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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what was that

Leaving the Dome last night was one I will never forget. the only thing I was thinking was, that did not happen. My next thought was, did i drink to many beers at the dome, maybe i was too drunk to see the final score, but that was not the answer due to the lack of alcohol in the dome during nit games. Anyways i wanted to hold off writing a post due to the anger that was brewing in my blood. I wanted to settle down before I started this.

I have to say that this was a tough pill to swallow considering how dominating our Syracuse club played for 20 minutes, the problem was it was the wrong twenty minutes. Now i am left wondering how this has happened not one but twice in less than a month. why is it that whenever we need Harris to make a smart play he does something stupid over and over again. Why is it that our beloved Jimmy B refuses to make any kind of change during the course of a game and why in gods name does he continue to make a team slow down when it is pretty obvious that they do not play slowly very well. My last gripe is that play they called for donte during the final time out, is that really the best our hall of fame coach can muster, if it is it is quite evident that the game has passed him by and he needs to step down.

Now I did have gripe with the poor officiating but that was primarily during the first half and you can not blame the officials for a 22 point melt down, the only person i can blame is jimmy. watching the game i noticed the umass coach keeping there players focused and in the game, the only thing i saw jimmy b do was pick his nose and whine to the refs. This loss is inexcusable and i really do have a huge problem with this loss. come on guys rule 22 play like a champion!

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mjd said...

Ya know, at my job I screw up every now and then. Hey, it happens. But when it does I come out and freely say, "I fucked up." Why can't Boeheim admit that he SHOULD have come out of that shoddy zone in the second half? Does he have such an inflated ego and sense of pride that he can't admit a mistake? Ah well. Fuck 'em. Lax is #2 in the nation.