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Friday, March 28, 2008

cuse in the dance

I was alittle bored watching NCAA tourney. I was surfing the web when I found a web site with all SU's NCAA tourney games.

Some interesting record I found are:

Sherman Douglas is number 5 in most assists catagory with 49 in 1987 he is also third alltime in the ncaa tourney with 106

Stephen Thompson holds second place in the highes field goal percentage catagory at 68.4% (1987-88-89-90)

Lawrence Moten hold fourth place in highest field goal percentage at 94.3%

Syracuse is in 4th place in largest margin of victory against brown (43 points) in 1986

Most Overtime Games by One Team in One Tournament
1st Syracuse 3 in 1975

frehman scoring more than 30 in two or more games
1st Carmelo Anthony
7th Gerry Mcnamara

Overall Record: 48-31 (.608)
Final Four Appearances: 4 (1975, 1987, 1996, 2003)
National Champoinships: 1 (2003, New Orleans)

2006--Fifth seed in Atlanta Regional
Lost Texas A&M in first round, 66-58

2005--Fourth seed in Austin Regional
Lost Vermont in first round, 56-53

2004--Fifth seed in Phoenix Regional
Defeated Brigham Young in first round, 80-75
Defeated Maryland in second round, 72-70
Lost Alabama in regional semifinals, 80-71

2003--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Manhattan in first round, 76-65
Defeated Oklahoma State in second round, 68-56
Defeated Auburn in regional semifinals, 79-78
Defeated Oklahoma in regional Final, 63-47
Defeated Texas in National Semifinal, 95-84
Defeated Kansas in National Final, 81-78

2001--Fifth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 79-69
Lost to Kansas in second round, 87-58

2000--Fourth seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Samford in first round, 79-65
Defeated Kentucky in second round, 52-50
Lost to Michigan State in regional semifinals, 75-58

1999--Eighth seed in South Region
Lost to Oklahoma State in first round, 69-61

1998--Fifth seed in South Region
Defeated Iona in first round, 63-61
Defeated New Mexico in second round, 56-46
Lost to Duke in regional semifinal, 80-67

1996--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Montana State in first round, 88-55
Defeated Drexel in second round, 69-58
Defeated Georgia in regional semifinal, 83-81 (OT)
Defeated Kansas in regional semifinal, 60-57
Defeated Mississippi State in National Semifinal, 77-69
Lost to Kentucky in National Championship, 76-67

1995--Seventh seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Southern Illinois in first round, 96-92
Lost to Arkansas in second round, 96-94 (OT)

1994--Fourth seed in West Region
Defeated Hawaii in first round, 92-78
Defeated Wisconsin-Green Bay in second round, 64-59
Lost to Missouri in regional semifinal, 98-88 (OT)

1992--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Princeton in first round, 51-43
Lost to Massachusetts in second round, 77-71 (OT)

1991--Second seed in East Region
Lost to Richmond in first round, 73-69

1990--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Coppin State in first round, 70-48
Defeated Virginia in second round, 63-61
Lost to Minnesota in regional semifinal, 82-75

1989--Second seed in Midwest Region
Defeated Bucknell in first round, 104-81
Defeated Colorado State in second round, 65-50
Defeated Missouri in regional semifinal, 83-80
Lost to Illinois in regional final, 89-86

1988--Third seed in East Region
Defeated North Carolina A&T in first round, 69-55
Lost to Rhode Island in second round, 97-94

1987--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Georgia Southern in first round, 79-73
Defeated Western Kentucky in second round, 104-86
Defeated Florida in regional semifinal, 87-81
Defeated North Carolina in regional final, 79-75
Defeated Providence in National Semifinal, 77-63
Lost to Indiana in National Final, 74-73

1986--Second seed in East Region
Defeated Brown in first round, 101-52
Lost to Navy in second round, 97-85

1985--Seventh seed in East Region
Defeated DePaul in first round, 70-65
Lost to Georgia Tech in second round, 70-53

1984--Third seed in East Region
Defeated Virginia Commonwealth in second round, 78-63
Lost to Virginia in regional semifinal, 63-55

1983--Sixth seed in East Region
Defeated Morehead State in first round, 74-59
Lost to Ohio State in second round, 79-74

1980--First seed in East Region
Defeated Villanova in second round, 97-83
Lost to Iowa in regional semifinal, 88-77

1979--Fourth seed in East Region
Defeated Connecticut in second round, 89-81
Lost to Pennsylvania in regional semifinal, 84-76

1978--Mideast Region
Lost to Western Kentucky in first round, 87-86 (OT)

1977--Mideast Region
Defeated Tennessee in first round, 93-88 (OT)
Lost to North Carolina-Charlotte in regional semifinal, 81-59

1976--Midwest Region
Lost to Texas Tech in first round, 69-56

1975--East Region
Defeated LaSalle in first round, 87-83 (OT)
Defeated North Carolina in regional semifinal, 78-76
Defeated Kansas State in regional final, 95-87 (OT)
Lost to Kentucky in National Semifinal, 95-79
Lost to Louisville for National Third Place, 96-88 (OT)

1974--Midwest Region
Lost to Oral Roberts in first round, 86-82 (OT)

1973--East Region
Defeated Furman in first round, 83-82
Lost to Maryland in regional semifinal, 91-75
Defeated Pennsylvania for regional third place, 69-68

1966--East Region
Defeated Davidson in regional semifinal, 94-78
Lost to Duke in regional final, 91-81

1957--East Region
Defeated Connecticut in first round, 82-76
Defeated Lafayette in regional semifinal, 75-7
1Lost to North Carolina in regional final, 67-58

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grob sees good things

In keeping with the football team i have found a few article on the Internet.

It seems like the Orange are shaping up! Scroll down and you will find the Mitch Browning influence.

The Coaching rankings are out, Guess who is not last anymore. Good job Grob I think you should call billy Stewart and thank him for coming taking the job.

I just caught the Grob interview on su athletics and it seems that he has not changed. I am glad to see that Grob see's good things, he likes the intensity and they look different than last year. how they look different he did not say, but i am going with they look different cause Grob says so and that is good enough for me. the interesting thing about the interview is the fact that Grob said that Vinny Giruzzi's sick of losing and so is the team. Well at least we know that the players feel the same way the paying fans feel. The question is, is that good enough, I hope so.

Hey listen to grob the want to is there and the players and coaches are working hard. Wow thats good new i really do not want to hear that the players and coaches are not working hard, I could not imagine how bad they would be. The good thing is that Grob is not blind cause yesterday he said that he sees things. I am proud of you greg, I am glad that you do see things, but what in gods name do you see. hope fully your new found vision can help you turn this thing around!

Go orange

they're back

With one roller coaster ride over with and the up coming football season approaching one would have to wonder what the football gods have in store for us. Is it going to be another humiliating season that will could and should be Grobs final or will it be a turn around season that will save Grobs job. I have to admit that i am happy with the off season moves and at first light it looks like Grob might finally be on the right path. I like the new hires in Mitch Browning and Dan Conley. I think they are both going to bring a new and higher level of intensity to the bewildered Orange. So the questions that hopefully will be answered in the coming months are, Can Browning turn around the second worst rated Oline in the country and return the offense to Glory. Can Conley and Grob fire up the motley crew it calls a defense that could not stop a peewee team. Can the sophomores step up there game and contribute more and can any of the freshman make (forgive me) a sudden impact.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what was that

Leaving the Dome last night was one I will never forget. the only thing I was thinking was, that did not happen. My next thought was, did i drink to many beers at the dome, maybe i was too drunk to see the final score, but that was not the answer due to the lack of alcohol in the dome during nit games. Anyways i wanted to hold off writing a post due to the anger that was brewing in my blood. I wanted to settle down before I started this.

I have to say that this was a tough pill to swallow considering how dominating our Syracuse club played for 20 minutes, the problem was it was the wrong twenty minutes. Now i am left wondering how this has happened not one but twice in less than a month. why is it that whenever we need Harris to make a smart play he does something stupid over and over again. Why is it that our beloved Jimmy B refuses to make any kind of change during the course of a game and why in gods name does he continue to make a team slow down when it is pretty obvious that they do not play slowly very well. My last gripe is that play they called for donte during the final time out, is that really the best our hall of fame coach can muster, if it is it is quite evident that the game has passed him by and he needs to step down.

Now I did have gripe with the poor officiating but that was primarily during the first half and you can not blame the officials for a 22 point melt down, the only person i can blame is jimmy. watching the game i noticed the umass coach keeping there players focused and in the game, the only thing i saw jimmy b do was pick his nose and whine to the refs. This loss is inexcusable and i really do have a huge problem with this loss. come on guys rule 22 play like a champion!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the goings on in my life

Wow I just realized how long it has been between posts. Alot has happened since my last post so allow me the minute to run down the happenings.

A. turned 30. not real happy about this but well life goes on.

B. Syracuse gets bounced out of the big east tourney like the red headed step child it has been since gross has taken over the duties up on the hill.

c. Syracuse fails to make NCAA again, boo hoo the NCAA tourney is not the same but yeah i will not have that compulsion to have Syracuse beating NC for the national championship.

d. first round of NCAA's and all is going well in my bracket.

e. round two of ncaa's what the hell just happened. i went from having two losses to getting humiliated.

f. Syracuse takes down Maryland and i lose a date. Let me explain this one. Well I was watching the SU game at a local Tip Hill bar with a few friends and a girl. Anyways I soon found out she was from Baltimore. Guys here is a tip, when your team is winning don't rub that in her face, the only thing that happens is you get a drink poured on you and you go home with blue balls! smooth as sand paper!

g. I received a few phone calls asking about getting a moist blow job on my cell phone. Well remember when I said I turned 30, well I got drunk and my good old friends thought it would be funny to put "for a moist blow job call ..........." on a janga block at Awful Ales. revenge will suck!!!

H. Syracuse gets a chance to revenge it's loss to Umass and I will be back in the house to heckle a few UMass players. If you have any good Umass burns send them my way cause i am sitting right behind the umass bench.

I. Well another holiday came and went along with another "friendly" football game. let me explain this one. Every holiday a bunch of my high school friends come back to town and we get together to play a little pig skin. anyways we are not young anymore so injuries usually amass. This year i was rushing my good friend Chris and i was about to sack him when i see hi s eyes light up and a big smile form on his face. then i see him fire the football. Next thing I know i am laying on the field praying that someday when I meet and marry Miss Cusefan78 i will be able to have kids. needless to say my ex friend Chris rifled a shoe string pass right at my unmentionables. thanks bud revenge will be had!

J. The axeman is back on the air! yeah yeah no more hearing that high pitched voice of the manchild and hear the blathering blow hole Bud. Now I am sure I am coming down a little hard on those two but i have always been a huge fan of the axeman. Lets flash back twelve years ago. every morning in high school we all used to sit down for home room and get ready for the eight long hours of school. well when all seemed lost the PA would come to life with the voice of non other than our local blogger the axeman. he would run down everything from SU sports to the Bills, to Ludden losing another nail biter football game 75-3. anyways From day one we all knew that the force was strong with that one and he would move on to bigger things. anyways there is nobody else i could think of that deserves this more than Brent. Good Luck my friend and i look forward to your show.

AXEMAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!