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Friday, January 4, 2008


Well I was going through my blog today when i found this comment. I will respond to this blathering blowhole afterwards:

Anonymous said...
You and the others who posted comments on are idiots! The man is 25, he aint gettin any younger. 25 is old in the NFL. The man is got one chance to make the dough. he wasnt born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as i'm sure you were!

Just to state the facts and answer " Anonymous", I was brought up in a middle class family, I was not born "with a silver spoon in my mouth" I have held down jobs since i was 14 years old and paid for my own education, I then started my own business with my own money and work more hours in a week then most people. So I never want to hear that again. Secondly I have not posted anything on regarding Taj Smith so check your facts before you start typing. Secondly Why are you Anonymous are you afraid of people knowing that you are an idiot. I want this to be known, I love the hard work and upbeat attitude Taj Smith has put fourth in Syracuse, he should be a role model for many people. As for my post i am stating the obvious here, Taj was not even the number 1 receiver on Syracuse, and last time I checked Syracuse football is pretty much on the same level at Buffalo. So for a number two receiver to announce his intentions to enter the draft a year early is ludicrous.

As for my friend Anonymous if you feel so strongly why don't you start your own blog, I will give you a great name how about

State of the Orange out!

P.S. gettin is not a word and if you did not know how to spell the city it goes like this S-Y-R-A-C-U-S-E. your welcome now run a long and go by yourself a Dictionary. look up Blowhole!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

around the state

Well i was reading some of the comments left this week. I really enjoy reading my haters and fans comments so keep them comming. let me share them for everyone to see. These were taken from my post titled outlawed in '08.

Chase said...
Thank you for the words about the people "down in front." I'm tired of people telling me to sit down. I was at the Northeastern game and nobody would make any noise. And I hate how everyone is in a hurry to sit down after the first basket. I want real fans damn it!

Chase I feel for you, check out what i witnessed last night. i wrote about it in the post below look at number 5. good luck Chase in your search for real fans, Honestly i would give anything to relocate my tickets into the student section.!! Keep the faith brother!

Brian Harrison said...
Hey man, don't feel sorry. I hate posting the kids. I wouldn't have to if we won some more games. My goal is to post more kids smiling/kids with puppies this year.

Well This one is from my buddy over at Orange 44. Brian take at look at the new me post i gave you a shout out with a smiling baby! Keep up the great work and I am going to bet you that you will have more smiling babies then crying one in '08! want to take that bet? Go 44

MariusJanulisForThree said...
I'd like to think I'm personally responsible for your disdain of the International Bowl. My year is complete.

This last one is from my personal Hero, Sean over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. Sean I demand we set a higher goal for next year. Fiesta Bowl Baby!!!! Whats the worst that can happen, you x it out after the first game!


Interesting Game last night at the dome. I am not sure what the oddest thing i saw last night was but I feel i need to tell everyone my night.

1. Grob sighting- yes the man actually is alive and well, I spotted him last night leaving his court side seat behind his body guard Gross and walked up to speak to the common folk in 109. I was hoping that i would not have to see his mug until spring ball but with my luck anything can happen.

2. Coaching staff vs players - has anybody taken a look down the SU bench lately, if you haven't then you really should. count the coaches then count the active players. If your math is correct you will end up with 9 coaches and 11 players. this doesn't include trainers. What do all these people do. Boehiem does not call offensive plays and other than changing from zone to man that is all the calls you will see, so who are these guys and why are they on the bench. I was talking to a few people last night and we were all dumb founded by this. The interesting thing is, the one man that should be on the bench that isn't is Gerry Mcnamara, remember the guy that Boeheim once proclaimed was the guy that if we did not have would not win 10 fucking games, the one that writers were calling over rated, and the very same guy that i believed would be working in a coal mine after college. Well that guy should be on the bench. Why is Lazarus Simms on the bench, what does he do, let me tell you what I saw, I saw Simms talking to Devo all game, It looked like these two guys were practicing for there stand up comedy act. so we dump Simms and a few of the no names at the end of the bench, they can put GMac on the bench were he belongs, leading Syracuse. think about the recruiting machine this kid youwould be!

3. Does anybody wonder what was going through the empty mind of Jimmy B last night.What would be your first instinct when your best player picks up his third foul? If it was me calling the shots i would sit him down so we can have him in the second, not jimmy b he keeps him in there so he can pick up number four. During a game when there where more fouls then assist and turnovers do you really want to take the chance of losing your star.

4. This one was my favorite, about midway through the second half i witness Paul Harris calling for the ball, well this would usually be normal but during this instance Harris pretty much was giving this guy a piggy back ride. most people would not want the ball during that moment but Harris wanted it and when he got it he immediately got whistled for the foul!

5. this one takes the cake. All week i have been bitch about the "down in fronters"! Well this was amazing during a game that had the energy of two kids playing paper football during detention i saw the ushers pleading for people to get up and cheer. This was great so i get up and start screaming defense(even though this is a moo point) but i got up and cheered and was having fun for the first time all game when i heard grandma who honestly was knitting. wait till you hear what they were saying, Down in front!! I wanted to reach out and rip there half dead souls out of there body's, when a Davine force supersede, a whole beer was spilled over them. True Story, best part of the game honest!

taj,what are you thinking

As reported o n Taj smith is entering the NFL draft. Let me repeat myself cause i thought this was a joke at first, Taj Smith is entering the NFL draft. Interesting, I thought that a player who wants to be a receiver in the NFL had to have the ability to RECEIVE the ball, How many passes that were thrown to him were dropped. I bet that he dropped more than he caught. What the hell is this kid thinking. Hang on i am still in disbelief, is this the same guy that was the number two receiver on on Syracuse, that same team that averaged near the bottom of every stat that is recorded including passing yards! What is he thinking, this should have been an easy choice, one more year in college where he has no bills and can hone is skills for the following year or entering the NFL draft not get drafted, enter the CFL not get drafted and then get a job and say welcome to McDonald's can I take your order. This rates as the stupidest thing i have ever heard. good luck Taj nice knowing you!

Let me post some of the comments left on

Taj had some good moments but entering the draft? Good luck in the cfl, maybe

hahahahahahahahaha- o ya? what is that porcelin framed, alligator armed, stone handed wide out thinking? the NFL???? hahahahahah , Syracuse Express/Storm maybe. . . prolly not tho

you have to have talent and skills to catch passes for a living. . . . KEY WORD . . .. "CATCH" this article is a joke right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the new year, the new me!

well it's a new year and i hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. my new years resolution is to be more positive so i have decided to do the top things i look forward to in the new season.

Que the smiling baby- well the in the new year i hope there are alot of smiling babies over at my friends blog Orange 44. with the new recruits and a experienced young SU team hopefully Grob and Crew can right the sinking ship we call Orange Football

Que the count down- with a new year and my positive outlook i would love to see Sean over at Troy Nunes put up the count down to the Fiesta Bowl. Come lets get on this one, with USF getting smoked, and West Virginia in turmoil We can do it, bring on the BCS.

Alverin Collier- I want to hear Touchdown coming from the announcers alot this year i am pretty giddy about this guys chances in taking it to the house!

Mitch Browning- With the pistol formation all but dead(thank god) it looks like a balanced attack is near, and hopefully with alittle luck and maybe with a revamped Oline can open up some holes and get the dust off the shelved running game. If Browning can have the same effect he has had in the past how nice would it be to have two one thousand yard runners in the backfield Alla muroney and barber.

Gross- Hopefully the grass is greener on the other side and Gross puts his house on the block and makes the plunge to another fine institution where he can freely spend money and ruin someone else's prized programs, somebody get hostra and hobart on the horn! I hear that Harvard has alot of money bring them a national championship in football!

Cantor- hopefully our wonderful chancellor will keep her mouth shut and stay out of the way of the sports teams, do i have to remind everyone we could have had Colt Brennan!

The Dome- In the new year hopefully plans will be confirmed that the Teflon bubble will be popped! FOOTBALL NEEDS TO BE PLAYED OUTDOORS, who's with me!! Come on think about it Ernie Davis Stadium or the Dr Gross athletic field(god help us!)

National Blogger Day- with holidays pooping out of the wood work everywhere shouldn't we get a day off for all the hours we put into these blogs. or how about this idea we all take a day off from work and get drunk! Sean we can video patch you in!

winning season- how i yearn for the day that i can walk around in Orange and stand tall, I really hate telling people i am a Illinois fan! The Paper bag must come off soon, i need some sun!
Grob please for the love of god earn some of that money.

one more year- will the dome chant for more more year be heard this time or will Donte make the plunge for the NBA, Donte think about it, National Champion sounds great!

Woman's Hockey- I have to admit as much as I hate the fact that Gross is draining the pool I am very excited about the fact that there will be a woman's hockey team on the hill. For all who do not follow hockey there is a very deep talent pool in Syracuse who vie for the national championship every year. I know what your thinking, there girls, but seriously they are a fun game to watch!

The Express- What a great recruiting tool this is going to be. a major movie based on Syracuse football. amazing

Good luck SU in the new year and hopefully nest year we can be talking about a repeat for big east championship and maybe a national championship, i know i am crazy but like all resolutions it will go by the wayside by February.


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Monday, December 31, 2007

go away

found this picture complents of cuse scoop. i think it shows the feelings of all Syracuse fans.

Ballhype: hype it up!

su football season

So I was inspired by sean at troy nunes today to make a you tube of the syracsue football season.

not bad for my first attempt.
here it is.

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outlawed in '08

With the New year upon us there are some words and phrases that I do not want to hear again in the new year.

ACL- with two experienced starters going down before a single big east game was played it is no wonder why all the Syracuse fans in the world do not want to hear ACL come up in '08

Pistol- I am not sure what Grob and crew where thinking here but that might be the worst formation known to man.

losing season- with Syracuse coming off another losing season i am pretty sure that everyone who bleeds orange has had enough, lets get some wins for gods sake.

Rutgers- I am not sure who Rutgers thinks they are, but there will be a day and hopefully soon that Rutgers takes back it's rightful position in the basement of the Big East. Everyone deserves a day in the sun, but come on it's Rutgers for gods sake.

I am seeing good things- Hopefully Grobs memorable quote will go to the waste side along with his inept ability to win games.

Quick kick- I know so some people think that a quick kick has its place, personally i think it should be banned from football. Honestly give your offense a little credit, everyone once in a while you might be surprised, but not giving them the chance at all is bad for moral. most importantly i think this offense needed every down they could get.

more attempts than yards- how many games did you look at the stat sheet and almost vomit when you saw that the number of rushing attempts out numbered the gained yards!

dynasty- The basketball team flashing the symbol is one thing, but what is the deal with the football team doing it. do you really want to be remembered for wanting a losing dynasty, cut the shit guys.

worst uninis ever- with the announcement that the football uniforms will be tweaked once again brings some excitement to the fact that they can't get any worse so any improvement will be looked forward to.

down in front- now everyone and there mother has commented on this, i am going to bring it a step further. I honestly feel that if you are telling somebody down in front, or quiet down then you do not belong in the dome. Stay the fuck home and do your knitting. Now this brings me to the fact that we need an outdoor stadium. The fact is that grandma and grandpa will not come to the game and complain about not seeing the game if the temperature is forty degrees and windy. those people that complain will be home where they belong leaving the true fans to stand up and cheer.

the crying baby- sorry orange 44- i want wins so i never have to see the crying baby, don't get me wrong its funny but i would much rather have wins.

international bowl- from here on out i am going with the thought that we are going to win the big east every year, is this really so hard to believe, lets face the facts all these teams are average top fifty teams, winning the big east every year should not be asking for a lot. i want gator bowls, sugar bowls or whatever bcs bowls the big east gets, going to Toronto in December is not something i look forward to. now if you said it was in Montreal then game on, see you on Catherine St.

Doug Gottlieb- seriously how much can a Syracuse fan take, he keeps this shit up and i am going to start!

NIT- i will have to say that going to the NIT games in the dome was by far the most energetic and amazing experience i have ever had in the dome, due to the fact that all the down and fronters were no where to be found. i felt like i was in Cameron or rupp arena where cheering is allowed! but i would rather be watching Syracuse in the ncaa's!

ABA- What a crock of shit this league is, first they allow a team to fold mid season then they allow the same owner to start back up in another city less than one hundred mile away. what a joke. bring on a NBA Development league where we can watch players who might actually play in the NBA, and not ones that are one step away from the California penal league.

Local sports network- why is am620 allowed to call themselves the local sports network when they don't even have a local sports talk show on the air on Friday nor during the drive home. Bring back the axeman or down with 620.

Bud and the Manchild- is it just me or is the manchild the most obnoxious guy on the air. I would rather hear that asshole Jim Rome talk about how good he is! and what is the deal with Poliquin coming late and off on Friday, why don't they hire somebody who wants to be there. Bring back AXE. wow you would almost think i had a man crush on this guy, but i am just sick and tired of these two blow holes. GO LUDDEN CLASS OF '96

Wow i feel great now i just got 365 days of frustration out. up next are top words and phrases i want to hear in '08

State of the Orange OUT

Sunday, December 30, 2007

the ugly side of SU Basketball

So i have been wanting to talk more about the SU basketball teams problems. I wrote a story a few weeks ago that i feel was largely ignored due to the fact that SU basketball is all we have left. so i am going to repost it and add some to it.

This is what i wrote three weeks ago;
Well Here is the last of my Green bay trip posts. I was seated next to a certain NCAA Ref who lives in Syracuse and does alot of SU games. He told me and few of my buddies that the SU basketball Team is in shambles.If you had to guess, who on the SU basketball team would be the one mouthing off. If I had to guess, i would say Devo, Wrong!!! Now let me give you alittle more in site to this, this certain ref is good friends with Hopkins, and is also good friends with one of my buddies. Back to the story, He has told me that he has personally witnessed Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris tell Boeheim to shut the F#$% up and Leave me the F#$% alone. I feel that this could be the biggest problem with the team, if they are not listening, then they are not going to learn. I was also told that the reason that the recruiting classes have been so good, is because coach's like knight and Krzyzewski do not want these players cause they are hot heads and that they fear what they would do to the team chemistry. This ref also went one step further by saying that Hopkins actually went after Paul Harris in the Locker room for not listening and mouthing off. This does not seem like a marriage made in heaven. If this shit keeps up look for them to struggle throughout the season.

Now I am going to post a conversation that i had with Alex over at Cuse Chronicles.

State of the Orange: What do you think about this new class and all the off court rumors swirling around them?

Cuse Chronicles: I been a "part time" analyst for BB and FB for a while now (say 5-6 years off an on). I am going to say this and I hope that you do not take it the wrong way. That class that Boeheim got is because a lot of those players were off the radar of some of the more "narrowed" institutions. I am not sure what is going on with Jim Boeheim, who he has to prove himself to, but why go get all these kids that have played together and have a bond and are not going to listen to the HC as much when you could have easily could have had a decent team with lesser talent but more willingness to learn by going after other players. I feel like he (JB) is trying to win another NT at all cost. As they say, you sell your soul only once, hope that Boeheim didn't do it for this class. I also feel that these things happen because SU has no check and balance. The newspaper does not question anything that the team does (none of the teams). I am sure that if SU was in the South or West coast, where there are tons of other schools, and the media is a lot bigger, some of these things would come to the surface. Here in Syracuse with the paper being affiliated so tightly with the school it seems that for the most part there are the attacking articles but they go away mighty fast.

State Of the Orange: What do you feel is the biggest problem with the way this team is ran?

Cuse Chronicles: The biggest problem I have is the fact that the college hides them. What is the problem with admitting that there could be a problem and you are solving it? You think that by not saying anything people won't go looking into it? Actually the problem is that if you do not talk people will look into it, instead by admitting people will let it go. That is why I think that us "bloggers" need to be prudent, but effective in reporting the SU news.

Thank you Alex for your time.

To go deeper into this I have heard that Practices have been cut short do to team squabbles and not listening to the coaching staff. I just am dumbfounded that Boeheim would take this, if this was my team i would bench all the player until they grew up and learned some respect.

Another Rumor i heard was that the coaching staff went berserk after Paul Harris threw the ball of his own back board just to get another rebound and a double double during the Siena Game. I can not believe that these guys care more about their own stats then about the team and college that they represent.

the 29th of december

The Christmas season is finally over and i am looking forward to getting my life back in order. I have missed the hours on end i spend surfing the Internet for anything Orange, but the time is now to start back up my addiction. So lets get to it. (Just a warning i just watched v for vendetta)

Does anybody remember the 29th of December. Today, however, is a day, sadly, no longer remembered. So, I thought we could mark this December the 29th by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. Of course, there are those who do not want us to speak. I suspect, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns are racing to this station. But regardless of what weapons they try to use to effect silence, words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning, and for some, the annunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country. on this day that nobody on the hill likes to speak about is the day the our wonderful AD announced the dismissal of Coach P. It seems that a 6-6 record and a bowl game was not good enough for our new AD, so Dr. gross Pulled the plug on good old P. Now three years later our AD has yet to pull the plug on our new embarrassment, GRob. Three years later and a record that i will not mention due to the fact that i feel the need to vomit every time i think about it, no bowls games, Grob is still is our coach. Now with the recent firing and hiring of our third count it, 1, 2, 3 Offensive coordinators in three years, and the announcement of a few top recruits, all of a sudden the world is giddy about the 08 season. I myself was excited to hear names like colvin, sales, and preaster, but last time i checked these guys are not Oline man, nor are they Dline man, and they are Definitely not linebackers. So let me ask everyone one this question, how are these great recruits going to get the ball if we cant open up running lanes for colvin, or pass block for what ever qb is throwing the ball to the receivers. I was excited but then i realized they are trying to shine the same shit they were selling us last year. Now with the news that Our new Offensive Coordinator who has been with us for three weeks does not want to get help from juco players, i am now starting to sink further into SU football depression. I ask myself this, how much can one person take. seriously! Sure don't fire Grob, he has not had enough time, sure don't recruit juco players, sure don't allow Colt Brennan to come to Syracuse(cant wait to see him light up Georgia by the way, Cantor shame on you for taking him away from us, you suck),sure don't run a spread offense(it's not like it doesn't work), sure bring back the run, run, run, offense that we got rid of on the 29th of December. What is going on up there, does anybody else wish Gross would take one of these job offers. Does anybody remember what wise old Jake said, Hiring a new coach will set back Syracuse longer than fixing what we have in place, in hind site what a smart man he was. I still hate him though.

VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. OK i think i got it out of me, the only question left is; can Gross and Grob prove me wrong, can they win now and can they return Syracuse to the power house they once where, and can they make me eat my words! I hope so, I really do.

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