To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiffin’s the man

I have been sitting idle for a long time about the head coaching job, now that lane kiffin is unemployed I would throw my vote into his corner in a second. Being from Syracuse and knowing and feeling the pain of the Orange from birth I believe that I know something about SU football. I am positive that Grob needs to go right now and I have no idea why the announcement has not been made. With that being said, if Lane Kiffin would come to Syracuse then we would be idiots for not hiring him on the spot. This is a guy who was a USC coach, who was one of their best recruiters and who has learned the game of football under two of the best coaches in football in Pete Caroll and Monte Kiffin. Being a 30 year old man I know for a fact that if a guy with the name Kiffin comes calling my name to play for him I am going to say yes, do you know why, cause he was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, and he was a coach at the school out west, who was that team, oh yeah the USC Trojans! Now what are the draw backs, oh he is a west coast guy and he is an NFLer. Well let's put this to rest, are you telling me that because he is a west coast guy he would not be able to recruit here? Well lets name a few guys that kiffin recruited, Dwayne Jarrett to name a few Mike Williams. In 2005, he was named one of the nation's Top 25 recruiters by Now onto the whole we need a northeastern guy, well let me tell you something, that is just dumb. Football is football, and we play half of our games inside on turf. Think about this Ron Zook went from Florida to Illinois, and Jim Grobe went from West Virginia area to wake forest. Lane Kiffin is a proven winner. He is young and that could and should translate into some energy that Syracuse Football needs. Think about possible assistant coaches that kiffin could bring in, Ed Oregon who has been here and is a proven east coast recruiter. Also he could bring in Bob Cassulo, and maybe Todd Mcnair who was a temple guy who could be USC's best recruiter.


All kidding aside, what does a guy need to have on his resume to be considered by the fans to be a Syracuse Football Head Coach. Does he need to have a few NCAA championships, a history of recruiting, and a history of leading a team, well hello Kiffin has all that. If you had a choice right now would you rather have a guy like Turner Gill who has a worse record then Grob, a guy who lost to Grob and a guy who could be a good head coach down the road or Kiffin who is a great coach in college and the NFl! This should be an easy one here Kiffin hand down! People get your head out of your ass and open up your minds!