To Big Ten or to not Big Ten that is the Question

Thursday, March 27, 2008

they're back

With one roller coaster ride over with and the up coming football season approaching one would have to wonder what the football gods have in store for us. Is it going to be another humiliating season that will could and should be Grobs final or will it be a turn around season that will save Grobs job. I have to admit that i am happy with the off season moves and at first light it looks like Grob might finally be on the right path. I like the new hires in Mitch Browning and Dan Conley. I think they are both going to bring a new and higher level of intensity to the bewildered Orange. So the questions that hopefully will be answered in the coming months are, Can Browning turn around the second worst rated Oline in the country and return the offense to Glory. Can Conley and Grob fire up the motley crew it calls a defense that could not stop a peewee team. Can the sophomores step up there game and contribute more and can any of the freshman make (forgive me) a sudden impact.

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