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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shaking it up

Well it's been over two weeks since the infamous shake it up speech that was delivered by our fearless leader Greg Robinson. In two weeks he has made one move, he has fired offensive coordinator Brian White and has replaced him with Mitch Browning. So it seems that the offense has been shaken but what about the defense. Does Grob shake the other side of the ball or does he think his bend but don't break philosophy really works. I watched every game and i have to say that Syracuse broke often. Here is a quote from our new OC, "I really believe that if you want to be good on offense, you have to be able to control the line of scrimmage – there is no question – on both sides of the football. From the offensive standpoint to the defensive standpoint, it is tough enough to convert first-and-10s, let alone second-and-14s, second-and-15s, third-and-longs or whatever the situation may be." On both sides of the ball, do you think allowing an average of 38 points per game is an ingredient for a winning team, i don't think so. With the loss of Joe Fields and Jameel McClain the Defense is going to need alot of work. The Scary thing is who will Grob replace Joe Fields with, considering he was the teams leading tackler. I hope Grob is planning on taking more control of the defense, cause i honestly do not think that Steve Russ has a grasp on the situation. The shake up better continue and it better continue on the other side of the ball, the side of the ball the Grob claims to be a master of. Honestly the only thing he has mastered is how to take a 6-6 team and turn it into a ten loss team. We need more changes, and we need to know how grob is going to fix this problem.

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