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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talk from a desperate man

On Tuesday, Grob came out swinging, he announced to the world that he is a good football coach, he reiterated his point that he is a good recruiter and that he sees this putrid football team is going in the right direction. I just want to know what direction he is bring us too. I think its to be the ultimate d2 winning machine, move over Appalachian state, Greg Robinson and Syracuse are coming.

After listening to his banter yesterday, i feel that grob is campaigning for his job. Greg we do not want to hear your resume, we want to know what the fuck is going on, how can it be fixed, and are you even capable of doing it. I want to know that this is the worst and next year this team is going to win. I am not talking 2-4 wins, I am talking about a winning record and a bowl game. Instead of this garbage of i am good its the players we are moving in the right direction, I want to hear that you know what the problems are and how you are addressing them. I truly feel that this team is a few players away, if somehow Grob can find some Junior college Lineman and some new linebackers, we might be able to win a few in a hurry. My problem is that the mistakes week in and week out are stupid mistakes. I feel that your lines have not improved, in fact I think they both have gotten worse every year since you were hired. These mistakes are all things that can be coached and for some reason you are having a hard time coaching these things. Seriously Greg you need to prove it too us, win out and that might sway a few people.
Greg you want to win, how much do you think everyone else does, you are going to find out in few days when you get that pink slip!

Here is what he said Yesterday

"I've had people that stood up for me, that brought me here that said, hey, this is your football team," Robinson said. "I want to show those people that what we're doing is right. I think about the people I've met in this community that I've gotten close with, that have been very supportive. I want to show them that I appreciate their support. There's a lot at stake. I want you to know, I feel that as much as anybody. This is real important stuff.

"When I look back and say, hey, you know something - I know in my heart what I believe. I really do believe where we're headed is the right thing. We've got to prove it, though.

"When I look back, you know, I say, hey, should we have won more games? I think we should. I really do. We should've won the first game I ever coached here. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win and didn't pull it off. Two weeks later, we're playing Virginia, OK. We've got them third down and 6. If we stop that quarterback right there, we get the ball back. We go kick the field goal and we win that football game. I can go on. There are games that should've, could've or whatever.

"When I look at where we're at right now, it's about winning right now is real important. For a lot of different things, it really is."

"This is what I think ... I've coached for 33 years," he said. "From the very first ... before I ever coached one practice on the football field, I went out and signed - I was a graduate assistant; just finished my senior year; I was put on the road to go recruiting - I went out and I signed three football players that ended up starting the next year. Wherever I've been as a coach, they've always said, I was a great recruiter .... you can read it in any press guide ... and evaluator. I know this. I know there are certain things. I know we're getting good players. That's happened in recruiting.

"I think my record can show that I'm a good football coach. Do I make every decision that's perfect? I can't tell you that. What I want is for others ... I know, I really believe if we continue to recruit and continue to get good players, we're going to be a good football team. I believe that.

"I want for others ... I want for our team ... I want for our chancellor, that hired me ... I want for our athletic director ... I want ... there's a number of people in this community that have been really supportive ... I want it for the parents of our team to feel those things. To me, that's what I say."

"You know something, I'm in that office," he said. "I'm burrowed in there until all hours. I'm studying film and I'm doing this and I'm meeting with players and I'm meeting with coaches and I'm practicing football ... but you know something, my wife is out in the community. She's supporting me. She is. She's all over the place. And Daryl Gross is out in the community. And Nancy Cantor. They're out in the community. And they're the ones that are supporting me in a tough time. You know what? I'm in the building. Come on. I need to feel it, and I do. When I say more than that, there are some outstanding people that I have met that have been so darn good. And I know they're still fighting the fight. That's great. But I want it to be known, hey, I feel it. I'm not on the street every day."

"I was really planning on being better than 2-8 right now in my third year," Robinson said. "In my heart, hell yes. Now I'm talking about when I first came in. There were games that we could have won or should have won, in my mind, that we didn't win. Still at the same time, I think, that when you get this thing all working, I think it's going to be just fine. I think we're going to be a good football team. I really do."

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