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Monday, November 12, 2007

Diamond in the sky

Well the season opener is out of the way. The opener was everything but clean. Syracuse Gave up the ball 23 times leading to 26 points. This pretty much was the story of the game. Syracuse pretty much kept Siena in the game. Offensively all starters for Syracuse ended in double digit points. The Bright spot was the shooting of Johnny Flynn. Flynn finished 10 of 13 and 6 of 7 from three point range. Flynn ended the game with 28 points, breaking Melos record for most point scored by freshman in an opener.

If this game is any indication of the season, look out, it's going to be interesting. Look out for Flynn, Green, And Jackson to get more comfortable and begin to gel with the returning players. When that happens, Opponents look out, You are going to hear one thing, The Cuse is in the house oh my god!

Diamond in the Sky

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