom again....I cannot believe you would try and use a comparison like ru going into florida and SYRACUSE going into new must be joking!!!

Finally someone with a brain in Jersey! oh and by the way Syracuse leads the all time record 23-10

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where were you when you heard the news

I have an interesting story to share. Trying to beat the heat yesterday I decided to head to armory square to get a few cold drinks with a few friends. After being way over served at a few watering holes we decided to head to kitty hoynes where the a/c was blaring. After a few more pops I noticed my buddy talking to this rather tall well built man and his wife, my curiosity was peaked. So I go to investigate, nothing of interest well back to the others. A few more shots go down the throat, things getting cloudy, after a brief conversation with this tall stranger where I may or may not have insulted him, I did, I decided it was in my best interests to stay away. A FEW SECONDS LATER IT HIT ME, THE CATCH ON THE 3 YARD LINE, that is Chris Gedney, shit!!! I decided that I should go back over and apologize and by him a drink, not a good idea. The drink chip was rifled back at me like a 95 mph Joba fast ball. After trying again to apologize by buying another drink chip he finally accepted and allowed me into his conversation. This is where it gets interesting, I feel my phone vibrate , chris grabs his phone, and my buddy grabs his phone, interesting. I grab my phone and see that Greg Paulus was just named QB1. Conversation now in full swing about SU football, Chris tells me that he is not surprised and thinks it was a good choice. He also tells me that Charlie Loeb is going to be very good and that the coaches think that he is the real deal. I had to know about the catch so I decided to press my luck, jokingly he told me that it's Graves's fault that they did not win because he threw the ball three yards short. I may have a man crush on this guy. The moral of the story is don't piss off former football players especially ones that are twice your size.

Go SU!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coaching 101

In keeping with the Greg Robinson bashing, I just found a list on bleacher report. The title of it is worst coaching performances of the 21st century. You might see somebody familiar at number two.


11) John L. Smith, Michigan State: 22-26

10) Ron Zook, Florida: 23-14 Zook lost 14 games in 3 years. Spurrier only lost 14 in his last SIX seasons.

9) Dennis Franchione, Texas A+M: 32-28 You don't need an insider newsletter for a record like that.

8) Mike Shula, Alabama: 26-23 Maybe the Tide should have nodded to Croom when they had the chance.

7) John Macovic, Arizona: 10-18

6) Mike Dubose, Alabama: 24-23 Another alumnus coach failing at the Capstone.

5) Ed Orgeron, Ole Miss: 10-25 Coach 'O' was O for-the-SEC his last season.

4) Bill Callahan, Nebraska: 27-22 Aww shucks! Not good enough in Nebraska!

3) Gary Crowton, BYU: 26-23 Ben Prather approved that hire!!

2) Greg Robinson, Syracuse: 10-37 Single-handily helped Auburn overtake the Orangemen for 13th place on the all-time wins chart!

1) Ty Willingham, Washington: 11-37 overall, including 0-12 last year.


What I find interesting is how Ty snuck in after Grob considering the drubbing he gave us two years ago, if I am Ty I have a huge gripe about this and would demand that one and two get swapped.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greg Robinson needs medication

Of his 10-37 tenure in four seasons as Syracuse coach, Robinson said, "When I came in there, it wasn't the same Syracuse that it was in 1998. No, no, no, it was different. And that takes time to work your way through it. In my heart, what I'm probably most proud of is that football team that's there today is so much better than the team that I inherited."

Wow Greg you are a rocket scientist. Really it's not the same class as 1998. So the team in 1998 that was led by Donovan Mcnabb that beat Michigan in an arbor, who beat Rutgers by 56, Miami by 53 and went 6-1 in the Big East was not the same team as 2004 who went 6-6 and 4-2 in the big east. Wow shocker. Here is my problem with what Grob said, yes Syracuse was on a downward spiral and yes it was a down year, but how do you take a team that went 6-6 and beat B.C. in Boston, Pitt, Cincy, and Rutgers and win one game against Buffalo. Then the Following year go 4-6 then 2-10 then 3-9. I agree that is definitely not the same team, its worse, but all that has changed with grobs firing and the hiring of Doug Marrone. Since Marrone has taken the helm 19 players have left them team. That is 19 of Grobs wonderful players that he brought in to enhance SU Football for the better I mean worse. But that has all changed just ask Darrel Smith, We've got a whole 'nother coaching staff," he said. "And we got rid of a few players. Some were good players, but obviously they weren't, um, appropriate; they weren't the right guys for our team. So we got rid of all those bad seeds and now we can grow as a team. As a good team.

So Greg is proud of a team that 25% is no longer on campus. Get this man a Head Coaching Job, Maybe Rutgers will fire Schiano and hire Grob. Anyways he is now Michigan's problem and I hope he has learned something over the past few years for Michigan's Sake. Let's Go Orange!

Friday, August 7, 2009

this and that

Considering everything that has been going on lately in sports I have decided I need to vent so here I am, back in front of the old laptop typing some nonsense. Here we go.
Michael Crabtree, really what in god's name is wrong with you. First off why do you think you are entitled to anything? What makes you better then Darrius Heyward-Bey, last time I checked you are both rookies who have not played a down in the NFL. Secondly you guys are running down a field catching a football ¼ of the year and you think you're worth 25 million. What is wrong with this guy? Michael if you feel that you are better then somebody and that you should be paid more than him, suit up and sign a incentive laden contract and prove to the world you are worth 25 million, at least then I can respect you. In my opinion you are worthless and I hope nobody signs you and you are forced to work for your money, I hear McDonalds in hiring! Grow up!

I do not know about you but I am super excited about the upcoming SU football season. The last time I felt like this was two seasons ago. I remember walking up to the dome to see us take on Washington. I remember feeling like this was going to be the year Syracuse turnsit around and we are going to start out on a high not by beating those huskies. Well this time around a feel a lot more confident. The new caching staff that seems to understand Syracuse football, the Big East being dreadful, and the simple fact is I bleed Orange and I always feel like this is the year. So I guess it's time to get the predictions out of the way.

Ryan, Greg, or Charlie, this is an age old question. How are we ever going to decide who is going to win, we are not going to take the word of a bunch of coaches, and what the hell do they know. I have found a more scientific way of doing this.

Let's go with name popularity, results are from the name voyager.
Ryan: in 2008 ranked number 18
Greg: in 2008 ranked 236
Charlie: in 2008 ranked 307
Round one goes to Ryan

Round two:
I feel that qbs shouldbe of a Montana look, so let's compare shall we

If you are looking at the profile pic that best gives you that Joe look then I have to say that the winner has to be Charlie Loeb! Ryan looks like he just committed a double murder and Greg looks like he just had a romp between the sheets with Nancy cantor.

Round three, Action shots:

Tough call on this round I am going to say push.

Round four tangibles:

They all have something going for them, Greg is the golden boy who can "do anything", has helped recruit, put SU back on the map, and could be a homegrown hero. Charlie is dougies first qb recruit and from what I have heard through my source on the coaching staff he is the real deal. Ryan is the anointed starter and has been on the team and been around so he has the leg up.
This is a tough one, as a diehard Syracuse fan I want the Greg to win the job cause, well he is Greg from CBA the same school I went to. Also if Greg played well then the media upside would be out of this world.

Round four goes to Greg Paulus

Well folks all I can say is, it's a tie and I guess dougie is going to have to work it out. I am going to leave you with one more thing, the name Greg was more popular in the eighties then Ryan or Charlie and dougie is trying to turn back the clock, could this be a nod to Greg, nobody knows. Good luck boys.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grob to USC?

With Nick Holt heading to Washington there seems to be an opening over at USC. Could Pete Carroll bring his buddy Greg Robinson and all of his "gregisms" onboard? It does make sense, GRob is a west coast guy and he is Carroll's good friend. I have to say that i think this would be a great move and it would make for an interesting show down in 2011 and 2012 between USC and Syracuse! 

Ballhype: hype it up!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I just got a call from one of my sources, apparently Dr. Gross has given up on hiring a new coach and has decided to bring back Grob. He has been on the road the past few weeks trying to reeastblish Syracuse as a hotbed for Cheerleaders. Rumor has it that Gross has been poaching cheerleaders "so that Syracuse would finally have some hot girls here"! My source has told me that Gross has become dishearted by the awful crop of cheerleards and he feels that this is why no coach in his top 100 list would come here and why no straight football recruits will commit. I guess all those facebook pictures of the su team standing around without shirts on really got Gross thinking. Here are the girls that are on there way to turn our homerotic Football team straight!

Ballhype: hype it up!