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Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Orange

So it's finally the weekend and there is a plenty of Syracuse sports this weekend. It all starts out tonight when running Orange take on Fordham in the Loud House. I know what your thinking, it's going to be a blowout. It might be, but its going to be fun. There are a few reasons to watch every minute of this game. Number one you really do not want to miss any of the fast breaks, I hold my breath every time in anticipation of the next high flying dunk. The next reason not to miss the game is that a mile stone could be broken tonight. Eric Devendorf is only 24 points away from 1000. When he hits that mark he will only be the 49th person to reach that total. The last reason should be cause there Syracuse, our team, the Team that everyone has been waiting for since that opening kickoff in august. Lets go Orange.


Syracuse moves to 3-0 in the Flynn Green show.

Yeah Syracuse vs UCONN, oh wait its football. On Saturday that other team that we follow is playing UCONN. Look for Syracuse to Erase all the happiness from the basketball team's win and rip out our soles. Syracuse travels to play the previously undefeated Huskies. What once was an easy win, is now going to be a heart wrenching loss. In the words of Sean over at TNIAAM how FUCKED are we, well considering they lost last week to Cincy, I am going to have to say pretty fucked. With that loss last week, Cincy Erased any hope that Uconn would look past the us. I can not believe I just said that, but lets face the facts, Syracuse has had more attempt than yards in a whole bunch of games, they have also have made the opposing qb look like Johnny Unitas in the Super Bowl. The way this team has played all year does not give me any warm feelings. Think about it this way, atleast the game will be over with early enough to watch some real football teams play, I makes me feel good that there are teams out there that know how to play the game, you know that blocking and tackling thing that the Orange truly do not have!


This is going to be closer than you think, Huskies by 10.

GRob is going to announce to the world that he saw good things and we are going in the right direction!

Ballhype: hype it up!

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