To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was reading the axeman's blog about the Grob press confrence when i ran into this comment.
Posted by Hustonb on 11/14/07 at 3:19PM

When Daryl Gross came to SU from Los Angeles, he inherited amiddle of the pack football program, NOT a team that was at the bottom of every statistical category of team play.
Daryl wanted to improve the program. Daryl wanted to win BIG!He wanted to create a powerhouse, a team that could rival USC, the program he left to come to SU. If Daryl built a dominant program here, he would be able to take credit for the USC success, and anoint himself a genius.
But where to begin?
Well, he fired Paul Pasqualoni, because he just wasn't cutting it.Daryl did a national search of all the top football programs and decided Greg Robinson fit the model of winning football coach.
What GRob lacked in experience was a plus because it made him more affordable.
Soon GRob would make Syracuse into a powerhouse and Daryl would look for the next BIG challenge in turning around another program for serious money.
Except for one thing, GRob has a lot of rings on his fingers, but flowers in the attic.
GRob can't teach a lick, he can't recruit, he can't remember things that happened 10 minutes ago, and he certainly doesn't want to explain what happened in the last game.
GRob also does not appear to want to walk away from the scene of an accident.
What should Daryl do?
I think Daryl knows. He's a crafty guy on the make. He'll do the right thing.

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