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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report

Well the the report that was supposed to drop the bomb on MLB was released yesterday. The over hyped Mitchell Report was released and uncovered 80 names. I am personally trying to figure out what they have been doing for the past twenty months, and how they spent twenty million dollars. Honestly there were no bombshells on the list and they really did not outline any ways to stop the use of steroids. As an MLB fan, i believe that steroids should be banned and i am not sure why i keep hearing a three strike rule for offenders. Just cause it is baseball why should we the fans have to tolerate cheaters. I believe that unless there is definitive proof or federal prosecutions then everyone should be given a pass. With that said from here on out there should be zero tolerance. One positive test and you are banned for life. Cut the bad eggs out and move past this. Bud Selig and MLB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this scandal to get so out of control. Why they have not instituted a tougher drug policy is beyond me, and why are players like Barry Bonds Honored for cheating is beyond me. The fan are too be blamed here. The fact that the Giants sold out every game just because a player injected himself with steroids and has not been caught, the entire world celebrated his very existence and fueled other players to take steroids should be condemned, we the fans should look at ourselves and ask why do we root for the cheater, why do we celebrate this false record? In all honesty if the fans did not go to the park to see Bonds, do you think he would have been on that team. I do not think so. He was a freak show that we all payed to see. i Myself am disgusted for even reading about it, Now i am giving him more publicity by writing about him. Hopefully somebody will get it right and send him to jail. Think about this, if we went into work and did something detrimental to the company you work for, how long do you think it would take before you were unemployed, i bet we would be out on our asses in a few minutes.

Back to this Mitchell Report, How does Bud Selig hire somebody who has clear ties to an MLB team. This is a huge conflict of interest and the fact that he could not dig up one guy that has been on the Red Sox in the past five years is ludicrous. Are you telling me Schilling and Ortiz are Drug Free, No way. The fact that in two years Mitchell could only get two people to talk is insane. This whole thing is insane, it's all hearsay, and is totally inadmissible in court. So What have they been doing for the past two years, with 20 million dollars? How is this going to be Stopped?

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MJD said...

Who cares? Baseball is more boring than curling and the Lumberjack Olympics.