To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well the 4 point shot in Syracuse may not be dead just yet. According to my source there seems to be some rumbling in the ABA . Rumors are swirling that The ABA wants to keep a team in Syracuse due to the fact that Syracuse was not giving a fair shake at a team. Sources also revealed to me that the ABA was disheartened by the fact the former owner of the Bullz pulled out of Syracuse without paying players, reimbursing season ticket holders, and not paying rent. My Source also has told me that a new team is in place with the ABA and they are just waiting to sign a contract with one of the two parties interested. I have been told no matter who the new owner will be expect to see dram tic improvements in the way the team is ran and also look for a new team name that is much more fitting with Syracuse winters. I am not allowed to post the name but it is a dramatic improvement to the misspelled BULLZ. In the coming months i have been warned that there is a good chance of another semi pro sport coming to Syracuse. I will give you all a hint, it involves a ball.


Anonymous said...

Screw the ABA, the should get an NBA-D league team. Much better basketball. essentially a farm team for a pro team

Josh from Cuse Country said...

The ABA couldn't have cared *too* much about the owner's actions because they are letting him reopen the team in Rochester next year. Anyone willing to pay the ABA "franchise fee", they will let you start a team no questions asked.

As for the D-League, those teams are basically all in the south and west, mostly areas with no NBA presence. Until they decide to expand the league into something more like the MLB minor leagues, they're not going to put a team ni Syracuse which is within a few hours of NYC, Toronto, etc.

MJD said...

As one former Syracuse University Athletic Director once said, "This is a one-horse town."