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Monday, November 12, 2007

i am so over this

Well another Saturday is behind us and the great news is we only have to deal with two more humiliating loses. These next two weeks can not come fast enough.

I have no idea how a team that has produces running backs like Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Ernie Davis, and Floyd Little has consistently been shut down this year. How does a team week in and week out have more attempts than yards. I spent Saturday watching the game with a few friends in NYC. It truly amazes me how bad it has gotten. I remember the days when you could be proud to be a Syracuse fan. Now, I have used every excuse to hide the fact I bleed Orange. I have told people that i am a Clemson fan, an Illinois fan, and even that burnt orange team down in Texas. How has this team gotten so bad, how has a coaching staff that is so inept, been allowed to stay around for so long, and how has our wonderful AD been allowed to stand there and do nothing about it.
I was alittle curious so i dropped Daryl Gross an email, this is what i got back;

Dearest Matt,

Thanks for the note. I have added weight room, fields etc. It will take some time but we will get it right. Your thoughts are very sound and I agree. Patience is a virtue. We eill be champs. The band needs to step it up. I am pushing.



Now, i am a firm believer that Dr. Gross has done great things up on the hill, The Dome has never looked better, the new weight room, and the new fields. But I have also been thinking that Grob should get another year, Now after another lose, I have changed my mind, he needs to start packing that house of his, call a Realtor and a travel agent, then he needs to take the first Jet Blue Flight out of town. I was a firm believer that Coach P needed to go, know I am beginning to wonder how big of a mistake that was. I can not believe the fact that i would give anything for a 6-6 or a 5-7, i would even happily watch that putrid offense of Deleone, remember run on 1st, run on second, pass on third. At least those call made sense. With White in charge, I saw a run play on 3rd and 28. what the fuck is that all about. I think that might be the most pathetic thing i have ever seen, no i take that back, the fact that the quick kick has become a staple in the play calling scheme, now that is pathetic.

How about this, it took nine god damn games to figure out that Bruce Williams has no fucking clue nor the testicular fortitude to return punts. how about on one punt return Ryan Howard accumulated more yards then Williams did all year. Why did it take so long to figure that out.Could it be possible that the SU Coaches might not know how to teach. I have heard from a few sources that the problem with Notre Dame is the fact that Charlie Wiese is a NFL coach and at that level they are dealing with players who know what to do, now he is in a level where fundamentals are key and he has no idea on how to teach them. Could the same be true with Grob. the mistakes that I see are all fundamental errors, blocking and tackling. you can't get anymore basic than that.

My question is this, how long is it going to take the brain trusts on the hill to figure out that this is rock bottom. There is no hope for the future, and i really believe Grob and his band a merry man are way out of there league and are being out classed by every coach in college football. This is a disgrace, and this need to end now. How about this, Just forfeit the rest of the games.

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