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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The who, what, where, and why

Well here is my last interview, It's with my boy Brent Axe. I have know Brent for a long time now, I have to say that Brent Bleeds Orange More than anybody I have ever known. Before I got rapped up in my blog my days used to consist of reading Orange 44, Troy Nunes, and The Axeman. I was devastated to hear that Brent was let go from his weekday radio show. I believe that Brents Show should be on the air and is leaps and bound better than anything else on the air right now. AM 620 claims to be our local sports network, but runs a nationally syndicated sports talk show instead of a Local show during prime radio time, the drive home. I am a fan of the the Bud and the Man Child show but it never will compare to On the Block. The best part of On the Block was Brent's honesty. He never held anything back which I believe is an admiral quality, especially for a radio talk show host. If you ever listened to him on the air you new right away that he was speaking from his heart. Brent keep up the great work.

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Axe- I felt like I still had something to say about Syracuse sports. Clear Channel Radio laid me off in November of '06 and I debated fading into the back round and just getting a "regular job" after that. But after a couple of months of debate, I decided to give sports one more crack and thankfully gave me the opportunity.

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Axe- My dad took me to a Syracuse-St.John's game when I was 6. I remember getting Otto's autograph and thinking that was the greatest thing ever.

What was your most heart breaking Syracuse moment?
Keith Smart. 'Nuff said.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Axe- You mean other than when Daryl Gross was hired as A.D.? I guess I'd have to go with that national championship thingy in 2003.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up our ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Axe-LOL. He set the bar wayyyy to high from the get go. It's nice to have a dream Daryl, but for the love of God be real. It's like Hank Steinbrenner said.."We expect to win the World Series every year, but I'm not dumb enough to think it's going to happen."

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?
Axe- Wow. I'd have to say they would call it after 18 overtimes and the score tied at 3-3.

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
Axe- Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician.

paving the way

I have to throw out my congrats to my boy Joe Lesnau for earning 1st team all conference team in the ACFC. Joe plays Offensive lineman for Brockport.

1 down

One Game Down one more to go. The Syracuse basketball team defeated Fordham last night to improve there record to 3-0. Syracuse shot ablistering 55% from the field and out scored them in the paint 42-14. Syracuse was led by super frosh Donte Green who had 25 points.

With the Basketball game out of the way i can prepare myself for the devasting four hours of SU Football today. Any good feelings from the basketball game lastnight will be wiped away today. Syracuse is about as entertaining as watching a presidential debate. If you are not wanting to become suicdal then I suggest avoiding the Grob game all together. On the brightside, there are only two more games, hopefuly only two more in the grob head coaching campian. I suggest the Ohio Michigan game on at the same time. Anyways go Orange!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

the who, what, where, and why part 3

Well here is another installment of the who, what, where, and why we are bloggers. I recently spoke to Matt over at Orange 44 about his passion for the art of the blog and this is what he had to say.

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Matt-The decision to start a dedicated Syracuse blog is twofold.
First, I, like many, contributed to the message board. Along with a few others, we were in on the ground floor of migrating a message community away from to what is now -- through various permutations -- the Orange community. Over time, however, I grew dissatisfied with the scope of message boards and the platform it gave to many who were more interested in discussing ancillary topics than forthright issues of pertinence.

Therefore, I started what is now Orange::44.

Not surprisingly, the first point directly impacts the second point. At the time that Orange::44 went into publication (March 12, 2005), there were no other blogs dedicated to Syracuse's triumvirate of sports -- football, basketball, and lacrosse. It was the first of its particular scope, and I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to see how a Syracuse-centric blog could a) survive, and b) talk about Orange issues that no other internet-based source was discussing (namely, alternatively statistical analysis).

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Matt- I grew up in Connecticut and only had a tangential cognizance of Syracuse sports. As a fan of the Big East, I obviously understood the role of Orange athletics, but the University never dominated my interest until I enrolled in the Fall of 1998.
As a consequence, my first -- and most important -- memory of Syracuse was the first football game I attended as a freshman. That happened to be the still controversial Syracuse-Tennessee throwdown in the Carrier Dome in 1998. It was an instant attraction that has both ruined my existence and given me a sporting distraction not named "Boston Red Sox."

What was your most heart breaking Syracuse moment?
Matt-The Date - May 15, 2005.
The Setting - Garber Field, University of Massachusetts
The Event - Syracuse v. Massachusetts, NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament First Round
It was the end of "The Streak" and arguably topped off the most disappointing Syracuse athletic season ever -- the football team went 1-10; Vermont bounced the basketball team from the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament; and the lacrosse team (expected to buoy the hopes of all) ruined the greatest tradition in collegiate athletics.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Matt-April 7, 2003.

Syracuse holds of Kansas to win the National Championship.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up our ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Matt-Honestly, I think it is still too early to tell. Unlike many, I have not yet made a concrete decision as to what I think Nancy Cantor should do with Greg Robinson and Dr. Gross. I am an ardent pragmatist by nature and rarely allow recent events to dictate whether an end goal is actually available for success.

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?
Matt- Syracuse, and this has nothing to do with being an Orange partisan. Over at FanHouse we have frequent discussions as to whether Notre Dame is the worst team in major college football this year and the answer almost always comes forward as a definitive "yes." Syracuse is ten kinds of terrible this season, but the offense -- for all of its flaws -- is light years ahead of Charlie Weis' group this season.

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
matt- Deadspin. No contest.

Thanks Matt for your time and keep up the great work. Go Orange
I totally agree deadspin is amazing

up next The Axeman, wait to see what he had to say. stay tuned....

Weekend Orange

So it's finally the weekend and there is a plenty of Syracuse sports this weekend. It all starts out tonight when running Orange take on Fordham in the Loud House. I know what your thinking, it's going to be a blowout. It might be, but its going to be fun. There are a few reasons to watch every minute of this game. Number one you really do not want to miss any of the fast breaks, I hold my breath every time in anticipation of the next high flying dunk. The next reason not to miss the game is that a mile stone could be broken tonight. Eric Devendorf is only 24 points away from 1000. When he hits that mark he will only be the 49th person to reach that total. The last reason should be cause there Syracuse, our team, the Team that everyone has been waiting for since that opening kickoff in august. Lets go Orange.


Syracuse moves to 3-0 in the Flynn Green show.

Yeah Syracuse vs UCONN, oh wait its football. On Saturday that other team that we follow is playing UCONN. Look for Syracuse to Erase all the happiness from the basketball team's win and rip out our soles. Syracuse travels to play the previously undefeated Huskies. What once was an easy win, is now going to be a heart wrenching loss. In the words of Sean over at TNIAAM how FUCKED are we, well considering they lost last week to Cincy, I am going to have to say pretty fucked. With that loss last week, Cincy Erased any hope that Uconn would look past the us. I can not believe I just said that, but lets face the facts, Syracuse has had more attempt than yards in a whole bunch of games, they have also have made the opposing qb look like Johnny Unitas in the Super Bowl. The way this team has played all year does not give me any warm feelings. Think about it this way, atleast the game will be over with early enough to watch some real football teams play, I makes me feel good that there are teams out there that know how to play the game, you know that blocking and tackling thing that the Orange truly do not have!


This is going to be closer than you think, Huskies by 10.

GRob is going to announce to the world that he saw good things and we are going in the right direction!

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off topic

this is off topic, but its pretty funny.
check it out.

Robot Nightmares #2

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The who what where and why part 2

This is the second part of my riveting post about the who, what, where, and why we are bloggers. I spoke to my good friend Sean over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. It's a think-piece. Think-piece about a mid-level band(blog) struggling with their own limitations in the, you know, harsh face of stardom.(sorry watched almost famous last night). So lets get down to it.....

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Sean- I had started a couple blogs about a bunch of random topics, including movies and general sports. But nothing really stuck. After about a week or so I'd get bored or forget about it. It wasn't until I started Nunes that I finally stuck with it. Plus, it made me a better fan cause it forced me to pay attention to the minutia that I never noticed before.

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Sean- This is a horrible confession but when I was younger I was a fairweather Georgetown fan and as such, I hated Syracuse. I have absolutely no frame of reference as to why I liked them, other than that they were extremely popular and I was 13. But I remember watching Syracuse and hating everything about them. Their color, their players and that God damn balding jerk on the sidelines. What does it mean that I now whole-heartedly root for the team I despised second only to Duke as a teen? When I finally break down and see a psychiatrist I'm sure they'll tell me.

What was your most heart breaking Syracuse moment?
Sean- God, what a question. So many to choose from. I'm gonna go with our loss in the Sweet Sixteen to Michigan State in 2000. I was watching the game at a jam-packed Darwin's (R.I.P.). When I say it was packed I mean if a fire broke out, none of us would have stood a chance. And Syracuse was mopping the floor with the Spartans in the first half. I don't remember exactly but we were up by double digits. And there was absolutely no doubt in any of our minds that we were not only going to win the game but also the national title. No doubt. Halftime was a mess of celebratory shots, horrible renditions of "Sweet Caroline" and sloppy high-fives.Then the second half happened. The rest is history. I can't describe it really but the mood after the game was...dire. No one wanted to keep drinking (and that's saying a lot). Everyone was just absolutely drained. There's very few times that most fanbases have their hearts broken because it takes a lot for the stakes to be high enough...but that was one of them.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Sean- I've told this story a few times but it was the Virginia Tech game in '98. Obviously the game was amazing and McNabb's last-second pass to Brominski was the stuff of legend. But it was the circumstances for me that made it so memorable. My mom was up that weekend visiting and we snuck her into the student section (those of you who were or are students know how lax the security is). As McNabb and the Orange lined up for that final play I told my mom we were about to charge the field. At this point, I thought it was a good idea to explain to her what exactly that entailed. McNabb threw the pass and then we jumped the rail. As the students and players merged on the field, Donovan came running right at me. I got ready to high-five him and complete the perfect Syracuse football experience. He raised his hand...and high-fived my mom as he ran by.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up our ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Sean-I'm sure the good doctor believed it when he got here. Problem is, his vision seems to be more of a marketing campaign than a thorough athletics campaign. It's been more about gaining traction in media markets than winning the battle in the trenches. It's all too big picture instead of trying to take care of the little things. At this point, worry about getting us back to a bowl game. Then we'll talk championships.

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?Very good question. How stupid to UCLA and Louisville feel, being the "respectable" programs who lost to these teams?
Sean- It would be an offensive explosion, that's for sure. I'm envisioning a 3-3 tie that is decided in a sumo-off between Patrick Shadle and Charlie Weis. Advantage: Shadle.

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
Sean- Call me vanilla but I check Deadspin first every day. It's not #1 for nothing. And in spite of the fact that writes about the Boston Red Sox and pro basketball incessantly, I'm a Sports Guy reader. Oh and Every Day Should Be Saturday is required reading for all college football fans.

Thanks Sean for your time, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

Stay Tuned for Orange 44 and The Axeman's answers

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The who what where and why

So it's Thursday night and there is not much going on so I have decided to start a three part blog about why i love SU Blogs!

I started my little blog to vent my disappointment in SU football. It has carried me into another world. My day starts out like so many others. I wake up, hop in the shower and get ready for work. As a self employed nimrod my thoughts on my way to work lead to SU. So everyday I find myself on my blackberry looking for new information on Syracuse(don't tell the police cause i am sure it is illegal to do this while I drive). Anyways, Through a few friends and some forwarded emails I usually get something good to write about(thanks Brent for being a fellow '96er). Today, I opened up my email and found a wonderful little tidbit about some idiots poking fun at Syracuse Basketball. This makes me proud to be an SU blogger cause it came from a fellow blogger who finds it more important to stand up for our team then it is to uncover the scoop. I would like to Thank my friend Sean at Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician not only for having the longest name in blogging history but for also pointing out great stories for us little people to write about. Thank you Sean for being the Professional that you are, keep up the great work and by work i mean the work of Jimmy B!

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Ramblings on the world of college sports with excessive Syracuse coverage thrown in...relax, its for your own good

Here Is are some questions that I posed to my fellow blogger, I will post there respones as soon as i get them!

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?

I decided to start Writing about Syracuse when the football team started to spiral downhill. I was bitching at my friends and they said maybe i should blog about it, thanks Dr. Chris for making me into the blogger I have become!

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?

I would have to say the 87 Penn State game, I remember my father bring me up there. I remember watching Donny mac throwing a perfect pass to an unknown receiver , Rob Moore!

What was your most heart breaking Syracuse moment?

The Chris Gedney Catch, so close but so far away. I really wanted to beat Miami!

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?

Tough one, I would have to say the NCAA championship, followed by the GMac show at MSG!

What are your thoughts about Grob, should he stay or go?

I have been on the fence about this, My heart says stay, he is a great guy, but my brain is saying get rid of him he is a tumor that needs to be cut off.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up our ass or is he smoking something really expensive?

I have to say he is smoking something really good. He has come her and has cursed Syracuse sports!

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?

I have to say that Grob would win the I am the worst coach award, but I am sure he could spin it into "i see good things, we are going to be good"!

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?

honestly, I love Troy Nunes, but i go down my favorite list and check them all out. everyday, I say damn why didn't i think of that!

we are improving

Well Greg, in the three years that you have graced us with your presence you have improved in one area

-- In 2005, Robinson's first year, the offense averaged 257.36 yards per game to rank 115th nationally; this season Syracuse is averaging 283.5 ypg to rank 114th.

Congrats, keep up the great work, some where else!
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Must Reads
well it looks like grobs secret is out, he is a bad coach, but he has psssion!

Check out what the country is saying about our beloved coach, read the comments, they are great.

Here is another one, Bottomleschips

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Kids don't do drugs

I just had this emailed to me from Sean over at Troy Nunes, You need to check out this TMCpodcast basically saying that Syracuse has done nothing over the past few years and they are going to be mediocre in the Big East from here on out.

Before I get into this foolishness let me post what a few of my fellow blogers have said..

Matt over at Orange 44 -
I think the Principal in Billy Madison may have put it best:
"Mr. [Clavio and Mr. Bartel], what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response[s] were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul[s]."

Peace, love, Orange,
Matt Glaude

Sean over at Troy Nunes-
"Have you guys actually seen any Syracuse basketball in the last 20 years? 3 Final Fours. A National Title. Numerous Big East titles. A collection of great college players. A current class that includes arguably 2 of the top 10 freshman in the county and an in-coming Top 25 recruiting class.
Put down the crack pipe.
By all means, name me ten other college basketball coaches who have had better runs over that period of time."

Check out what CuseCountry had to say about this!

State of the Orange (my comment)Says-
What Rock have you guys been hiding under. Lets see know what has Syracuse done in the past five years. oh yeah a national championship, a few Big East championships, and a few 20 win seasons. Boeheim is over rated, he is only number 4 on the all time wins list, has brought Syracuse to 3 final fours, is a member of the hall of fame and has won the Wooden Award. They have done all this while playing in the toughest Basketball conference in the country. Yeah I can see how they are way over rated. maybe you guys should do some fact checking.

Now let me start this out by saying, kids this is what happens when you do drugs, get dropped on your head, and eat paint chips. It blows my mind that someone could say that we are over rated. Over the past few years there are few teams that has done more than Syracuse. Other than Coach K and Bobby Knight what active Coach has done more than Jimmy B, and even those guys have not done much recently. I can see if they were talking about St. Johns, but they are talking about Syracuse. The Same Syracuse Team that brought in the number 2 Recruiting Class in the Country, and followed that up by a top twenty five team this year. The same Syracuse team that won back to back Big East Titles, and a National Championship. This has all been Done in The toughest basketball conference in the country. So I guess that would answer your question of who wants to come here, Only the Best High School Players in the country! Oh and don't let me forget, Syracuse does hold the record for biggest on campus crowd, and holds the attendance record also.

I know it is cool to hop on the Gottlieb and ESPN bus, but you guys(Galen Clavio and Sean Bartel) really should get your facts straight first. Who's next, is it going to be Florida, they have only won two NCAA Tourney's in a row, that should be your obvious choice!

another super class

Well folks national signing day for basketball is here and guess what, Syarcuse's class is ranked number 21 in the country. Today Syracuse closes out it's 2008 class with three small forwards; Mookie Jones ranked number 13,
James Southerland ranked number 39,
and Kris Joseph ranked number 9.
You have to hand it to Jimmy B. and the boys for following up last years studded class with another.

Jimmy any chance you can help out Grob in this area.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was reading the axeman's blog about the Grob press confrence when i ran into this comment.
Posted by Hustonb on 11/14/07 at 3:19PM

When Daryl Gross came to SU from Los Angeles, he inherited amiddle of the pack football program, NOT a team that was at the bottom of every statistical category of team play.
Daryl wanted to improve the program. Daryl wanted to win BIG!He wanted to create a powerhouse, a team that could rival USC, the program he left to come to SU. If Daryl built a dominant program here, he would be able to take credit for the USC success, and anoint himself a genius.
But where to begin?
Well, he fired Paul Pasqualoni, because he just wasn't cutting it.Daryl did a national search of all the top football programs and decided Greg Robinson fit the model of winning football coach.
What GRob lacked in experience was a plus because it made him more affordable.
Soon GRob would make Syracuse into a powerhouse and Daryl would look for the next BIG challenge in turning around another program for serious money.
Except for one thing, GRob has a lot of rings on his fingers, but flowers in the attic.
GRob can't teach a lick, he can't recruit, he can't remember things that happened 10 minutes ago, and he certainly doesn't want to explain what happened in the last game.
GRob also does not appear to want to walk away from the scene of an accident.
What should Daryl do?
I think Daryl knows. He's a crafty guy on the make. He'll do the right thing.

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Arob back in the saddle

"I'm pretty close to 90 percent today," Robinson said. "Last week around this time, I was probably 50 percent, maybe. I could have gone (into the game on Saturday) if they needed me to go. I was in an emergency situation/backup role. I was going through warmups a little on Saturday, especially when we first got to the stadium, just trying to test it out to see where I"d be at if I'd be at if I had to go into the game. I felt pretty good, to be honest with you."

Those were the worlds from Andrew Robinson on Tuesday. Look for the well rested Arob to start on Saturday against the Huskies.

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Talk from a desperate man

On Tuesday, Grob came out swinging, he announced to the world that he is a good football coach, he reiterated his point that he is a good recruiter and that he sees this putrid football team is going in the right direction. I just want to know what direction he is bring us too. I think its to be the ultimate d2 winning machine, move over Appalachian state, Greg Robinson and Syracuse are coming.

After listening to his banter yesterday, i feel that grob is campaigning for his job. Greg we do not want to hear your resume, we want to know what the fuck is going on, how can it be fixed, and are you even capable of doing it. I want to know that this is the worst and next year this team is going to win. I am not talking 2-4 wins, I am talking about a winning record and a bowl game. Instead of this garbage of i am good its the players we are moving in the right direction, I want to hear that you know what the problems are and how you are addressing them. I truly feel that this team is a few players away, if somehow Grob can find some Junior college Lineman and some new linebackers, we might be able to win a few in a hurry. My problem is that the mistakes week in and week out are stupid mistakes. I feel that your lines have not improved, in fact I think they both have gotten worse every year since you were hired. These mistakes are all things that can be coached and for some reason you are having a hard time coaching these things. Seriously Greg you need to prove it too us, win out and that might sway a few people.
Greg you want to win, how much do you think everyone else does, you are going to find out in few days when you get that pink slip!

Here is what he said Yesterday

"I've had people that stood up for me, that brought me here that said, hey, this is your football team," Robinson said. "I want to show those people that what we're doing is right. I think about the people I've met in this community that I've gotten close with, that have been very supportive. I want to show them that I appreciate their support. There's a lot at stake. I want you to know, I feel that as much as anybody. This is real important stuff.

"When I look back and say, hey, you know something - I know in my heart what I believe. I really do believe where we're headed is the right thing. We've got to prove it, though.

"When I look back, you know, I say, hey, should we have won more games? I think we should. I really do. We should've won the first game I ever coached here. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win and didn't pull it off. Two weeks later, we're playing Virginia, OK. We've got them third down and 6. If we stop that quarterback right there, we get the ball back. We go kick the field goal and we win that football game. I can go on. There are games that should've, could've or whatever.

"When I look at where we're at right now, it's about winning right now is real important. For a lot of different things, it really is."

"This is what I think ... I've coached for 33 years," he said. "From the very first ... before I ever coached one practice on the football field, I went out and signed - I was a graduate assistant; just finished my senior year; I was put on the road to go recruiting - I went out and I signed three football players that ended up starting the next year. Wherever I've been as a coach, they've always said, I was a great recruiter .... you can read it in any press guide ... and evaluator. I know this. I know there are certain things. I know we're getting good players. That's happened in recruiting.

"I think my record can show that I'm a good football coach. Do I make every decision that's perfect? I can't tell you that. What I want is for others ... I know, I really believe if we continue to recruit and continue to get good players, we're going to be a good football team. I believe that.

"I want for others ... I want for our team ... I want for our chancellor, that hired me ... I want for our athletic director ... I want ... there's a number of people in this community that have been really supportive ... I want it for the parents of our team to feel those things. To me, that's what I say."

"You know something, I'm in that office," he said. "I'm burrowed in there until all hours. I'm studying film and I'm doing this and I'm meeting with players and I'm meeting with coaches and I'm practicing football ... but you know something, my wife is out in the community. She's supporting me. She is. She's all over the place. And Daryl Gross is out in the community. And Nancy Cantor. They're out in the community. And they're the ones that are supporting me in a tough time. You know what? I'm in the building. Come on. I need to feel it, and I do. When I say more than that, there are some outstanding people that I have met that have been so darn good. And I know they're still fighting the fight. That's great. But I want it to be known, hey, I feel it. I'm not on the street every day."

"I was really planning on being better than 2-8 right now in my third year," Robinson said. "In my heart, hell yes. Now I'm talking about when I first came in. There were games that we could have won or should have won, in my mind, that we didn't win. Still at the same time, I think, that when you get this thing all working, I think it's going to be just fine. I think we're going to be a good football team. I really do."

Players Lounge

Rumors are swirling around SU today that Grob is not happy with his players performance last weekend. He so bothered by his players enthusiasm that he is punishing the entire team by closing the players lounge. I understand that it is closed until further notice(personally I hope its closed till they win another game)

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I have finally updated my Syracuse blogs list. if there are any of you guys i missed drop me a line and i will add you.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There's no place..

Syracuse's golden child Gerry Mcnamara was cut from his Greek Basketball Team. Interesting enough he was replaced by Mateen Cleeves who replaced him with the Bakersfield Jam last year. It seems that Cleeves is riding Gerry's coat tails. The Raging Bullz should try to sign Gerry and get him back to Syracuse where he belongs. We should all hope that Gerry is thinking like Dorthy right now and is clicking his heels together repeating there's no place like home, there's no place like home!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Bloggers Unite

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Cusescoops-- Bloggers of the Syracuse world UNITE! A demonstration is about to take shape as bloggers from the Syracuse sports arena are set to stage a rally for the resignation of Syracuse University football Coach Greg Robinson. URDOUCHEGROB, proprietor of the now defunct GROBISDYSFUNCTIONAL.COM put together the rally which will bring the blogosphere to life this Saturday at noon down in Clinton Square. "Many of these guys have never met before, but had developed relationships online throughout the years, kinda like a for bloggers. "It's going to be strange meeting these guys, after years of blasting GROB" states, Marius Janillus of the famed Troy nunes is an absolute magician blogsite.
Brent Axe, of the Axeman Blogeth, a widely popular blog site for the site said that, "I am expecting 50 yr old fat dudes to be showing up, but we will see what happens." The rally will have an online band playing from monitors located under a virtual tent. Cyber food will also be provided by Kittyhoynes featuring, Online O'connor potato skins, virtual kinsale calamari, and Guinness 2.0.

The evening will also feature the sexy blogstress, sexybeeatch17, from her widely popular, Hot Ambercrombie chick will wrap up the night with a blog performance as she writes about the "Real difference between a Prada couture handbag and the new Coach fall line. "I am really looking for the blog performance Saturday night," sexybeeatch17 typed from parts unknown. " It will be a great opportunity for me, even though I don't really know what football is?"
The night will also include an online grudge match between posters Punton3rd13 and Buggaboo.

It Sucks to be a Florida Gator

Well i was sent this video from a friend. This was filmed before the Syracuse Florida game at MSG. here is a little FYI Florida beat Syracuse, and then went on to win the next two NCAA Tourneys and a football national championship.
Terry Funny Shit, but look what you did!

You need to check out the whole video, the end is the best part!

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Diamond in the sky

Well the season opener is out of the way. The opener was everything but clean. Syracuse Gave up the ball 23 times leading to 26 points. This pretty much was the story of the game. Syracuse pretty much kept Siena in the game. Offensively all starters for Syracuse ended in double digit points. The Bright spot was the shooting of Johnny Flynn. Flynn finished 10 of 13 and 6 of 7 from three point range. Flynn ended the game with 28 points, breaking Melos record for most point scored by freshman in an opener.

If this game is any indication of the season, look out, it's going to be interesting. Look out for Flynn, Green, And Jackson to get more comfortable and begin to gel with the returning players. When that happens, Opponents look out, You are going to hear one thing, The Cuse is in the house oh my god!

Diamond in the Sky


Put on your old green bonnet with your yellow ribbon on it and we will drink 6 friars to the grave. Though we ain't got knowledge we are a damn find college, S I E N A.

Translations of an Idiot

Ballhype: hype it up!

I have decided that Greg is being a little vague during his press conference. allow me to translate.

“It’s a frustrating situation”. - Everybody is calling for my head, i can't figure out why

"I know I want what everybody else wants. We all want it now"- take me out of my misery, please Daryl fire me, do it now!

"As I look at that today that we’re going against, I’m telling you, right now, it was different. We’ve got to keep working. I know people don’t want to hear that anymore."- I am a brainless fool who can't even think of different ways to make excuses and lie, I hope nobody figures it out!

It’s trying to put together the older players that are real players and the young players that are coming along. You have struggles. And today, it was very apparent to me. -I have to say this cause if not the whole world will know i am a bumbling idiot who does not know a football from a basketball!

“What I tell you is, there’s a lot of people out there, the inexperience got to us. They got to us. Then there’s also a few of them out there that I wish were out there that can’t be out there with us. There’s a whole bunch of them, to be honest with you. It’s real." - What did I say again, good golly its a good thing I am not the coach of the Colts!

“And we’re heading in the right direction, contrary to what others might want to think. Everybody thinks it’s presto. It isn’t that way. OK - Like Oh My god My job is totally tubular, I get Paid to do nothing, make stupid choices, and ruin a team that was once a national powerhouse!

Again, I want you just to feel where I’m coming from.” - Kill Me, Kill Me

There, I think the whole world now knows what you are actually saying.

“It’s a frustrating situation”. “It is, for me. I know I want want everybody else wants. We all want it now. But you know something? It isn’t going to happen like that. I know that. As I look at that today that we’re going against, I’m telling you, right now, it was different. We’ve got to keep working. I know people don’t want to hear that anymore. That’s all I say but it’s really the truth. It’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to fight through it. It’s trying to put together the older players that are real players and the young players that are coming along. You have struggles. And today, it was very apparent to me. “What I tell you is, there’s a lot of people out there, the inexperience got to us. They got to us. Then there’s also a few of them out there that I wish were out there that can’t be out there with us. There’s a whole bunch of them, to be honest with you. It’s real. Sometimes people don’t want to hear that, but it’s a fact. I’ve been sitting here trying, because I hate to sit here and sound like I’m making excuses. I’m not. I’m telling you what it is. “And we’re heading in the right direction, contrary to what others might want to think. Everybody thinks it’s presto. It isn’t that way. OK. There’s good football players in here that are working to get to be outstanding players. And they’re gonna … and we continue to recruit the way we’ve been recruiting … it’s going to get real good. And I feel good about what’s building in this class. Again, I want you just to feel where I’m coming from.”

i am so over this

Well another Saturday is behind us and the great news is we only have to deal with two more humiliating loses. These next two weeks can not come fast enough.

I have no idea how a team that has produces running backs like Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Ernie Davis, and Floyd Little has consistently been shut down this year. How does a team week in and week out have more attempts than yards. I spent Saturday watching the game with a few friends in NYC. It truly amazes me how bad it has gotten. I remember the days when you could be proud to be a Syracuse fan. Now, I have used every excuse to hide the fact I bleed Orange. I have told people that i am a Clemson fan, an Illinois fan, and even that burnt orange team down in Texas. How has this team gotten so bad, how has a coaching staff that is so inept, been allowed to stay around for so long, and how has our wonderful AD been allowed to stand there and do nothing about it.
I was alittle curious so i dropped Daryl Gross an email, this is what i got back;

Dearest Matt,

Thanks for the note. I have added weight room, fields etc. It will take some time but we will get it right. Your thoughts are very sound and I agree. Patience is a virtue. We eill be champs. The band needs to step it up. I am pushing.



Now, i am a firm believer that Dr. Gross has done great things up on the hill, The Dome has never looked better, the new weight room, and the new fields. But I have also been thinking that Grob should get another year, Now after another lose, I have changed my mind, he needs to start packing that house of his, call a Realtor and a travel agent, then he needs to take the first Jet Blue Flight out of town. I was a firm believer that Coach P needed to go, know I am beginning to wonder how big of a mistake that was. I can not believe the fact that i would give anything for a 6-6 or a 5-7, i would even happily watch that putrid offense of Deleone, remember run on 1st, run on second, pass on third. At least those call made sense. With White in charge, I saw a run play on 3rd and 28. what the fuck is that all about. I think that might be the most pathetic thing i have ever seen, no i take that back, the fact that the quick kick has become a staple in the play calling scheme, now that is pathetic.

How about this, it took nine god damn games to figure out that Bruce Williams has no fucking clue nor the testicular fortitude to return punts. how about on one punt return Ryan Howard accumulated more yards then Williams did all year. Why did it take so long to figure that out.Could it be possible that the SU Coaches might not know how to teach. I have heard from a few sources that the problem with Notre Dame is the fact that Charlie Wiese is a NFL coach and at that level they are dealing with players who know what to do, now he is in a level where fundamentals are key and he has no idea on how to teach them. Could the same be true with Grob. the mistakes that I see are all fundamental errors, blocking and tackling. you can't get anymore basic than that.

My question is this, how long is it going to take the brain trusts on the hill to figure out that this is rock bottom. There is no hope for the future, and i really believe Grob and his band a merry man are way out of there league and are being out classed by every coach in college football. This is a disgrace, and this need to end now. How about this, Just forfeit the rest of the games.

Ballhype: hype it up!