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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The who, what, where, and why

Well here is my last interview, It's with my boy Brent Axe. I have know Brent for a long time now, I have to say that Brent Bleeds Orange More than anybody I have ever known. Before I got rapped up in my blog my days used to consist of reading Orange 44, Troy Nunes, and The Axeman. I was devastated to hear that Brent was let go from his weekday radio show. I believe that Brents Show should be on the air and is leaps and bound better than anything else on the air right now. AM 620 claims to be our local sports network, but runs a nationally syndicated sports talk show instead of a Local show during prime radio time, the drive home. I am a fan of the the Bud and the Man Child show but it never will compare to On the Block. The best part of On the Block was Brent's honesty. He never held anything back which I believe is an admiral quality, especially for a radio talk show host. If you ever listened to him on the air you new right away that he was speaking from his heart. Brent keep up the great work.

Why did you decide to start a blog about Syracuse sports?
Axe- I felt like I still had something to say about Syracuse sports. Clear Channel Radio laid me off in November of '06 and I debated fading into the back round and just getting a "regular job" after that. But after a couple of months of debate, I decided to give sports one more crack and thankfully gave me the opportunity.

What were your first memories of a Syracuse sporting event?
Axe- My dad took me to a Syracuse-St.John's game when I was 6. I remember getting Otto's autograph and thinking that was the greatest thing ever.

What was your most heart breaking Syracuse moment?
Keith Smart. 'Nuff said.

What was your happiest Syracuse moment?
Axe- You mean other than when Daryl Gross was hired as A.D.? I guess I'd have to go with that national championship thingy in 2003.

Daryl Gross came into Syracuse with grand visions of national championships, was he blowing smoke up our ass or is he smoking something really expensive?
Axe-LOL. He set the bar wayyyy to high from the get go. It's nice to have a dream Daryl, but for the love of God be real. It's like Hank Steinbrenner said.."We expect to win the World Series every year, but I'm not dumb enough to think it's going to happen."

Who would win Notre Dame or Syracuse in the "I suck as a coach bowl"?
Axe- Wow. I'd have to say they would call it after 18 overtimes and the score tied at 3-3.

Other than your own, what blog do you get out of bed and think I can't wait to see what they wrote next?
Axe- Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician.

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