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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grob sees good things

In keeping with the football team i have found a few article on the Internet.

It seems like the Orange are shaping up! Scroll down and you will find the Mitch Browning influence.

The Coaching rankings are out, Guess who is not last anymore. Good job Grob I think you should call billy Stewart and thank him for coming taking the job.

I just caught the Grob interview on su athletics and it seems that he has not changed. I am glad to see that Grob see's good things, he likes the intensity and they look different than last year. how they look different he did not say, but i am going with they look different cause Grob says so and that is good enough for me. the interesting thing about the interview is the fact that Grob said that Vinny Giruzzi's sick of losing and so is the team. Well at least we know that the players feel the same way the paying fans feel. The question is, is that good enough, I hope so.

Hey listen to grob the want to is there and the players and coaches are working hard. Wow thats good new i really do not want to hear that the players and coaches are not working hard, I could not imagine how bad they would be. The good thing is that Grob is not blind cause yesterday he said that he sees things. I am proud of you greg, I am glad that you do see things, but what in gods name do you see. hope fully your new found vision can help you turn this thing around!

Go orange

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