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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bobby on the 2-3 and Blossoming!

During my morning scouring the internet looking for anything Orange I came across this little dig on our very own Jimmy B from non other than Bobby Knight.

Knight: I think Syracuse will get back in the tournament this year, because Jim Boeheim is a great coach, even though he plays that pansy 2-3 zone, which is exactly what I would play if I was a little girl first blossoming into womanhood. But they've got experience in the backcourt, and I think they get back in the NCAA Tournament this year.

Wow what does Bobby have against the 2-3 and Jimmy B. Jimmy has been very kind to Bobby over the years, he gave him a nation Championship in '87 and also did alittle acting beside him in Blue Chips. If anything Jimmy should be the one calling Bobby names and sticking pins into his Bobby doll. Here is the Article if you guys are curious.

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mjd said...

That's not actually Bob Knight, just a parody written by me. I'm sure Bob and Jim Boeheim are close friends. It was just a comment on Bob Knight's general loathing of any zone defense ... nothing meant to be taken seriously. Thanks for reading...