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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

just in, Grob doesn't have a clue

During yesterdays Big East Conference call a reporter asked Grob if he had any idea what he was getting himself into? Grob responded with "I think it's pretty obvious I would have liked to have won more football games up to this point. I really didn't have that much knowledge about where the program stood at the time when I took the job," Coach Robinson said.

Seriously he did not really know, I have to tell you that i usually would not jump into a job that i do not know much about, but then again for 1.2 million I guess i would take it too. I am not really sure who i am more pissed at, the guy who hired Grob or Grob.

As a person who owns his own company and fires and hires people, I fully explain what the job entails, where my business stands, and what is expected. It is pretty obvious that Gross did none of that, Now the players and the fans are feeling the wrath of Gross's incompetence! With all that being said SU football is a business and it is clearly not heading in the right direction nor has Grob shown any competence over the past four years. Now Gross clearly did not make the right call here, but when push comes to shove Grob is where the fault lies. Clearly he was not ready nor did he have any inclination on how to repair Syracuse. Grob needs to wake up and smell the roses, he is not capable of leading this team! He needs to cut his loses and ours and resign. Do the right thing!

One final quote from grob on what he did not understand, "That's for me to know, I'll leave it at that, I just think there was a lot of work to be done." What is he twelve with this I know you are but what am I crap!

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