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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greg Robinson needs medication

Of his 10-37 tenure in four seasons as Syracuse coach, Robinson said, "When I came in there, it wasn't the same Syracuse that it was in 1998. No, no, no, it was different. And that takes time to work your way through it. In my heart, what I'm probably most proud of is that football team that's there today is so much better than the team that I inherited."

Wow Greg you are a rocket scientist. Really it's not the same class as 1998. So the team in 1998 that was led by Donovan Mcnabb that beat Michigan in an arbor, who beat Rutgers by 56, Miami by 53 and went 6-1 in the Big East was not the same team as 2004 who went 6-6 and 4-2 in the big east. Wow shocker. Here is my problem with what Grob said, yes Syracuse was on a downward spiral and yes it was a down year, but how do you take a team that went 6-6 and beat B.C. in Boston, Pitt, Cincy, and Rutgers and win one game against Buffalo. Then the Following year go 4-6 then 2-10 then 3-9. I agree that is definitely not the same team, its worse, but all that has changed with grobs firing and the hiring of Doug Marrone. Since Marrone has taken the helm 19 players have left them team. That is 19 of Grobs wonderful players that he brought in to enhance SU Football for the better I mean worse. But that has all changed just ask Darrel Smith, We've got a whole 'nother coaching staff," he said. "And we got rid of a few players. Some were good players, but obviously they weren't, um, appropriate; they weren't the right guys for our team. So we got rid of all those bad seeds and now we can grow as a team. As a good team.

So Greg is proud of a team that 25% is no longer on campus. Get this man a Head Coaching Job, Maybe Rutgers will fire Schiano and hire Grob. Anyways he is now Michigan's problem and I hope he has learned something over the past few years for Michigan's Sake. Let's Go Orange!

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