To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report

Well the the report that was supposed to drop the bomb on MLB was released yesterday. The over hyped Mitchell Report was released and uncovered 80 names. I am personally trying to figure out what they have been doing for the past twenty months, and how they spent twenty million dollars. Honestly there were no bombshells on the list and they really did not outline any ways to stop the use of steroids. As an MLB fan, i believe that steroids should be banned and i am not sure why i keep hearing a three strike rule for offenders. Just cause it is baseball why should we the fans have to tolerate cheaters. I believe that unless there is definitive proof or federal prosecutions then everyone should be given a pass. With that said from here on out there should be zero tolerance. One positive test and you are banned for life. Cut the bad eggs out and move past this. Bud Selig and MLB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this scandal to get so out of control. Why they have not instituted a tougher drug policy is beyond me, and why are players like Barry Bonds Honored for cheating is beyond me. The fan are too be blamed here. The fact that the Giants sold out every game just because a player injected himself with steroids and has not been caught, the entire world celebrated his very existence and fueled other players to take steroids should be condemned, we the fans should look at ourselves and ask why do we root for the cheater, why do we celebrate this false record? In all honesty if the fans did not go to the park to see Bonds, do you think he would have been on that team. I do not think so. He was a freak show that we all payed to see. i Myself am disgusted for even reading about it, Now i am giving him more publicity by writing about him. Hopefully somebody will get it right and send him to jail. Think about this, if we went into work and did something detrimental to the company you work for, how long do you think it would take before you were unemployed, i bet we would be out on our asses in a few minutes.

Back to this Mitchell Report, How does Bud Selig hire somebody who has clear ties to an MLB team. This is a huge conflict of interest and the fact that he could not dig up one guy that has been on the Red Sox in the past five years is ludicrous. Are you telling me Schilling and Ortiz are Drug Free, No way. The fact that in two years Mitchell could only get two people to talk is insane. This whole thing is insane, it's all hearsay, and is totally inadmissible in court. So What have they been doing for the past two years, with 20 million dollars? How is this going to be Stopped?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

defending home field

Check this out, the police dog bites the hand of the visiting safety. talk about tough places to play in.

Ballhype: hype it up!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shaking it up

Well it's been over two weeks since the infamous shake it up speech that was delivered by our fearless leader Greg Robinson. In two weeks he has made one move, he has fired offensive coordinator Brian White and has replaced him with Mitch Browning. So it seems that the offense has been shaken but what about the defense. Does Grob shake the other side of the ball or does he think his bend but don't break philosophy really works. I watched every game and i have to say that Syracuse broke often. Here is a quote from our new OC, "I really believe that if you want to be good on offense, you have to be able to control the line of scrimmage – there is no question – on both sides of the football. From the offensive standpoint to the defensive standpoint, it is tough enough to convert first-and-10s, let alone second-and-14s, second-and-15s, third-and-longs or whatever the situation may be." On both sides of the ball, do you think allowing an average of 38 points per game is an ingredient for a winning team, i don't think so. With the loss of Joe Fields and Jameel McClain the Defense is going to need alot of work. The Scary thing is who will Grob replace Joe Fields with, considering he was the teams leading tackler. I hope Grob is planning on taking more control of the defense, cause i honestly do not think that Steve Russ has a grasp on the situation. The shake up better continue and it better continue on the other side of the ball, the side of the ball the Grob claims to be a master of. Honestly the only thing he has mastered is how to take a 6-6 team and turn it into a ten loss team. We need more changes, and we need to know how grob is going to fix this problem.

Ballhype: hype it up!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ditka insults Syracuse

Did anybody catch the Mike and Mike show on Monday morning. Well Mike Ditka was sitting in for Golic. Ditka was asked about Anthony Smiths Guarantee. Ditka responded with,"Being from Syracuse Smith has not won too many games in his day, Smith might have gotten excited cause he was on a team that won two games in a row"!

Wow I think the truth has leaked Syracuse Football Sucks!


Well the 4 point shot in Syracuse may not be dead just yet. According to my source there seems to be some rumbling in the ABA . Rumors are swirling that The ABA wants to keep a team in Syracuse due to the fact that Syracuse was not giving a fair shake at a team. Sources also revealed to me that the ABA was disheartened by the fact the former owner of the Bullz pulled out of Syracuse without paying players, reimbursing season ticket holders, and not paying rent. My Source also has told me that a new team is in place with the ABA and they are just waiting to sign a contract with one of the two parties interested. I have been told no matter who the new owner will be expect to see dram tic improvements in the way the team is ran and also look for a new team name that is much more fitting with Syracuse winters. I am not allowed to post the name but it is a dramatic improvement to the misspelled BULLZ. In the coming months i have been warned that there is a good chance of another semi pro sport coming to Syracuse. I will give you all a hint, it involves a ball.

Basketball woes

Well Here is the last of my Green bay trip posts. I was seated to a certain NCAA Ref who lives in Syracuse and does alot of SU games. He told me and few of my buddies that the SU basketball Team is in shambles.

If you had to guess, who on the SU basketball team would be the one mouthing off. If I had to guess, i would say Devo, Wrong!!! Now let me give you alittle more in site to this, this certain ref is good friends with Hopkins, and is also good friends with one of my buddies. Back to the story, He has told me that he has personally witnessed Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris tell Boeheim to shut the F#$% up and Leave me the F#$% alone. I feel that this could be the biggest problem with the team, if they are not listening, then they are not going to learn. I was also told that the reason that the recruiting classes have been so good, is because coach's like knight and Krzyzewski do not want these players cause they are hot heads and that they fear what they would do to the team chemistry. This ref also went one step further by saying that Hopkins actually went after Paul Harris in the Locker room for not listening and mouthing off. This does not seem like a marriage made in heaven. If this shit keeps up look for them to struggle throughout the season.

The new man on campus

I was pleasantly surprised that Syracuse hired a new Offensive coordinator while i was gone. I was trying to read as much as i could on out new offensive leader before i made a decision if I like this guy. My worry is, why has this guy been out of work for a year. After reading bits and pieces i like his attitude and if he can get the oline straightened out, i think it might work. My problem is, why are we not going to a spread, with teams like Kansas, Cincy, and West Virginia doing so well why has Syracuse failed to embrace something that seems like the easy choice?

Now what you are about to read you ,might not like, i was speaking to a guy who was at Minnesota when Mitch was the coach there. he said that Mitch would try to run the ball so much that the opposing teams would just gear up to stop the run, Mitch would refuse to abandon the run, thus halting drives. from what he says, Mitch was run out of Minnesota. I will have an interview with this guy later in the week. I hope he is wrong, i really want to write about good things for a change.

I'm Back

So I have returned from Green bay with a new out look on life. I have realized that SU football games suck. First off i have experienced true tailgaiting and i really do not know if i could ever go to an SU tailgate again. Before I get into this, i want everyone to know that the temperature was 8 degrees in the morning. As i was walking to the Tailgate party I was attending i was amazed at the sights and sounds of the partying. I saw everything from Oakland girls with nothing on except paint, Oakland fans funneling beers like they were water, and food that was to die for. I would have to say that just one section of parking had more tailgaters than Syracuse has all year. let me reiterate that the temperature when i got to the tailgate was 8 degrees., which brings me to my second observation. Football needs to be played outside. Think about it the worst Temperature this year during game time was what, maybe 45. Think about this, people including me bitch about the poor fans in the dome, well if its 40 degrees, do you think aunt Milford would come to the game to knit and tell you to sit down, i don't think so. We have created the shit fan because of that awful dome. I think if Gross had any common sense he would rip off that Teflon roof. Thirdly I have to say that people who live in Green bay are the nicest people in the country, I can attest to this cause i have traveled all over the country, It seems that the people of green bay go out of their way to make you comfortable. My only knock are the females. It seems that Girls in green bay all have huge asses. I believe this is due to the fried cheese curds and all the chili, but i now why they keep their asses, try sitting in those frozen metal bleachers for four hours with out those asses! Now i am not being disrespectful at all, but i did go to about ten bars in green bay and other than a few normal asses the majority of females asses could not fit in one airplane seat. Anyways God bless green bay, Go pack go!

Ps i saw less commericl at an NFL game than during an SU game. also i have to say that i was not offended by the volume, Gross you need to take note!