To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Say it isn't so Marvin. Early reports are flying around the internets and because my mom woke me up trying to vacuum my room and lay out my clothes (axe, see what I did there with the mothers basement) I have decided to get up and post in my blog. Sources are reporting that our very own Marvin Harrison has been interviewed by the Philadelphia police in relationship to a shooting at Marvin's bar. A gun was later found that is registered to Marvin at his car wash. This is interesting obviously Marvin has not been in contact with Pacman Jones cause if he had Jones would have told him not to leave the gun at his place of work for the cops to find. Pacman would have also told him that water ruins a gun and that is a waste, now he will not be able to shoot up a strip club. I really find this Hard to believe, Marvin seemed like such a straight shooter (forgive the pun)! In all seriousness if there was ever an athlete that I have to give the benefit of the doubt it is Marvin Harrison. This is a guy who I doubt even has a parking ticket. So until he is charged and all the evidence is put fourth I am blaming Bill Belichick. Here is what I think happened, Bill flew to Philly got one of those Mission Impossible masks that looks like Marvin, went to his bar, talked shit to some guy and chased him outside with a gun that he stole from Marvin's house. He then shot the guy, drove to Marvin's car wash and dumped the gun in a bucket of soap removing any finger prints. Damn you Bill, what Spygate was not enough now you have to knock off the top players from every team! First Michael Vick, now Marvin Harrison, Who's next Donavan Mcnabb!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The good and bad of College Football

The Good

Don McPherson was elected to the College football hall of fame. He has become the 13th member from Syracuse to be inducted. Donnie has joined a club that includes names like Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Ernie Davis, Tim Green, Floyd Little and Vic Hanson. Not a bad bunch of people to be following. During his four years on the hill, Don McPherson Built up an incredible Stat sheet which includes a 164.3 passer rating which is number one at Syracuse and also for the NCAA. All together He holds or shares 11 SU football Records. Congrats Donnie And thank you for the memories, oh and by the way, did anybody notice that Tim Brown did not make it in this year, kind of a little payback.

The Bad

Now the Second flash of the day. This one really does not have anything to do with Syracuse football, but I feel eventually it will. These days Syracuse is a perennial bottom dweller and has not seen a bowl game in sometime. But yesterday the powers that be shot down any chance for a playoff in College football. I really believe that this is a huge mistake and for the life of me I can not figure out why. If you add two more bowls and one extra week to the schedule there will not be anymore second guessing the national champion. All they have to do is get a one vs. four and a two vs. three and let them play it out until only one team has two wins. Then and only then do you have a clear number one and two. For the life of me I can not figure out why this gets shot down year after year. Think about it more revenue would come in from ticket sales, TV contracts, and sponsorships. Why play all these meaningless game only to get three or four teams that are undefeated and then have some computer throw out a national champion. Why not let the winner come out on the field. Let them play it out!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good luck Taj

I have to say that I do owe Taj Smith an apology. After he declared for the NFL draft I was mystified by the thought of losing Taj and I kind of came down a little hard on him. Now that the draft is over and taj has signed with an NFL team I would like to commend him on accomplishing his goals. I still believe that he came out early and he should have stayed for another year to hone his skills, nut that is in the past and now it is up to him to use his god given talents. What really sticks out is his dedication to himself and his family. According to Taj must report to his NFL team within three days, but he wants to graduate with his piers and walk across the stage. I really must commend him for this and I hope his future is fool of TD's!

You can’t spell Sucks without SU

Wow, can Syracuse sink any lower into the abyss. After a joke of a Spring Game where secrecy ruled and play was uninspiring we were all wondering if last year was rock bottom. Now, two days after the NFL draft we see another low spot in Syracuse Football. Not since 1975 was Syracuse shut out of the draft. Now we can safely say that another low was hit. That brings up an interesting point, if any whose shoulder does this lie on?

Jake Crouthamel- after Coach P seemingly lost Michael Vick and could not find a replacement for one of the best quarterbacks to ever don an SU Jersey, should he have noticed the downward spiral and try to repair it before it got too bad, or does he ride his horse into the night. As we all know Jake rode his horse proclaiming that we are the only horse in town and deal with it. I have to say that I do hold Jake responsible for this mess; we all know that P should have made more changes or he should have been removed sooner, but hindsight is 20/20!

Coach P- with the evidence in this years draft that the cabinet was bare, a good portion of the blame must ride on the shoulders of dear old P. I know that the verdict is still out on the P dismissal but I for one believed and still believe that his time came and went. P stubbornness not to change led to the downfall of the Orange and P does deserve a lot of the blame. First off, P refused to change his game plan even when he was getting blown out. He did not posses the character to recruit big name high school athletes anymore and seemed to even struggle selling the program to even lower skilled players.

Grob- Now this is a tough one, Grob has been here for three full seasons now, and no favorable change has come to the orange. Now we can look at these two ways. First Grob does not seem able to get the most out of the talent or lack of talent that he has. This is a big problem in my book because P was able to at least mustard a 500 record where Grob is getting blown out of the water week in and week out. Grob took over a bowl eligible team and turned it into a 1 win team. This does fall on his shoulders, but it also reflects on the type of talent pool that was and still is one the hill. I will say that Grob has been turning in some decent recruiting classes the past few years, but are they good enough to turn the corner and get this team back to bowl eligibility and return it too it's past glory days. The addition of Mitch Browning and Dan Conley I believe is a step in the right direction, but is it too late!

Daryl Gross- Now how can I blame the AD. He has been able to turn around a lot of sports including the woman's basketball team, why has he not been able to get the job done with football. I will say this, he has done a great job in certain areas, the dome looks great the woman's teams are making a name for themselves, I like the Girls Hockey team, but his legacy will be attached to the football team and Grob. Where goes football goes Gross.

Now with all that being said, I do have to give the final blame to Jake. Jake was in charge up there and should have recognized the need for a change. I will not blame a person for not stepping down, so I can not blame Coach P. Honestly if you had a great paying job doing what you love where you love doing it would you step down, not a chance in hell. Now Jake being the grand wizard on the hill should have made the changer, should have stuck to his own rules, and should have put is personal feeling aside and made the change! Know the only thing left is to wait and see if we can ever crawl out of this hole that Jake has created!