To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The new man on campus

I was pleasantly surprised that Syracuse hired a new Offensive coordinator while i was gone. I was trying to read as much as i could on out new offensive leader before i made a decision if I like this guy. My worry is, why has this guy been out of work for a year. After reading bits and pieces i like his attitude and if he can get the oline straightened out, i think it might work. My problem is, why are we not going to a spread, with teams like Kansas, Cincy, and West Virginia doing so well why has Syracuse failed to embrace something that seems like the easy choice?

Now what you are about to read you ,might not like, i was speaking to a guy who was at Minnesota when Mitch was the coach there. he said that Mitch would try to run the ball so much that the opposing teams would just gear up to stop the run, Mitch would refuse to abandon the run, thus halting drives. from what he says, Mitch was run out of Minnesota. I will have an interview with this guy later in the week. I hope he is wrong, i really want to write about good things for a change.

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