To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Thursday, April 10, 2008

day by day

Well I have a few thoughts about the on going week so far.

1. Welcome back Axe, I love the new show. It's like a fine wine that will only get better with age.

2. Sean over at Troy Nunes needs to get a local talk show. After listening to him on the block I was riveted to the radio to find if he is like chaz from wedding crashers screaming to him mom, "mom meatloaf!" anyways i love the fact that the axeman has recognized blogger community. I truly feel that the blogging is important because you get the thoughts and opinions of the fans and the fans are why there are sports!

3. Live blog a live blog, I think we have opened up Pandora's box with this one so next week i will be live blogging my spring football experience! It will kickoff next Saturday morning. it will follow me and a few Friends tailgating and watching the spring game, if i am still sober i will blog later in the day about the after game party bar hopping around Syracuse. It is tough doing gods work!

4. Donte Green, Well i guess the shirts and all the hoopla were for not cause our beloved three point chucker has declared for the NBA draft! First off i would like to thank Donte for all the memories, The drum playing, the dynasty symbol that i am no more confused about then ever, and the magical run threw the greatest tournament on earth, the NIT!

I have to say that i wanted to see Donte come back for one more year and see him develop his game. With that said i am getting really sick of these kids coming in here and telling all of us how much they love the college experience and that they will be here the entire time. I really just want a little honesty, I really want to see a high school kid to come to college and say screw all of you i am here because i have to be and i am going to use all of you for a year and then go pro! Now having said that i honestly feel that this is a smart choice for donte and Syracuse. Allow me elaborate, donte goes pro gets drafted get a few million dollars and a new Bentley. Syracuse will get rid of a power forward who will not play inside and loves to bomb away from beyond the arc. I can not remember a power forward who had more shots from three point range then under the basket. I really feel that if Donte did stay then there might have been to many egos on the team next year and that might kill any chance of Syracuse going dancing in 09.

5. Olympic protests, Last time I checked the Olympics were all about comradery, young male and woman competing for the love of their country, and Steroid abuse. Now all of sudden you can not turn on the tv without seeing people scale the golden gate bridge protesting the china Olympics. Monday i saw some idiot trying to extinguish the torch. It is kind of crazy to think that people are rioting to prove their point. I really am wondering why people feel the need to riot and to cause havoc and injuries cause they want China to free Tibet. Where are all these outspoken people who have nothing better to do in their lives. I have an Idea why don't all these people get a clue and try to do things peacefully. It really is hypocritical for them to try to make some do something, Wow it is almost like China ruling over Tibet!

I have to say that i love the Olympics and i am looking forward to watching them. Go Team USA!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess who's back, back again

Well I am a little biased  cause i went to school with the Axeman, but I have to say that my number one A.M. preset is now 1260. I will say that i still have the other station due to the Yankees games but never again will I turn in to listen to the manchild whine about life. RIP Bud and the Manchild! 

Few program notes from the Axeman's show today.
1. we do make a difference. It's nice to be recognized on the airwaves, I would like to thank Axe for the shout out!

2. Where was I five years ago today. I was home with my satan ex girlfriend and her insane parents, yearning for to be anywhere else but there. The good news is Syracsue did win the national championship and I eventually broke up with the "Crazy Bitch!"  Little did I know that she would continue to haunt me and start going out with one my good friends.  

3. my pick for tonight Memphis 79 Kansas 72