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Friday, August 7, 2009

this and that

Considering everything that has been going on lately in sports I have decided I need to vent so here I am, back in front of the old laptop typing some nonsense. Here we go.
Michael Crabtree, really what in god's name is wrong with you. First off why do you think you are entitled to anything? What makes you better then Darrius Heyward-Bey, last time I checked you are both rookies who have not played a down in the NFL. Secondly you guys are running down a field catching a football ¼ of the year and you think you're worth 25 million. What is wrong with this guy? Michael if you feel that you are better then somebody and that you should be paid more than him, suit up and sign a incentive laden contract and prove to the world you are worth 25 million, at least then I can respect you. In my opinion you are worthless and I hope nobody signs you and you are forced to work for your money, I hear McDonalds in hiring! Grow up!

I do not know about you but I am super excited about the upcoming SU football season. The last time I felt like this was two seasons ago. I remember walking up to the dome to see us take on Washington. I remember feeling like this was going to be the year Syracuse turnsit around and we are going to start out on a high not by beating those huskies. Well this time around a feel a lot more confident. The new caching staff that seems to understand Syracuse football, the Big East being dreadful, and the simple fact is I bleed Orange and I always feel like this is the year. So I guess it's time to get the predictions out of the way.

Ryan, Greg, or Charlie, this is an age old question. How are we ever going to decide who is going to win, we are not going to take the word of a bunch of coaches, and what the hell do they know. I have found a more scientific way of doing this.

Let's go with name popularity, results are from the name voyager.
Ryan: in 2008 ranked number 18
Greg: in 2008 ranked 236
Charlie: in 2008 ranked 307
Round one goes to Ryan

Round two:
I feel that qbs shouldbe of a Montana look, so let's compare shall we

If you are looking at the profile pic that best gives you that Joe look then I have to say that the winner has to be Charlie Loeb! Ryan looks like he just committed a double murder and Greg looks like he just had a romp between the sheets with Nancy cantor.

Round three, Action shots:

Tough call on this round I am going to say push.

Round four tangibles:

They all have something going for them, Greg is the golden boy who can "do anything", has helped recruit, put SU back on the map, and could be a homegrown hero. Charlie is dougies first qb recruit and from what I have heard through my source on the coaching staff he is the real deal. Ryan is the anointed starter and has been on the team and been around so he has the leg up.
This is a tough one, as a diehard Syracuse fan I want the Greg to win the job cause, well he is Greg from CBA the same school I went to. Also if Greg played well then the media upside would be out of this world.

Round four goes to Greg Paulus

Well folks all I can say is, it's a tie and I guess dougie is going to have to work it out. I am going to leave you with one more thing, the name Greg was more popular in the eighties then Ryan or Charlie and dougie is trying to turn back the clock, could this be a nod to Greg, nobody knows. Good luck boys.

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