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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ditka insults Syracuse

Did anybody catch the Mike and Mike show on Monday morning. Well Mike Ditka was sitting in for Golic. Ditka was asked about Anthony Smiths Guarantee. Ditka responded with,"Being from Syracuse Smith has not won too many games in his day, Smith might have gotten excited cause he was on a team that won two games in a row"!

Wow I think the truth has leaked Syracuse Football Sucks!


jlukin said...

I didnt think anyone else caught that - I was getting ready for work, hearing more praise about those damn Patriots, and BAMN, an Orange Burn with my morning coffee. As if things weren't bad enough. Really, what does not winning have to do with guaranteeing a win?

MJD said...

Wow. That sucks. My first thought: "What an asshole!" Second thought: "Well, he IS right..."

MJD said...

After further review...Fuck Ditka!

Anonymous said...

you old fart, screw ditka