To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Enough is Enough

Well folks I have been quite long enough, its time for a change and it needs to happen now! I have been to almost every home game the past six years and I have had enough of this. I will admit that I was an adamant supporter for firing coach P, but I would embrace a 6-6 season with open arms. I can accept a loss to northwestern on the road but I can not accept a loss to the Akron zips. Before yesterday Akron has only beaten 1 bcs team and thanks to Grobs incompetence they now have two. How can Dr. Gross justify keeping Grob any longer, a change needs to be made and it is obvious! Fire Grob and let Mitch Browning take over for the season. At the end of the season evaluate Browning and if he is not the guy then go out and spend whatever you need to and go out and get somebody who has east coast ties. Skip Holtz would be number one on my list but let's face the facts he would never come here. Syracuse needs a solution and that solution needs to be found! It sickens me to think of Syracuse as a doormat, but let's face the facts, I honestly do not feel that they can compete with any division 1 school, and I believe that they would not fair well in division 2! Akron was put on the schedule as a cup cake, well let me put it that into perspective Syracuse choked on the frosting and now we have firmly hit rock bottom! What could be worse, a loss to northeastern, well folks braces yourself because we all have a front seat for that one! Dr. Gross needs to get off his ass and admit that Grob was and is a bad hire and help is on the way. Fire him now and stabilize the football team's future before it is too late!

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