To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is going on!

What is going on up there on the Hill? While other schools are doing what needs to be done by canning there under achievers, Dr. Gross and Company are sitting on there hands and doing nothing. Why has an announcement not been made on his future. The longer they wait the more possible recruits move onto different pastures like UConn and Rutgers. Syracuse can not afford to play the waiting game. This weeks excuse is senior day, what is it going to be next week, Gross is focusing on traveling to Notre Dame. This really is becoming funny. This incompetent little Doctor needs to own up to his mistakes and shit can this bumbling idiot of a coach. Now we are all going to have to deal with the two headed monster quarterback this weekend that does not include Cody or Legree. At this point why not give these two guys a chance. Arob has proven that he can not throw consistently and Dantley has proven why he was a walk-on. How that is these brain trusts ion the hill that are making millions can not get there act together. Please I am begging you Gross, Pull the gun out and pull the trigger on Grob, like a lame horse he needs to be put down!

Bobby on the 2-3 and Blossoming!

During my morning scouring the internet looking for anything Orange I came across this little dig on our very own Jimmy B from non other than Bobby Knight.

Knight: I think Syracuse will get back in the tournament this year, because Jim Boeheim is a great coach, even though he plays that pansy 2-3 zone, which is exactly what I would play if I was a little girl first blossoming into womanhood. But they've got experience in the backcourt, and I think they get back in the NCAA Tournament this year.

Wow what does Bobby have against the 2-3 and Jimmy B. Jimmy has been very kind to Bobby over the years, he gave him a nation Championship in '87 and also did alittle acting beside him in Blue Chips. If anything Jimmy should be the one calling Bobby names and sticking pins into his Bobby doll. Here is the Article if you guys are curious.