To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Say it isn't so Marvin. Early reports are flying around the internets and because my mom woke me up trying to vacuum my room and lay out my clothes (axe, see what I did there with the mothers basement) I have decided to get up and post in my blog. Sources are reporting that our very own Marvin Harrison has been interviewed by the Philadelphia police in relationship to a shooting at Marvin's bar. A gun was later found that is registered to Marvin at his car wash. This is interesting obviously Marvin has not been in contact with Pacman Jones cause if he had Jones would have told him not to leave the gun at his place of work for the cops to find. Pacman would have also told him that water ruins a gun and that is a waste, now he will not be able to shoot up a strip club. I really find this Hard to believe, Marvin seemed like such a straight shooter (forgive the pun)! In all seriousness if there was ever an athlete that I have to give the benefit of the doubt it is Marvin Harrison. This is a guy who I doubt even has a parking ticket. So until he is charged and all the evidence is put fourth I am blaming Bill Belichick. Here is what I think happened, Bill flew to Philly got one of those Mission Impossible masks that looks like Marvin, went to his bar, talked shit to some guy and chased him outside with a gun that he stole from Marvin's house. He then shot the guy, drove to Marvin's car wash and dumped the gun in a bucket of soap removing any finger prints. Damn you Bill, what Spygate was not enough now you have to knock off the top players from every team! First Michael Vick, now Marvin Harrison, Who's next Donavan Mcnabb!

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