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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Back

So I have returned from Green bay with a new out look on life. I have realized that SU football games suck. First off i have experienced true tailgaiting and i really do not know if i could ever go to an SU tailgate again. Before I get into this, i want everyone to know that the temperature was 8 degrees in the morning. As i was walking to the Tailgate party I was attending i was amazed at the sights and sounds of the partying. I saw everything from Oakland girls with nothing on except paint, Oakland fans funneling beers like they were water, and food that was to die for. I would have to say that just one section of parking had more tailgaters than Syracuse has all year. let me reiterate that the temperature when i got to the tailgate was 8 degrees., which brings me to my second observation. Football needs to be played outside. Think about it the worst Temperature this year during game time was what, maybe 45. Think about this, people including me bitch about the poor fans in the dome, well if its 40 degrees, do you think aunt Milford would come to the game to knit and tell you to sit down, i don't think so. We have created the shit fan because of that awful dome. I think if Gross had any common sense he would rip off that Teflon roof. Thirdly I have to say that people who live in Green bay are the nicest people in the country, I can attest to this cause i have traveled all over the country, It seems that the people of green bay go out of their way to make you comfortable. My only knock are the females. It seems that Girls in green bay all have huge asses. I believe this is due to the fried cheese curds and all the chili, but i now why they keep their asses, try sitting in those frozen metal bleachers for four hours with out those asses! Now i am not being disrespectful at all, but i did go to about ten bars in green bay and other than a few normal asses the majority of females asses could not fit in one airplane seat. Anyways God bless green bay, Go pack go!

Ps i saw less commericl at an NFL game than during an SU game. also i have to say that i was not offended by the volume, Gross you need to take note!

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